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    This is the new era of Argoren. After the end of the Zigurath War all soldiers and war mongers noticed the fast decline in jobs involving violence and raw force aside city reconstruction and engineering of new technology. That until 30 years later, when strange towers started appearing all around the continent. However, almost all the maps were lost and neighbourdhood regions are so unknown as the ocean to faraway travellers... which are our heroes!​

    This is the world map. Every new region, city and dungeon will be discussed and created by the players.
    We'll use Dungeon Crawl: Risus, or DC:R as the ruleset for this RP.

    This option presents a way for players to start out with more points/dice for character creation provided that they are willing to a) do a little work, and b) live with the consequences.

    Hooks provide you (the GM), with ways to manipulate and torture the player, I mean make the character's life more interesting. A player's hook needs to be something that the GM can use to motivate the player into doing something she may not want to do or something that predisposes a character to act a certain way despite the consequences or hinders the character in some significant way (otherwise, it's just character description and doesn't deserve an extra die).

    A Tale provides background material for the player. It makes it a lot easier to roleplay (and a lot more fun) if you know the character's history. A Tale also provides the GM some insight into the character that can be incorporated into the campaign. This option is perfect for long-term campaigns. It might not be worth the effort for a one shot adventure.

    Archer: The archer is a highly mobile, ranged dps class. By channeling energy into the bow, the archer is capable of a wide range of attacks, dealing massive burst or rapid damage to foes. Archer skills poison, stun, trap, and damage targets, giving them advantages in any encounter.
    Berserker: Berserkers use charge-up attacks to deal massive damage. They can also block incoming frontal attacks, though they lose MP/Focus quickly when not attacking. Berserkers are constantly in motion. They excel in multiple-opponent situations, both as part of a group and solo.
    Lancer: A lancer is a heavily armored fighter focused on anchoring a battle. Generates maximum threat with shouts and special attacks, sacrificing movement and attack power for the best durability in the world. Lancer skills are adaptable to any party size, including an army of one.
    Mystic: Mystics are a strong support class with skills to protect and enhance their party through buffs and auras. They also summon mighty thralls to assist, heal, and aid them in battle. A mystic's skills prepare them for any situation, with a good balance of offense, defense, and support options.
    Priest: The priest is a robed magic user whose primary role is to restore health and vitality. However, a priest is not to be taken lightly—the same power that revives allies can also smite foes. Priest skills sustain a party through long and difficult encounters.
    Slayer: A lightly armored, agile fighter with a devastating greatsword. High damage attacks combine with evasive maneuvers for a dynamic combat style. Slayer skills are quick, precise strikes that knock over and incapacitate even the largest and strongest of foes, leaving them vulnerable for additional attacks.
    Sorcerer: The sorcerer is a ranged damage class focused on annihilating the enemy with high-damage "nuke" attacks, like a mobile artillery. A sorcerer's job is to kill things quickly. When grouped up, their high damage attacks decide which enemy dies first.
    Warrior: Quick attacks and high mobility make a warrior essential to group play, but also very survivable while soloing. Tanking with this class is difficult, but possible. If you're choosing a warrior to be a tank, be prepared for a challenge. A warrior's skills are meant to cause damage, occasionally help draw aggro, and move around a battlefield. Warrior skills are versatile, and really shine in certain situation.

    Human: The same from every fantasy world you know, except for the color of their hair.
    Elf: Pompous and self-centered, savage races love to break their minds and hearts when they win a war and proceed to the torture phase. However, an elf that lives in a common society with other races have a level-headed approach, forsaking all arrogancy.
    Dwarf: Their women don't have beards, and their half offspring with human look like children (girls only, half-dwarf boys don't exist).
    Halfling: They don't have hairy feet, rather they look like human children (between 9 and 14 years) and have animal ears and tail.
    Dark Elf: A slave race of the dark god, their numbers only increase nowadays because their quickness in adaptation in common society.

    Character Sheet
    Race (2d6):
    Classe (4d6):
    Other (3d6):
    Rerolls (3)
    Level - Exp/Next: 1 - 0/200
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    Name: Aivery Trochilus

    Hook/Tale: Unable to provide for him, his parents sent Aivery to a temple sect to care for him throughout childhood. It was there that he was trained to become a holy priest, learning to use his magic for both healing and self-protection. With the events of strange towns arising from what seems to be nowhere, Aivery is one of a handful of priests asked to go over and spread his faith while also making a map for future priests and acolytes.
    Race (3d6): Naive and Innocent Bird Halfling
    Classe (4d6): Holy priest of Miyudane - Goddess of Cleanliness
    Other (3d6): The teachings of his great and wise teacher.
    Rerolls (3)
    Gear: Three sets of priestly robes, temple he was raised in, basic adventuring backpack

    Theme: Music, ho!

    Appearance (open)

    Corruption: 1
    Level - Exp/Next: 1 - 68/200
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  4. Looks good. Gear is everything you have that don't add any bonus but are important to you: change(s) of clothes, some kind of transportation, your adventurer pack contents, your actual home... Things like that.
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