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  1. Everyday I sit quietly and watch the world around me and the people within it. So full of greed, hate, envy, gluttony, lust, sloth, and pride and balanced by charity, patience, kindness, restraint, chastity, diligence, and humility. I suppose we are each graced by the love of God and cursed by the hatred of Satan, blinded by our choices. Still, it sickens me to see the world as it is now. Even those who claim they are 'pure' have that taint of darkness lingering in their hearts and souls, and a false sense of reality. They live life oblivious to the fact that it should be something revered, something special.

    Mankind doesn't respect the true meaning of life, cherish the breath of life we all inhale, understand the sanctity of actually being alive, living! I have faced death and my greatest fear. I have fought and chosen to live! Even knowing that we are all breed with sin I respect and cherish the very fact that I am alive. That I am CHOSEN to live. I have faced my greatest fear and come through victorious. Now I feel it is my destiny to enlighten and awaken the world around me. I've decided to take things into my own hands. Religion didn't start without a prophet and I am the prophet of life. So, will you face your fears and play my game, or will you simply walk the valley of darkness and become another black sheep? Either way, you'll have 24 hours to decide and to ultimately live--or die.



    Your night starts off as normal as any night might. However it is suddenly interrupted as you somehow spiral into an unexpected unconsciousness. You don't know how long you've been out, but you eventually awaken to find yourself trapped in a small dark space. When you finally manage to escape you eerily come to find that you had been stuck in a coffin. Laying nearby is a flashlight and a tape recorder. Turning on your flashlight you find that you are inside a mausoleum. Do you dare press play? Let the game being-


    12:00 a.m.

    The last thing I remember was that I was out with some of my friends for the night. There had been some pretty hard pregame drinking going on before we hit the clubs for some more drinking, dancing, and flirting. I remember Carley had wanted to find any random hot guy and hook up for the night. Megan wanted to get black out drunk, and had already been well on her way. Sam was there hoping to hook up with Carley, but mostly just stumbling over his own two feet. Karen was being mother hawk, trying to keep everyone from making too big a fool of themselves. Josh just wanted to keep partying. And me, well, I just wanted to unwind a bit from my hell week and have a little fun.

    We had ended up going to the Krazy Katz Klub (which some liked to call the KKK --and I always thought was bad naming on their part) which was seemed to be hopping that night. Seemed everyone's plan was going well. Carley had disappeared with Sam, Karen was babysitting Megan, and Josh had found a small group to dance with. As for me, I'd texted Karen to let her know I was stepping out for some fresh air and a smoke. I had lost my lighter and bummed a light from some random person nearby. Next thing I knew my world began to spin and my vision blacked out.

    I have no idea how long I was out. All I know is that not long ago I woke up and found myself in a small dark space. I tried to scream but my voice was muffled as I realized how small the space really was. Feeling around me the walls reminded me of stories about being buried alive. Not exactly what I want to be thinking of as I try not to use up what air I might have left in my death trap! Oh God what the fuck is going on! If this is some sort of joke I am going to murder whoever did this! I try to cry out for help again but with the same results. Okay, time to calm myself down and try to get the hell out of here!

    Feeling around the edges as far as I can, my fingers find some sort of latch on my right side. Okay, now what? I frantically begin to push on the latch but nothing happens. Maybe it was just false hope. Despite it not working the first time I continue to feel around the latch and push, leaning against the right side some. In my fear I begin to cry, not wanting to die in this miserable prank that is being played on me. Suddenly my elbow hits a soft spot and there is a clicking noise like something being released! I pushed up and found that the top gives way as the box opens and I climb out (or rather fall out) freed. Oh thank God!

    Hitting the floor my legs are like jello as I wait for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. Wherever I am it's cold and feels so--dead. My hand brushes against something in the dark as I blindly feel around. Picking it up I find that it's a flashlight! With shaky hands I turn it on and shine the light around me. If I weren't so scared I might scream. I think I might be in a grave! As I try to gather myself I see something else on the ground. It's a tape recorder. Curious I pick it up and look it over, wondering what this is doing here.

    Almost instinctively my finger finds the play button and presses. There is a moment of static and then a voice, neither male nor female, starts to speak:

    So you have awoken and managed to find your way out. I welcome you. You have been chosen for a very special task. You will find that you are currently inside a mausoleum, and I have given you a flashlight to see by. You will also find that you have a small anklet around your right foot and a bandage around your left arm. Don't worry about the anklet, that's so I can keep track of you. As for your arm, I have injected you with a poison that is slowly making its way through your bloodstream. It is deadly and there is only one antidote for it. Should you pass my tests, I will reward you with the antidote. Should you fail, you will die. You have 24 hours to pass all my trials. Good luck. Remember, life is worth cherishing. What will you do to survive?

    The tape ends there as I stare at it in disbelief. Sure enough, though, there is a small metal anklet around my right foot. No matter how hard I try I can't get it off. And there is a gauze wrapped
    around my left arm with purple CoBand, just like when I used to have to get immunization shots. My heart races as I stare at the tape recorder. This isn't happening! It's like those twisted Saw movies, what the fuck! Who does this shit?! I don't want to die. I start to cry again, but somehow my feet are moving as I'm crying and I soon reach the entrance of the mausoleum as I try to figure out now how to open the damn thing! 24 hours to find this psychopath's 'trials'? What the hell. Screw that if I get out of this mausoleum I'm just going to find a hospital!
  2. I remember walking down the street with my two best friends. Or my two best friends in name only. In reality we don't care much for each other, we simply hang out because that's what expected of us. And why not? We are the most popular girls in our school, all the boys wants us and all the girls wants to be like us. Never would I have thought that anything bad would happen to me. I never did anything wrong, except telling those fat pigs to loose some kilos or telling off those ugly guys that tried to get me into bed. But they had it coming. It wasn't my fault they didn't do anything about their appearance or images. I worked hard for my position, they are on the bottom because they chose to be.

    So Tanya, Elinor and I walked down the street. We had been shopping the whole day and skipped most of our classes. What was the big deal? As long as I passed all the tests with at least a D it should be okay. We chatted for a bit. Apparently that weird guy with thousands of pimples had tried to ask Elinor out on a date. Eew, so disgusting. As if anyone would go out with him before he at least bought some lotion for that problem. As a joke I told her that she should accept, just because he was so unfortunate. At first she was disgusted by the idea but then she got a new one from it.

    "You know, you're totally right. I should tell him to take me to our graduate ball."
    She told us and we just looked at her as if she had lost her head. "No, hear me out. I tell him that, but once he comes to meet me I will already be there with Jareth Hawk." I pretended that it was an awesome idea, but in reality it was so overused. That was the worst cliche from every movie about teenagers ever made.

    As we passed the 10th avenue it was time for me to split up from them and go back to my own home. The sun had set an hour earlier, and the street was eerily quiet. Shortly before I saw my house, everything turned black.

    When I woke up I was laying somewhere dark. For a moment I thought it was the ground but then I felt that there was walls at both my sides and a ceiling above me. Where was I? I coffin? I panicked. I breathed fast and my heartbeat accelerated quickly. "HELP." I shouted. "HEEEELP ME, SOMEONE." I couldn't see anything. My arms flew everywhere, trying to find some way out. But I couldn't think about what I was doing, I was far too frightened. Far too into my panic.
    Then suddenly I heard a clicking sound. I might have pushed something, but I wasn't too sure. I was silent for some moments before I tried to push the ceiling above me, and it started to come off. It was still dark, far too dark. But at least I had space now. I stumbled out of the coffin and felt my way around. "Hello?.. Where am I? Is somebody there?" I half shouted with a shaky voice. After a while I were finally able to find something. It felt like... A flashlight maybe? I fiddled with it for half a minute before I finally found the button. It turned on.
    With a light in the dark I could finally see something. But that didn't make me any more wiser. Who the heck had put me inside a coffin? I looked around, trying to figure out where I was. Something was lying on the ground. I almost left it there, but somehow something inside me told me that I shouldn't do that. So I picked it up. It was a tape.

    -So you have awoken and managed to find your way out. I welcome you. You have been chosen for a very special task. You will find that you are currently inside a mausoleum, and I have given you a flashlight to see by. You will also find that you have a small anklet around your right foot and a bandage around your left arm. Don't worry about the anklet, that's so I can keep track of you. As for your arm, I have injected you with a poison that is slowly making its way through your bloodstream. It is deadly and there is only one antidote for it. Should you pass my tests, I will reward you with the antidote. Should you fail, you will die. You have 24 hours to pass all my trials. Good luck. Remember, life is worth cherishing. What will you do to survive?-
    "W... What the fuck is this shit?" I asked as the tape stopped. My shaking hand dropped the tape. "I knew it... At some point some psychopath would try to copy all those sick movies." My laugh was shaky and shocked. I could barely believe my ears when I heard it. "Why... WHY AM I HERE YOU FUCKING BASTARD? I HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING WRONG!" I was definitely screamed to deaf ears. "Oh my God... Oh my God.. I have to get out of here." I sobbed, and crying I tried to find a way out of that room. My make up must have looked awful at that point.
  3. When you finally manage to escape the mausoleum, using a little muscle a lot of sweat and a ton of cursing, you collapse to the ground outside to breathe the fresh air of freedom. At least freedom from your entombment. Your head buzzing about you look around to find that the cemetery you are in is small. The gated entrance of the place is seen a few yards forward from where you are. The moonlight casts an eery light upon the place making you think of all the zombie horror movies from your childhood. With a shiver you shine your flashlight around to make sure no one is there and hurry to the gates. The lock is broken, which is probably how you were dragged in there, and the gate shifts ever so slightly back and forth from the gentle breeze blowing. With your eyes adjusting to the light you look around. There is absolutely NOTHING around you, but there is a path that leads to the entrance of the cemetery.

    Well you've come this far, why not keep going. You know that you aren't about to stick around and find out if tales of ghosts and zombies are real! All you know is that you want to get out of here, and get home! The path is narrow and straight but a few minutes into your escape you find that the path splits into three forks.

    ((please choose ONLY one option and open the spoiler to read your decision and continue your journey))

    Path to the right (open)
    You decide to take the path to the right which seems to veer off sharply and lead into a thick forest. The trees begin to condense as if the forest itself is trying to engulf you. No sign of civilization anywhere in sight, and the wildlife is quite alive. Every time you hear a rustle your hair stands on edge and you startle. You don't know how long your flashlight is going to last, but the light is already flickering as if it will die any time soon. You wander for a while as the path gets thinner and thinner until you hear a loud snapping of twigs behind you and a growl from your left. This can't be good. If you survive whatever transpires you will find yourself approaching what appears to be a small abandoned village...

    Path to the center (open)
    Well this must be a trick! It has to be! No dummy would follow a path that doesn't go straight! You decide to take the path that goes to the center. The path actually widens as you walk and you believe you can hear the sound of cars off in the distance. Yes! Sweet mercy you will escape this nightmare and forget it ever happened. You secretly hope that whatever crazy wacko set up this ploy dies a slow and painful death! Your adrenaline begins to pump as you quicken your pace and the sounds begin to get louder. Civilization can't come soon enough! You're almost there! You begin to sprint frantically, sobbing uncontrollably with joy and fear. You come over a small ridge and stop to catch your breath. There below you is the sweet civilization as you run toward it in glee. It doesn't register right away that there is something off about the 'civilization'. Though you hear the sounds of a city, nothing is moving from the picture you see before you. By the time this registers in your brain you are barreling forward and run right through the thin picture that fooled you. Your feet meet air as you plummet to your death off the edge of a small rocky cliff. Guess sometimes the straight path isn't the right path. Looks like you didn't cherish your life enough. End of the road for you. The End

    Path to the left (open)
    There was a poem by Robert Frost that said something about a road less traveled and it making all the difference. You decide to take a chapter out of his book and take the path to the left. Weeds are seen encroaching on the path and it certainly looks like it hasn't been traveled in a very long time. You take the path slow at first but eventually you simply begin to run. What did you have to lose? Your eyes scan around frantically as the path is out in the wide open and whoever did this to you might be watching or waiting. As you run your flashlight begins to flicker as if it might go out at any point in time. Already paranoid you think you hear something behind you, but you dare not turn to look. Instead you sprint on as hard as you can until your sides scream in pain. Eventually the path begins to slowly disappear and you swear that whatever is behind you is getting closer. As you run you see up ahead what appears to be an abandoned fairground. You head in that direction...
  4. It took some time of panicking before I finally were able to get out of the mausoleum. I stumbled out to a small cemetery and I fell to my knees, having to catch my breath before I could continue. Fuck the game, I would just find a way to civilization and make sure a doctor could cure me from whatever poison had been pumped into my body. But what if I couldn't find my way? If I would be lost for far longer than twenty four hours? Then I would die.

    The fear took a hold of me. Maybe I should just play along. But where was the next step in his game? I couldn't see any tape. Once my eyes had adjusted to the darkness I did notice a gated entrance just a bit ahead of me. Maybe that was where I should be going. I found a path and followed it. Paranoid I kept looking around, thinking someone might just jump out from behind a tree or a tombstone at any moment.

    After some walking I came to a cross-way. There were three options to choose between. Where to go now, I thought to myself.

    Well... The right path must be right, right? I hoped luck would be on my side as I chose my way which led into a thick forest. For a long time I wished I had chosen some other way, but I guessed non of them would be very charming so I didn't turn around. My flashlight began to flicker at some point and I quickened my steps. I didn't want to be in the forest once it went out. Then suddenly there was noises of twigs snapping and a growling. I ran. Ran for my life. Tears ran down my cheeks. "I don't want to die." I cried out, but eventually all cries died when I was too focused on breathing as my heart needed the extra air to keep me running.
    Something was after me, something wanted to kill me. I don't know for how long I was running, but I got scratches from the branches I ran into, and bruises from the stones I fell over in the dark. Eventually though I were able to get out of the thick forest, and I found a small village, seemingly abandoned. I could no longer hear whatever had been growling, but I didn't take any chances, I kept going forward without even trying to catch my breath.
  5. 1:00 a.m.

    When I'd finally managed to get out of the mausoleum I followed the path from the cemetery. Of course I had been dragged off into the middle of nowhere! Obviously I wasn't dealing with someone who was a complete dolt, and this wasn't some cheesy horror movie. Though I really was starting to wonder. I came eventually to a fork in the road where I had three choices. Left, right, or dead center. A straight line sounded good, but something told me this would be a bad idea, so it was down to left or right.

    I had a nagging feeling I was being watched or followed as I looked around. Well only one way to find out what happens. I guess either way I'm probably dead, right? Or that's what the sick bastard wants. I decide to follow the path to the left and see where fate will take me. I can't take the not knowing! It's enough to drive one mad. After a fit of paranoia and a good deal of exercise I stop in my tracks to find myself standing at the entrance of what looks like an abandoned fair grounds.

    The rusty remnants of old rides and attractions is easily seen along with the many dilapidated buildings and tracks. Where the HELL am I? and what the hell is a fair ground doing out in the middle of nowhere? This is really starting to get creepy. Behind me I hear a rustling as I startle and hurry forward, "shit..." I mutter under my breath as I yearn nothing more than for a cigarette. I move past the old ticket booth with peeling paint and rusted entrance gate and pause to look around.

    "Hello!" I shout, "Is anyone here! Hello!" My voice is answered by silence as I hurry forward trying to sort this through my mind. I wish I knew what time it was! The tape said I only have 24 hours, but when was the injection given? I may have only a couple hours left for all I know! Turning and shouting again I crouch down to the ground and weep a moment before I realize that I left the club with some items on hand. I suddenly stand and dig frantically through my pockets to see what I still have on me. A lighter, one cigarette, some money, and...yes! my phone!!

    I quickly hold it up and try to get a signal but nothing is coming through. I have 60% of my battery left and the time reads as 12:45 a.m. So logically 24 hours from now would be 12:45 a.m. again...but I have less time than that. Frantically my brain works to try and estimate a time of life left. Going out on a limb I just pick a random number and decide I'll have that long to figure this out then I'll just give up. My random number....10:00 p.m. As I decide my fate I hear a snap of a twig nearby as I turn on my heel and look around with my flashlight flickering. There is still life but I still have no idea how much longer. There is nothing there.

    There is a low humming noise as I turn around again to face the rest of the fair ground and suddenly the lights are slowly starting to turn on and life is being restored to this once dead area. Now THIS is like something from a horror movie and this is always the part where things start to go bad. To my right is a booth with lights and prizes that was once a shooter game. A creepy clown face with a missing eye and chipped tooth grins at me. With the park now alive the clown laughs as the cheesy music plays in the background. In a static tone a chipper voice loops "welcome hahaha come have a try hahaha" over and over.

    Normally I would steer clear of such things, as that's what all horror survival guides might say, but something else draws me toward the clown. Hanging from a string that dangles from the missing tooth is another tape player. Carefully I look around and then stalk forward, reaching a shaky hand out for the item. I wrap my cold fingers around the small tape player and press the play button. The sound of carnival music plays in the background and then that voice again--

    -Welcome to the carnival of fun. Good thing you didn't choose to move straight forward or you may have strayed from your path. You have passed your first trial by choosing one path that is correct. However, there is more to this than simple luck. You will find seven more tape players hidden around this fair ground. If you are able to succeed in all seven trials then you will be worthy of the antidote. If not, well, you know the answer to that riddle. Wanderlust and feed your desire. Shall you give in or shall you find reprieve? Tick tock, the clock is ticking

    With that the tape ends as I stare at it. What. The. Fuck. What is that supposed to mean? Wanderlust and feed your desire? Is this some sort of joke! As if in response to the tape being played all the lights suddenly go out again leaving me in pitch darkness. Despite myself I let out a scream. Turning on my flashlight I look around trying to figure out where to start.

  7. Eventually there was no sounds to be heard. It took me a while to calm down, and even then I weren't completely out of my panic. Walking around on the street, trying to find someone to help me, I quickly realized that the village was completely abandoned. My flashlight continued to flicker and I could not help but wonder how long I had before it would stop working completely.

    Suddenly I had to stop as I heard something. I tried to hear exactly what it was. Did I need to run? Or was it someone that could help me? Some kind of humming sounded from who knew where. Then, all the street lamps started to turn on one by one. Even the houses started to lit up. I was definitely startled as I had thought no street lamps would work and I dropped my flashlight onto the ground.

    "Hello?" I shouted, hoping someone would answer, but just like before, even with the lights on, no one was there. I picked up the flashlight again and moved towards a house with a missing door. Weird music came from it and I simply guessed that it might lead me to another clue. Carefully I walked forward, absolutely certain that someone or something would jump out to kill me at any moment.
    A small tape player hung from a string on the volume dial on the old record played which had been the source of the sound. I reached out for it, but stopped myself for a second. What if it was a trap? But I didn't have time to think about that. If it was a trap then I'd die, if it wasn't then giving up on it would mean I still died. I didn't have a choice.

    I pressed play.
    -Welcome to the city of the lost. Good thing you didn't choose to move straight forward or you may have strayed from your path. You have passed your first trial by choosing one path that is correct. However, there is more to this than simple luck. You will find seven more tape players hidden around this village or city. If you are able to succeed in all seven trials then you will be worthy of the antidote. If not, well, you know the answer to that riddle. Fevered desire is best left behind closed doors. Will you dare open the door or let it be? Tick tock, the clock is ticking

    As fast as the tape stopped making sounds, almost all lights in the village went out. "No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Please turn back on." I begged, but of course nothing happened. The growling started again and I quickly went outside to get moving. I did not want to be eaten. I looked around and saw some houses still being lit. "Fevered desires... Closed doors..." I mumbled to myself, while looking around. The houses might just be a trap. I should not enter them. But fevered desires could mean that it was locked inside the bedrooms. But it could also have something to do with the church. People that devoted their life's to the church should not show any sexual desires, so might that be it?

    It was definitely a gamble, but as I heard another growling sound I hurried towards the church. It had to be right, it just had to. Or else I might die. "I am not going to die you fucking bastard." I shouted to the air as I ran. Ran from the growling beings behind me, and towards my life in front of me. Maybe my adrenaline had kicked in, or maybe I was simply to focused, but I was not afraid at that very moment. Just determined to continue forward.
  8. Well, I might as well head toward the music. Voices in the middle of nowhere can't be a good thing. I highly doubt there is any civilization around to save me right now. With flashlight in hand I follow the dimly lit path. The light begins to flicker again as I pray that it stays on. Please please please let me run into someone I pray silently as I suddenly appear before a merry-go-round. I haven't seen one of these since I was a child. How long ago that seems now and how I yearn to be a kid again. Maybe I could make better choices and not be stuck in some horror movie Saw-like freak show right now. A shiver goes down my back at that thought.

    As I near the platform the merry-go-round slows down and allows me to step onto its smooth surface. I remember the merry-go-round as being a happy place. But this one was one of nightmares. The faces of the animals were not whimsical but distorted and horrifying, I could almost imagine the fires of hell blasting up around me like some Silent Hill nightmare. With those thoughts the ground jerked beneath my feet as I stumbled forward and the haunting music began. A chill went down my spine as I sensed a darkness around me.

    Slowly I turned around but there was nothing there. I had dropped the flashlight as the ride started, but luckily it rolled nearby. Stooping down I crawled around, watching my head not to be smacked by the moving horses, and grabbed the light. Turning it on I nearly jumped out of my skin; the light shone on the face of one of the horses i as nearby with a twisted grin and bleeding eyes. I swore it was laughing at me. Scrambling to my feet I stood still trying to figure out what to do when suddenly there was a warm breath upon my neck.

    Frozen I would have screamed but my body was petrified and i only let out a muffled whimper. I could hear heavy breathing behind me as I gathered all my energy and urged my legs to move! Come on, Damnit!

    I quickly spun around to see that one of the 'animals' nearby was actually moving! Towering over me with hungry eyes! I slowly turned my flashlight on the creature to see what it was, my hands barely able to hold the small object. I was right to be scared, anyone in t heir right mind would be, a giant bear now stood on its hind legs as the ride continued to spin madly. It must have been as confused as I was, at it hadn't fully registered me yet. I slowly took a step back trying to stay quiet and surprised my legs actually worked. There was a sudden clicking noise as the merry-go-round sped up!

    All the lights flashed on as the bear reared again with a loud growl before landing on all fours and setting its startled eyes on me. Fuck. This. Shit! I turned and high tailed it away from the bear as fast as I could with the creature trampling after me in an angered rage. "Get me off of here!" I shouted to no one in particular as I stumbled about trying to get toward the platform ahead. My option seemed to be get to the platform, jump off a random side and pray that I survive, or be eaten by the bear.

    Of course just as if some ass hole is watching and playing god all the power once more goes off and I'm left in pitch dark and unable to know where the bear is. Instinct to live kicks in as I run forward and swerve to the side to test fate. God please, if you are there, let me live! Reaching the edge I take a leap of faith and jump off the side of the merry go round. My leg hits a fence nearby but I land otherwise safely on the ground. The knock of my leg hurts like a bitch and I'm not sure if I broke anything or not but I don't care. Getting up I limp away as fast as I can to just get away. I don't dare look back to see if the bear is following me or not. I just want to go home!

    As I limped forward I see a trailer up ahead of some sort with lights on. Silhouetted is the outline of people inside! Oh my god maybe there is hope! "hey! Hello! Help me please!! please help me!" I shout out desperately as I run toward the small trailer.
  10. After I had been running for what felt like forever, I finally came to a rusted sign. I didn't read it as I was pretty certain already what might be written on it. People just loved to have unnecessary signs telling you the obvious everywhere. I preferred to keep running rather than read whatever had been written there. But when I closed in on the church, the bells suddenly started to ring. I stopped dead in my track and wondered if someone against all odds might be in there. Would the person kill me if I met them?

    I breathed heavily after the long run. what should I do? The clocks might just be automatic and be turned on at demand from some other place, or maybe they just rang every hour or so. Though in that case I should have heard them an hour ago. I weren't that far away not to hear them. And it certainly weren't the hour for church clocks to start ringing.

    I finally decided. I would walk up to the church. If someone attacked me then I would just kick them and run off to somewhere. Anywhere. As long as I expected to be attacked then I should be safe, right? As I walked up to the doors it felt a little bit safer. I pushed on the doors, but to my horror they did not open.

    What the... No no no no no no no. Please open." I begged as I kept pushing, but soon realized that it was and would forever be locked. How come? Churches was never locked. Suddenly I heard something. A slamming noise form somewhere behind the church.

    I stood there for some seconds. Should I try to see if someone were in the church and knock? Or should I go to the back of the church and investigate? Maybe I would meet someone who could help me. Or maybe I would get killed on the spot.

    Of course I was foolish. There would be no one inside the church to help me I was sure. So I walked towards the back of the church. But I were not going to go completely defenseless, I weren't that stupid. Nearby I found a big stick that I could use if things got heated, then I started to move towards the now silenced noise. I soon found a path, my heart pounded so loudly I could barely even hear my own, very loud, breaths.

    As I rounded the church and slowly let my flashlight lighten up small parts of the darkness, I suddenly came across a graveyard. "
    Lovely" I whispered with a shaky voice. Of course there would be a cemetery at a church. That was pretty much common sense. But I had not thought of that. And why would I either way? It wasn't like I had other important things to think about, like saving my God damn life.

    Shaky I kept on walking. Why hadn't I just checked the houses back there? I wish I could just run back, but I was certain there weren't enough energy nor time for that. Suddenly a knocking sound startled me and I dropped my flashlight. "FUCK." I exclaimed and hurried after it, but sadly I weren't able to catch it before it had rolled down in an open unfinished grave.

    There was non way I would jump down into a grave. How would I be able to get up after that? They were awfully deep, and the mud was not something you could hold onto easily. However much I hated it, I just had to continue without any source of light. A decision I already regretted. I started to hum to myself, a cute little children's song. Maybe that could make me braver. Though after half a minute I noticed that it did not help at all.
  11. 3:00 am

    My heart races as I decide to go with opening the door. What did I have to lose at this point anyways? At first the door was solid but when I knocked again the door simply creaked open, welcoming me. The lights had been turned off so it was hard to see inside, but I decided to enter anyways. Pulling the light cord I turned and gasped as I heard the heavy breathing. The man was alive, but his wife..no so much. The blood looked fresh and flowed like water from the wound. I couldn't tell if the man knew I was there or not, he simply was hunched over with slow deep breaths. I was frozen on the spot. What. The. Fuck!

    If this was really a joke, it had gone to far! Words were forming in my throat and there was nothing I could do from stopping them. They slipped from my mouth in a steadier tone than I'd imagined in my current state of shock.

    "S...sir, is everything okay. Do I need to call the police? Is your phone working?"

    Right, play it smooth. Awesome...what the hell am I going to do with a psychopath killer?! The man was silent for a while longer before he began to speak in a raspy tone.

    "Bitch had it coming. Cheating on me with the acrobat, I should have known" a nasty wet coughing sound, "wench still packs a punch though don't you know" raspy laughter as the man slowly turned to face me. If I could have screamed I would have. The man's face had been split open at the side like the Joker from Batman. Only on one side, but it was gruesome none the less as the skin flapped loosely with each blood filled breath.

    "You came because you knew my Jezzabell didn't you? Poor Jess...she's no more. Now I hear death knocking on your door. You shouldn't meddle in matters that aren't your own dollface"

    Maniac! The look in his eyes was enough to get me moving again as I turned and high tailed it out of there. I hear the man coming after me and the distinct click as a gun was being prepared. Shit. Shit, shit, shit, shit!!! "Time to take your medicine!" he shouted with laughter. I didn't bother to turn to look, I just ran for my godforsaken life! Of course the bear was still wandering around somewhere as well so this was NOT a good combination. Not to mention the sun still wasn't up yet, what the hell time is it anyways?!

    As if to laugh in my face suddenly there was a strong whirring sound around me and all the lights flashed on, momentarily blinding me. Music, voices, and rides were heard springing to life around me as I stopped a moment to catch my breath. I turned but didn't see the psycho man chasing me anymore, but from what I could gather he was probably the one who pulled the master switch...Fuck now what?
  13. I continued to hum on that silly little song until howling noises stopped me. Wolfs. I did not want to meet up with those creatures. What if they attacked me in the dark? I tried to see something in the dark, but my eyes hadn't adjusted very well yet. Maybe in another three minutes. But did I have three minutes? I doubted it.

    Then I remembered that I should have my cellphone on me. Why hadn't I thought of that before? I might be able to call for help. I felt into my pocket, and it was actually there. It was a wonder that the kidnapper hadn't taken it away from me. I almost shouted out hallelujah, but stopped myself in the last second as I didn't want some potential murderer to hear me. Picking up the phone I turned it on. The battery was almost dead. Even if there had been a signal the phone would just have died a few seconds after calling.

    I turned the phone forward and let it light my way. It didn't give much light, but it felt a little bit comforting. And considering the time, the sun should start going up in a while. Where was that stupid medicine any way? I didn't want to die out there. I needed to find some way to get to the medicine to stop whatever poison was in my body. If there even were something there. Maybe he had been lying.

    The thought of having been tricked made me extremely angry for some seconds, but another howling kicked me back into my fearful state. Walking around aimlessly, not knowing where to go or find my next clue, I started to give up searching among the graves. Maybe I should go back to the church and try getting inside. Or maybe I should just run back to the village. No, then I would probably be eaten by wolfs.


    A loud noise sounded and I jumped as high as a human possible could, if not even higher. I turned to see what it was. A closed coffin was lying upright by a tree, and nearby were many items used by gravediggers. And then I heard knocks and crying. "What the heck?" I whispered, more scared than ever. My heart sounded loud and clearly in my head. What was going on? Was someone trapped in there? For a few moments I thought of just turning around and run away from it. But.. .What if someone was trapped in there?
    I couldn't just leave someone to die in a coffin. I had done a lot of shitty things in my life, but I weren't that evil. So I walked closer. The banging stopped, and I started to think that the person might have lost all the air. I had to open it quickly before they suffocated to death.

    The coffin was shut with nails, which I only saw when I was looking close and hard. It wouldn't be opened too easily. I had to find a hammer to get them out. I gave the coffin a knock, no reply. "Are someone in there?" I asked loudly. Of course there had been someone in there, what else could have made the knocking sounds? But no answer. Maybe the air was out and they had passed out. I had to hurry.
    I found a toolbox on the ground and felt inside it. Luckily there was a hammer inside of it. I started to force the nails out of the coffin as fast as I could, which was very slow as they were stuck really hard. When I finally came to the last one I were both sweaty and exhausted. I really hoped the person or whatever was in there didn't die. And if whoever or whatever it was were alive, then I really hoped it was friendly.
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