28 Months Later......

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  1. 2002, the Rage virus experiences an epidemic outbreak in mainland Britain

    28 Days Later, Mainland Britain has been quarantined

    5 Weeks Later, The last infected human dies of starvation

    11 Weeks Later, American led NATO forces Enter Britain

    28 Weeks Later, A new development in the Virus is found in the form of Carriers, Heterochromia in the Irises is the factor, The Rage Virus breaks out again, and spreads to France.

    28 Months Later, The States have shut down their borders following the Infection in France resulting in an Infection in New York......America tried to Quarantine the entire State and for a while it worked......but the Infection spread and it is now moving towards the Mississippi River........

    28 Days later........

    A loud gasp filled a void where silence had once been, and slowly grey eyes opened and to his optical nerves, blurriness subsided into a surgery ward. He was confused, and somewhat drugged, but as he sit up he remembered why he was in the hospital as his ribs and abdomen throbbed sharply in pain. He looked down, seeing the stitches..... 'That's right.....I got mugged......' He thought to himself.

    He took a look around, seeing no one. He'd heard of the virus spreading to Chicago, and the riots and looting starting up near 8 Mile and 7 Mile. He got up, woozy and disoriented, and struggled his old clothes back on. They were bloodied from his injuries, and dirty from the confrontation that gave him said injuries. Walking out the door, he noticed the entire hospital was silent, and worst of all vacant.

    He had a bad feeling, the reports he'd heard before his accident, the vacancies in the hospital, the discheveled look of it everything, broken machines, overthrown cots, overturned cabinets and vending machines. He knew he needed to get back to his parents house to grab his bag, and his weapons......

  2. The clanking noises of metal and scuffling feet were heard from above and the sound of low groans and shreiks as well. The night air filled the streets of detriot and the infected as well. Brandon leaned back against the wall, looking up to see the undead walking around. It was only three but they seemed human still probubally fast and savage like. He clenced his metal baseball bat in his right hand even though left handed and moved around quietly. He was looking for survivors, food, water, and shelter. Everywhere he looked there was dead bodies blood, and the infected, he barely had any places to go. He knew his house was a bad option and the mall. He looked up relizing he was outside the detriot hospital and he waited. Mabey someone was alive..mabey not.
  3. Screams echoed down the halls. The smell of blood drenched the air. She stayed quiet while scrunched down hiding in a corner. The door was locked and the windows closed. Her eyes hovered over the lip of the window seal just to see absolute maniacs cover the college grounds. There she was stuck in a friends dorm room. She knew she had to go down a few floors to grab a few things but decided to let things die down. Or at least she hoped they would. Her breathing was stable and she didn't have any hint of perfume so right now she was safe. Sloan just stayed quiet listening to the slaughterings of her friends.

    Her mind hazed over thinking of how she first saw the infection. Her best friends boyfriend, no doubt, walked up to them with his eyes blood shot and crusted over. Looked like the normal sign of pink eye. Sloan backed up knowing it was a bitch to get rid of. He couldn't remember what happened nor who he really was. His body jerked around and then stopped in mid movement. His hands reached over to the nearest student and instant snapped her neck.

    Sloan shook her head remembering her best friend was next. She was lucky to get away when she did or she would have been killed or worse... became one of the creeps. Her head fell onto her knees for cushion. It had been a few hours since that attack. It was only about thirty minutes since she barricaded herself in the dorm room. Her eyes looked up for a bit to simply find a laptop that was under the bed. Her fingers quickly clicked the keys. Seconds later she saw video images of the hallways. Pressing the keys again she scanned the whole campus videos to see if she could find anyone that was actually safe.
  4. Sam had been forced to leave her home a few days earlier after the infected broke their way through her windows, and her feet carried her towards the hospital. It seemed a logical place to go, since she knew a lot of people there and could get help. Nearing the building though, it was obvious she was wrong. Screams of pain and fear punctuated the air as people fled the hospital. Concluding that the virus had spread far faster than she'd thought possible, Sam had retreated to an abandoned store nearby and barricaded herself in. The heavy metal gate that pulled down over the front and the dead-bolted door in the back made her feel safe, even through the noise.

    Days had passed since then, and everything had gradually quietened down. It was too quiet for Sam on this day, and she jerked awake. After a few moments, she shoved herself up from her place on the floor and shuffled over to the front window, peering out as best she could from metal slats. Everything was a bit fuzzy. She shook her head and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Another quick look confirmed what she'd thought. She could get to the hospital, at least. See if her mother had somehow evaded the infected. Her mother, her classmates, mentors, anyone. Human contact would be welcome after a few days on her own, hearing only the sounds of those who had succumbed to the rage virus. She plotted out her route in her head before turning to prepare.

    About ten minutes later after a wipe-down and some severe psyching up, Sam slid the heavy metal gate up just enough to duck under, propping it up with a chair from inside. If she needed to shut it in a hurry she could just kick the chair away. Her footsteps were quiet as she made her way across to the hospital, carefully avoiding stepping on the bodies that were still in the street. It was said that fluids had to be exchanged, or one had to be bitten for the virus to spread, but there was no point taking chances. She slipped behind the door as soon as she reached the building, not particularly keen to be in the open for long.

    It was too quiet.
  5. Sloan found a few people who seemed to not be complete wackos. It had been several hours since the escape into the room. She closed the laptop and held it in her arms. The build began to quiet down. Maybe it was in the clear. At least for now. She knew they would be back... Some reason they always did. She sighed and reached her feet. It was a moment of truth. Her chucks ached her feet from the running she had done earlier. She knew being in skinny jeans was a bad idea. Her footsteps gradually closed in on the door. The moment of truth. She was completely defenseless so she hoped nothing was on the other side. Her hand turned the knob and barely opened the door. She poked out her head then quickly fell to the floor. Somehow she managed to dodge a knife swing. Sloan knew the next one she would not be so lucky. Her feet kicked the ball of his knee. Accidentally kicking too hard out of complete fear, it snapped and echoed in her ears. Shivers of disgust washed over her. She reached her feet, grabbed the knife, and ran for her dear life. She rushed to a few floor down. Luckily there was only one other guy she saw. She ducked into her room and locked the door behind her.

    Without wasting any time, she grabbed her bag and put a few things in it. Her body stopped realizing she left her friends laptop. Sh quickly shrug that off finding her roommates computer. She smirked as she saw it was a much better computer. Her laptop was dead but the extra batteries for it Sloan knew fit in the laptop. The laptop went into the bag along with a pair of clothes and a set of files and bobby pins. Her bag was set. Next was to change into something easy to run in. She pulled off the band tee and the skinny jeans she was wearing revealing her under garments. Her hands gripped a pair of army green shorts and a sky blue tank. The chucks flew off and the brown work boots came on. She let down her hair leaving the purple ponytail holder on her wrist. A goregous black star shphire necklace she wrapped around her neck. It was a gift from her boyfriend... Now ex boyfriend. It had more meaning to it than that. It was the day that they were never supposed to forget. She knew he was out there alive... Insane... If she came across him, sloan knew she had to be the one to put him out of misery.Like her childhood she was left all alone. The memories were shook away as she knew there was no time for them anymore. Lastly was her best friends yellow ball cap. She was ready.

    Her room door banged and even was about to break. She rushed to the window and opened it up. She swung the bag over her neck onto her shoulder and jumped. She landed in the dumpster but oh well. Her life was on the line. She ran as fast as she could. It wasn't in a set direction either. She just needed someone... anyone... Not insane.
  6. Slowly, a figure emerged from the hospital, it was Derek, he was still trembling, shock from the drugs maybe. Either way, it hindered him. He was dressed in a bloody t-shirt, bloodied camo cargo pants and simple black skating sneakers. He sneaked out to the Street, keeping his footsteps quiet even though what was left of the gunshot wounds hurt, a grimace on his face and his arm around his abdomen the proof of that.

    As he got the street, he saw a girl (Mew-Ella) crossing over and waved to her to join him back behind the gate. "It's the virus, isn't it? It's spread this far now hasn't it?" He whispered with a dry throat.
  7. Sam had looked wary at first when the boy waved at her, waiting for some confirmation he wasn't in fact one of the rage victims. No, he must have been a patient before the virus hit the building. He looked like he was still hurting, and a bit paler than he probably should have been, but it was still a comfort to see someone that wasn't batshit insane. After a few short moments of deliberation and a double-take to assess his condition, she rushed over to his side. Her legs stayed tensed as she stopped by him, clearly still wary of her surroundings and ready to run if a situation arose.

    "It's the virus, isn't it? It's spread this far, hasn't it?"
    His voice seemed to crack. Sam wondered how long he'd been in the hospital.
    "Yes, it has." She tilted her head to one side, considering him, then reached round her back and tugged one of the water bottles from its spot in her pack. "Here. Drink. I'd imagine your voice isn't normally like that.." She paused for a moment or two as she held the bottle out to him, then she asked the question she was dying to have answered."I take it... there wasn't anyone still alive inside, was there?" By this point she was more asking to confirm what she already knew. The bodies of her friends and mother were probably inside, if they hadn't been infected during the attack on the hospital.
  8. He took the bottle and chugged it down listening to her confirm his suspicions, with the bottle empty he handed it to her, his voice having a bit more strength though he still kept to a near whisper, "Keep this, could come in handy later." She asked him a question, "Were there others inside the hospital." and he barely knew how to answer, it was dark, and there was a lot of damage, blood and the remnants of chaos.

    "I..I'm sorry I really have no idea if there was anyone else in there with me, to be honest I moved out hoping I WAS the only one in there......someone important to you supposed to be inside?" He whispered, an indecisively saddened look washing over his face. "If you gotta weapon I can borrow, we can go look, we need to move quick and quiet though. Name's Derek, it's good to see someone not infected."