28 Days Later...

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  1. Give or take.

    So about a month ago, I posted explaining why I had been away for the last five or six months and letting you all know that I needed to leave the site for a while.

    Muses are really unpredictable and uncooperative things, turns out.

    About two weeks after I posted that, I started writing and I haven't been able to stop. I've been able to write more easily than I have in over a year. Sooo...

    ...Just kidding?

    I'm still not going back to Staff, and my activity rate is going to be... relaxed. But I'm hoping to run a roleplay or two, maybe play a little. You'll probably see me now and then around the site as well.

    I'm baaaaaaaack.
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  2. Admit it.

    You just can't stay away from us and our delicious plot bunnies.
  3. T_T all I can do is Cry
  4. Craziest movie ever.
  5. [​IMG]

    Yay! Welcome back! :)
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