2nd grader stirs controversy

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  1. Watch This

    This kid almost brought tears on my eyes. I really admire him and how he handled the situation.

    As for the school board...pathetic

    What are your thoughts on this subject?​
  2. Okay, as an immigrant to America, I find this completely stupid. When I was a student a couple years ago, we were learning about 1st amendment rights. I'm pretty sure that Freedom of the Press applies to this. He is simply expressing himself differently. If a teacher came up to me and said, "Girl, you can't wear that Rise Against shirt because it represents an insurrection (I live on a marine base, mind you)," I would get unbelievably pissed off. Sure, Rise Against is a political band vying for change. But they aren't vying for change in only America. They want it everywhere. In no way does it make me want to rebel against the American government.

    So, using that as comparison, if a second grader wants to paint his face black in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., then let him do it! It's not as if he's going around using racial slurs and portraying African Americans and black people in a bad light. MLK was a great man for American society, and the country would not be what it is today without him. Hell, without him, Americans would have moved on from African American discrimination and gone to Latino discrimination or Asian discrimination, or even European discrimination. It just gets me so riled up that a teacher filed a complaint without first getting the entire story, without asking questions. But noooo, we just had to go and say, "I don't like this kid because he painted his face black." Makes me want to go over there and punch that teacher in the gut, damn the consequences.
  3. Amen, I had the same thoughts. Besides, it was a project and the kid really wanted to do it good. He is proud of MLK, I mean, who else wouldn't. This just shows that even today, people are being discriminated by the people who are suppose to give out a good example.
  4. I agree. I'm with the second grader on this. I had to do similar projects in school, and some of them were considered offensive. Especially the projects we had to do on the holocaust. When I was his age I even had to wear a yellow star to school for two weeks, and I had to learn what it meant during the war to have to wear such a thing. So, I dont think they had ANY right to tell him that he was being offensive or to ask him to wash his face off. He was doing what he felt right and he pulled it off out of a belief that he HAD to show others who and what his project was about, and he did it the best way a young boy like himself could. This is just one more reason that there "Is no hope for the Human race."
  5. It is because of adults that our children learn to be racist. This little boy was obviously proud of MLK and all he stood for. To call him racist is obviously ignorant. If you think of all the different groups that have been oppressed in America we could think of a million different ways to be offended. Women were oppressed too. In fact women didn't get the right to vote until after the African Americans did and people don't flip when for comedy's sake women dress up as men or men dress up as women. (Of course other types of cross dressing gets a whole other type of negative attention, but we won't go there right now) I just thing is blown out of proportion and silly. I feel sorry for the hassle that child and his family will go through for the incident. Though I do understand where the offense is rooted. Black face comedy back in the 20's when Vaudeville was popular the black face was intentionally racist and black men who were in to shows were made to paint their faces blacker to further taunt the black community. It was meant to dehumanize and humiliate. But I will reiterate that obviously that is not where this little boy was coming from.
  6. Surely the boy wouldn't know about Vaudeville. But still, he just wanted to do his project like he thought he should and there was nothing wrong with imitating MLK. Ugh, adults can be so problematic, at least, the ignorant ones.
  7. [video=youtube_share;b0Ti-gkJiXc]http://youtu.be/b0Ti-gkJiXc[/video]


    Because ain't no one gonna like what I got to say about this bullshit.
  8. Because it offended some of the students? Bullshit. I want to know which second-grade kid gets offended by someone dressing up as MLK Jr. It was a costume and the little boy wasn't trying to be offensive, he was trying to do his best to accurately pay homage to the man. In my opinion, it's racist for them to freak out about this.
  9. I see nothing wrong with this. Also I am tired of the political corrective bullshit. A society in which people aren't allowed to talk about certain stereotypes or someone must be careful how they "word" their thoughts in and of itself is racist. This mentality only serves as a divide which in turn ultimately prolongs racial disputes and hampers the unification of all men despite race or color into synchronizing as one.
  10. I'm just gonna wait for someone to quote Morgan Freeman because I know that shit's gonna happen.




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  11. If nothing else, we can all agree that the mustache is dashing.

    Also, I agree with Koori. Goodnight.