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  1. Antril. This vast, crowded city in a deep valley is best known as the capital of a fallen empire. It is defended by an elite band of mercenaries, and its most noteworthy feature is the invariably mild weather.

    Except for that rain. A rain so harsh and acidic that homeless people got ugly and painful burns in their bodies, scaring the unscathed population and increasing the negative opinion with the mayor.

    At the same time, scouts and adventurers reported a kobold army journeying to the north are where an Earth Dragon resides. If they are going to worship it or raid its lair...
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  2. A seemingly young boy wandered throughout the streets. He held onto him a small notepad as to which he sketched a layout of the town. With a smile and small hum of a holy song, he took down as much detail as he could of the buildings he saw. As with most roads, he soon found himself at the city's square. He may have been on a "mission", but with so many stands around, he couldn't help but want to check them all out.

    "So this is Antril huh?" Aivery spun around, trying to get a good look at all around him. There were merchants as far as he could see, which was admittingly not much. It almost reminded him of the merchants in his old town, except that these ones seemed to have much thicker drapes over their stands, as if something as sharp as knives rained here. "Those merchants I found on the way over told this city was big, but still... it's huge!"
  3. Some of those very merchants offered their products to the passing boy.

    "Hey, come get some snakes! They're good for your skin!"

    "Do you want tea? I make a good price!"

    "Charms for all women! Good women, nice women, inside women!"

    Too many options, too much to do...

    "Heya, boy, watcha doing?" Somehow, a girl popped almost from nowhere behind Aivery. Small, skimpy clothes and a huge sword magically straped on her back. "This look very suspicious, doesn't it?" She looked straight at Aivery's drawings with a curious face.

  4. Never really dealing with an onslaught of merchants before, Aivery was like putty in their hands. Before he knew it, he had spent half of his life savings in a short amount of time. He continued down the streets with a backpack now full of rather useless things and souvenirs.

    His stroll, however, was interrupted by a girl in clothing that left little to the imagination. While the normal reaction might have been to get a better look at her, the girl's focus on his drawings brought a small sense of fear to him. "Ah, suspicious? No, you see..." Aivery was at a loss of words of what to say. He shouldn't flat out say what he was doing, but he needed an excuse. "I-I'm just an aspiring artist, that's all!" He stuttered out half-confidently. "That's right, I'm just doing this to improve my skills!" He said in a way that almost sounded like he was assuring himself as well.
  5. "Hmm... But you really look like a spy, didn't you know? Small, fragile-looking... Actually I almost had the urge to eat you!" The girl grins, waiting for the boy's reaction. Another person approaches, now a male human with a big sword and a stern look. "Rina, come. We need to find another member for the party."

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    (Also, make a Race check in your next post.)
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  6. "Huh, e-eat me?" Unaware of any mean behind the phrase beyond the literal, he was slightly scared. Sure he was part bird, but he wasn't sure if he tasted like one. Aivery took a step back from the girl, waving his arms in front of him. "You don't want to eat me, I-I'm not tasty at all!"

    The man who approached them seemed a little scary, especially with that giant sword he had on him. From the looks of it they were both about to do something important, or at least something needing swords. "Oh, you're looking for someone for a party? What could it be about, if you don't mind me asking?" Aivery curiously asked.
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  7. Both strangers grined at Aivery when the boy offered his services, and didn't noticed a drain cover moving by itself; Aivery, however, could see it clearly. And something more...

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  8. Their smiles made him happy, if not also a bit nervous. He hoped his question didn't come across as an offer of all things. Afraid of making eye contact, he his focused on a drain cover, and the scary insect-monster-thing that popped out of it.

    "Waah!" Aivery squaked. "B-Behind you! Bug thing behind you!" He started to fumble his hands inside his bag, looking for his holy book to drive the thing away.
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  9. Both adventurers held their weapons as they turned, detecting the insect and charging at it. However, another insect jumped straight to Aivery's back!

    .An inevitable battle will happen.
    Battle theme (open)
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  10. "Aha, found it!" Aivery exclaimed, book in hand. With the insect charging at him, he started to channel his magic as the pages in his book started to flip.

    "Wind gust!" He yelled as a spiral of wind surrounded him as a makeshift wall to protect himself.
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  11. As the insect jumps at Aivery, both warriors had already finished the one that appeared before but now two new insects came from nowhere and engaged with the couple.
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  12. The insect front stinger pierced Aivery's flesh, injecting a painful dose of venom in the boy's veins.

    (Your Class Dice received damage, now you'll roll 3d6 until someone heals you.)
  13. "Owww!" Aivery yelped. "That hurt dammit!" He could very much feel the pain from whatever was injected inside of him.

    He once again faced his hand at the insect. "How's this?" A gust of wind shot towards the insect.
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  14. The insect jumps and... Splosh! A green puddle is its new form. Insect #002 was defeated.

    (+6 exp)
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  15. Aivery made a small victorious pose. "Hah, take tha- Oww!" He placed a hand on his injury. He looked over to the pair of fighters that were with him. More insects seemed to have appeared while he was busy.

    "Let me help!" Aivery said as he pointed a finger at the insect engaged with the girl. "Purifying beam!"

    A small but deadly beam shot out towards the insect.
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  16. Aivery's spell hits the insect right before he sting the girl, but two more creatures jump at the boy in a paired attack.

    (Initiative again.)
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  17. Insects start! Both of them try to take a piece of Aivery with their stings!
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  18. "Waaah!" Both of them attacking in unison, Aivery flails his hands around, trying to make a wind barrier to protect himself in time.

    "W-wind gust!"

    Managing to hold them off, he fired some more wind in their direction. "Just shoo already!"
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  19. An insect defends with a claw... but not a crab claw...

    And it defends! Both insects jump at Aivery aiming at his clothes, trying to make him naked... but why?
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  20. "Not again!" Aivery cried out. This time he was going to attempt to outrun and dodge them instead of wasting more of his mana protecting himself.
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