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  1. 1x1 RP Between me and AkiraWolf.
    Characters will be posted here, more stuff may be added soon. C;

  2. Your playing a boy right? Just making sure..
  3. Oh, yup! You can post your charrie here, I will when I find it. C:
  4. Um, weren't they in University? c;
  5. [Oopsies. Sry forgot and sorta copied and pasted from my last rp with her XD hmmm what she should she be.. :3 how old will yours be?
  6. Okays. Post your form, you can use realistic images too. ;)
  7. image.jpg
    Name: Mai ( May ) Kyra Brett
    Age 20
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown , has natural high and low lights )

    [I changed it up a little, her appearance, i couldn't find a pic like it though with the listed appearance. Lol :3 ]
  8. [​IMG]
    Name; Jonathan Williams
    Age; 22
    Genger; Male
    Looks; Black hair, playful greenish eyes and pale skin.
  9. [Ok first, how shall this come about?
    •'best friends trip', by themselves somewhere
    •admitted at school
    just wondering:3 idk how to start it]
  10. I like the trip one. xD
  11. [Kk :3 u start? I suck at intros. So sorry to delay it further ^^"" ]
  12. {Mkay, Let's say they are in his car...}
    AHH...Beverly Hills, one of the best places in sunny California, where people laugh, have fun and else...well that doesn't matter. Though they had a long and tiring trip, Jay's smile widened when he saw the beach with it's white sands and crystal blue sea, that people can only see in their dreams. But the fact is, that he was there, with his Best Friend...
    Actually, Jay's parents are very wealthy and had recently bought a summer villa there, where they could have a little break from the awful job. Well, Jay was a University student and still wasn't working, so living for the moment was his never- changing motto.
    Now...more about the house, it was just by the beach, with many windows and large veranda with a pool and many chairs. If someone went there, he probably wouldn't want to leave , the place was like heaven...
    When they got there, Jay stopped the car and yawned sleepily. He drove the car from many hours and from stupidness, he forgot his sunglasses, so his eyes were like peeled off.
    ''We are here....''- he silently said and looked to the back of the car, it was a cabriolet in red color, with the mark of Lamborghini. He sighed and blinked to keep his eyes open.
  13. Mai stirred from her light nap and yawned stretching. She didn't even know how she managed to fall asleep with the sun so bright. She got out of the car. "Yayy" she said sleepily. "I vote we take a nap as soon as we get in the house." She laughed and went to the trunk grabbing her suitcase.
  14. ''I won't even vote...''- Jay silently said, took his suitcase and unlocked the door. The house wasn't that small as it looked like - inside, it had a large hall, with kitchen and a bathroom with many windows and details, as the first floor. On the second, there were many rooms, with all kind of luxury and beauty, one could wish no more.
    Jay trotted himself and the suitcase up the stairs and lay on the bed, falling asleep right away.
  15. Mai carried her suitcase up and picked a room, practically falling on it she fell asleep right away. She was exhausted. Who knew driving in a car could make you so tired ?
  16. When Jay woke up, It was probably in the next morning. The weather was too sunny and too hot, probably that's why there was a beach near this place.
    He stood up from the bed and rubbed his head, looking around. When he stepped out of the room he yawned and went down the stairs shakily, in need of food....he was so hungry, that he could swallow and elephant.
  17. Mai woke up a little after Jay and trudged down the stairs. "Jay, do you have any food?" She giggled. Her stomach kept growling. 'Maybe we should have a lazy day, after driving yesterday and being so tired now' she thought.
  18. ''All days you spend here have to be lazy...''- Jay sighed, while he was searching through the kitchen, to find something to eat. ''Maybe we should eat something while on the beach....''- He suggested and yawned looking at Mai strangely.
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