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    A deadly virus has been unleashed. Rage sweeps the nation.

    Spread with a single cut, one drop of blood, those afflicted are lost to mindless fury, to blind wrath, lashing out at all in their path. It seeps into the population, across the countryside and into the towns.

    And the rural town of Mistvale shall be one of the first.


  2. *sits in the corner, smouldering*
  3. *dumps a bucket of water on Asmodeus*

    Problem solved. Simmer down, boyo.

    Right, ladies and gentlemen, since we're about to have a bunch of them attempting to barge into the pub shortly, let's talk about the Infected. The 28 Days Later Wiki has a great breakdown of what they are which can be accessed here, and if you haven't seen it yet go watch the damn movie. The second one as well; it's not as good, but still gives you an idea of the themes and style of this sort of story.

    Bear in mind that these things are stupidly dangerous to take on, especially in close combat; one scratch, bite or cut means you've got between ten seconds to a minute before you go red in the eyes and start trying to murder everyone as well.
  4. On another note, I had sort of intended for my character to be female, not realizing that same-sex marriage is not a thing in the UK... Sorry xD
  5. The UK doesn't have same-sex marriages yet, but there are civil partnerships (which are pretty similar in most respects). Apologies, by the by; didn't realise you were going for a female character. I'll edit my last post to reflect this.
  6. It's hard to explain gender in first person.
  7. It can be, yeah, especially when said character is in the midst of the apocalypse. Perhaps using an image to help describe how your character looks to other players might help?
  8. Also very hard to reference other characters who are in the first person.

    So...er... Curtis ran into the street and saw...er... the man or woman who was reminiscing about their dog... and er... the man or woman... in the drugstore with a guilty secret.... and he said to both of them "Hey guys/ladies, you're too old/young/Hispanic to be wandering these streets alone...." He looked at each of them and was possibly attracted to either one or both of them.
  9. *opens one eye*
  10. Okay, got the plot moving on a bit; the whole 'sitting around in a bar chatting about things as the Infected get closer' was getting a little silly.

    We're now moving through the gardens of a row of houses towards the supermarket Curtis mentioned. Let's hustle, chums.
  11. Shit not on foot I hope
  12. On foot, with a man roleplaying an accurate head injury.


    You'd rather we jump in a car and make lots of engine noises? As a man who's been to Somerset, I can vouch for the roads being so windy, with walls and ditches on either side, that you have to travel at 20mph tops. You can't exactly plough through zombie hordes like you could on an American freeway.

    Welcome to England, boys!
  13. Not to mention jumping into a car and driving around is the equivalent of driving round with a dinner bell attached to your neck and a megaphone, periodically yelling "FEEDING TIME, YOU ANGRY FUCKS!"
  14. Point I didn't think of the noise
  15. Let's do the timewarp again, Grumpalumps.
  16. <__<

    *walks through the deserted roleplay streets in a hospital gown, calling out for signs of life*
  17. Shut up Asmo! We are still alive >.< also, Mr. Grumpy, are you just going to let this die?
  18. Oh right. THIS Roleplay. Fell off my radar. Time to post.
  19. It's a new roleplay, Jack. Not the old one.
  20. Getting absolutely fisted by this fucking dissertation deadline, chaps and chapettes, but expect something up for this in the next day or so.

    Apologies for the wait.