29-year-old Deaf Girl Hears For The First Time

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  1. 29-year-old Deaf Girl Hears For The First Time

    Her reaction makes me realize how lucky I am. Sometimes we all need to take a step back to look at how much we have, instead of how much we don't.

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    for video

  2. That made me cry! x___x
  3. What a beautiful miracle.
  4. That is really beautiful. I watched a few more videos of babies with the same (is it a surgery/implant?) and it's really touching. I'm glad we can let deaf people hear their loved ones.
  5. Man, hearing music for the first time must have been an absolute mind-fuck for her. O_o
  6. That was amazing... @_@ She even got to hear her husband for the first time!
    What science and technology brings us can be such miracle makers to the ones it is given to. <3