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  1. Heyy. This is Empress Sachi.
    You can call me Sachi.
    I'm new to this site but an exp. rper.
    I am also on gaia but I'm migrating here with my waifu.
    At least when it comes to our many 1x1's.
    Since like, we have a lot of smut we'll like to not censor.
    I'm from NY. F. 20.
    I like group rps. I'm also up for 1x1's
    Talk to me to get to know me.
    I'm easy to talk to. (Or so I like to believe.)
    I watch anime so if you want to talk about that, that's cool also.
    I'm really into dark themes. But I enjoy light and funny stuff too.
    I'm not limited to one genera.
    I like alot of things.
    I mostly do para, multi para.
    If you like counting words I can do 500 words easy.
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  2. Hi there Sachi! :D Welcome aboard!
  3. Thank you! I'm excited to be on board. c: