28 Months Later

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  1. 2002, England, a group of Virologists sought a way to quell rioting and aggression altogether, mixing their virus with Ebola to help it spread. It mutated, producing the exact opposite Effect, the first test subjects, chimpanzees, when insane with rage, and began vomiting their own entrails out. They were released by ignorant animal rights activists.

    28 days later.....Great Britain has been shut down, more than half the population dead or infected. Survivors hold in groups, and eek out a meager form of life in their struggle to remain uninfected.

    28 Weeks Later.....It was believed the infection had died out, all those infected dying of starvation. The virus Broke out again, after a woman living in the quarentined sections of an abandoned London was found, a carrier of the infection, showing no symptoms. It was discovered that those carrying the rare genetic code for ocular Heterochromia (Irises sporting two different colors) were immune to the effects of the virus itself yet could still infect. A kiss from her husband was all it took and Hell broke loose again.

    28 Months Later............

    General Plot overview:
    The Rage virus until has been contained to the Island of Great Britain, reports of infection have been recorded in France, and New York.

    These Reports are true, and the infection is in fact spreading to a global pandemic.


    28 Months after initial outbreak, the virus has now spread further mainland than New York, and has reached the Mississippi River, Martial law has been declared, Kurfews Effected, Constant Military Patrols. None of it was enough, Eastern America has Fallen as Great Britain had.

    Detroit, Michigan will be the stage for a group of Survivors trying to find some sort of safe Haven, a place where there is no Infected.

    Rules: Strictly Human Characters

    No God-modding

    No Uber Badass survivors

    no super hightech gadgets and whatnot

    Character Sheet template:



    Profession before Outbreak:

    Useful Skills/Talents:

    Weapon(s): You can have up to 3

    Contents of your Bug-out Bag: (Survival Equipment)

    This RP is available for jump ins I only ask that before you jump into the actual roleplay, that you submit a character sheet here in the OOC, so everyone knows who's joining and who's who.

    This RP is also going to contain Mature subject matter, Coarse Language, Gore and Violence, rape and Romance, and of course, possible murder and lots of death. Please don't join if you are uncomfortable with your character getting killed or infected, because it is a real possibility.

    I will be Playing:

    Name: Derek Larken

    Age: 19

    Profession before Outbreak: Pizza Delivery Boy

    Useful Skills/Talents: He is quick and resourceful, he knows where to go and lots of different ways to get there. He also has basic wilderness survival knowledge from watching TV shows focused on surviving in the wild.

    Weapon(s): Stolen Pistol off of dead cop, Machete he's had since he was 14, and a small wooden bat with nails driven through it (Made it when the outbreak was reported in New York.)

    Contents of your Bug-out Bag: Extra ammo (3 magazines he also stole off the dead police officer) 5 packets of instant ramen, 2 liters of water, a flashlight, a pack of batteries, and a can of ravioli, his mom's painkillers an ace bandage a gauss pad, 5 alcohol pads and a box of band-aids

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    [​IMG] Photo taken on a vacation (Bear Grylls is recognized as the one depicted in this photograph)
  2. ill make a character sheet soon
  3. sweet, Thanks for your Interest
  4. I'm in, this might help me work on my Horror RP :)

    Name: Issac Anderson

    Age: 26

    Appearance: Click

    Profession before Outbreak: Combination welder and Electrical engineer.

    Useful Skills/Talents: His previous jobs as a welder and an engineer came useful for the outbreak. Whenever travelling from place to place, he'd scavenge for spare scraps of metal and turn it into plating for a house; strong enough to hold up for at least a week or so. His days as an engineer help him make broken down homes more inhabbitable by finding a way to turn on the power, or set up perimeter. His dad taught him how to shoot a handgun and nothing else other than a composite hunting bow. His skills are limited, but they sufice.

    Weapon(s): M1911 handgun, fire axe, and a pocket knife.

    Contents of your Bug-out Bag: three energy bars, a medical kit, and two magazines for his handgun.
  5. Wonderful two peeps on board. just a few more
  6. Name: Brandon Fisher

    Age: 21

    Profession before Outbreak: Colleage student/ MMA fighter


    Usefull Skills/ Talents: Being how he had worked as a trained fighter he was good at combat skills giving damage and taking damage he usually has a short temper being well trained giving him a decent amout of speed and stamina as well as stregth, he'd usually trained three times a week not to interfear with his classes he was also well trained on how to use and manuvere sturdy objects and weapons such as bat, club, .42, and a pocket knife.

    Weapoms: Metal baseball bat, pocket knife, .42 pistol

    Contents of your Bug out Bag: 2 bags of chips, water bottle, few bullet shells, lighter, bandages
  7. Both of you have great CS's
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  9. IC is going up in a day or two! I'll post the link when it's up guys again thanks so much for your interest!
  10. Ooh, ooh, are you still open? I want! I loved the movies, even if they made me jumpy as hell <3

    I'll need til tomorrow sometime to make my character since it's nearly bedtime here now, but if you don't mind that I'd like a place here~
  11. It's absolutely open! There is no deadline to join, this is gonna be a join at any time thing, because who knows when youll meet people after an apocalypse
  12. Name: Samantha (Sam) Murray

    Age: 22

    Profession before Outbreak: Medical Student

    Appearance: Ignore the mismatched shoes and just assume she's wearing boots... O.o;
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    Useful Skills/Talents: Given her background - a nurse's daughter who went into medical school herself - she's able to efficiently fix up most non-fatal wounds on the go, and works pretty well under pressure. She's relatively strong for her build with good stamina and a high pain threshold, but conversely her fighting style is lackluster at best and she only kills when absolutely necessary. Still believes there may be a cure for the virus.

    Weapon(s): oddly heavy-duty, so-called "ceremonial" sword. Crowbar. Obtained a handgun, but no extra ammo as of yet.

    Contents of your Bug-out Bag: 2 water bottles, 3 packs of caffeine strips, a few tins of food and as large a medkit as she could squeeze in on top of everything else.

    Shout if I need to change anything.
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  15. Kronas, You do know they aren't dead right? Just psychotic sick people?
  16. ah man im sorry so how do i describe them like infected or something?
  17. think of an enraged person, the hulk on a human level, covered in blood with horrible red eyes and vomiting their own guts
  18. okay i understand what you mean
  19. Don't fret about it, I should've said something about this fitting the zombie motif, however not being a true zombie apocalypse as they are'nt reanimated corpses.