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  1. Alright!! Just stay in character after making one and this will always be open!!! Just be nice and have fun chatting and getting your characters into relationships or trouble. However just remember that this is an on going chat where our characters can chat amongst each other and have some fun.
    This is not a legit role play. If you must leave then that is fine, just announce it because no one will be waiting for you!!!

    Name: Bret
    Age: 25
    Gender: male
    Species:(optional) Demon
    Looks: Medium black hair with silver streaks, purple eyes, about 6'3", slim
    Personality: kind, smooth, but sexual, smoker
    Background: (highly unnecessary)
  2. Bret: Yo, I'm Bret. Anyone here to chat just hit me up. I'll be on almost all day everyday.
  3. Name: Vandy
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Looks: 5'9" in height, medium build with black short hair
    Personality: Carefree but friendly

    "Well Hello, Bret! How are you?" I said while waving my hand
  4. Bret smiled and waved back, walking, "I am well, and yourself?"
  5. "I am great. Nice to meet you here Bret." I said while grinning
  6. "It is nice to meet you as well Vandy." Smiles back, sitting on random chair. "So how are you?"
  7. Sits beside Bret, "I am Great thanks, how's your day Bret?"
  8. Bret smiles, "it has been really well."
  9. Name: Raylex
    Age: 18
    Species: Demon Human hybrid
    Apperence: Spiral_demon_girl1.jpg
    Personality: she is always looking for trouble to get in, loves anything to do with flirting and sex, however she is extremely violent when angry.
  10. Bret walks in the room, "oh, why hello. I am Bret." Short bow, pulls out cigarette and lights it.
  11. Raylex lifts her eyes and hears Bret.

    "Well hello there. Is it hot in here or is it just you?" She kicks her lips and walks over to him, breathing in some of he smoke from his cigarette. Tracing his shoulders with her claws she says lightly, "I'm Raylex"
  12. He slightly smirks, "why hello Raylex. How are you this fine day?" He takes a hit, pulling out his car ten and offering her one.
  13. Taking one she lights it with the smolding flames embedded in her skin. "I'm better now that you're here..." she whispered taking in the comforting smoke of the cig. Her tail wraps around Bret's belt loop and pull him in close to her.
  14. Bret smiled taking another hit before lightly caressing her cheek, "well, it is a pleasure to have you here."
  15. Feeling his warm hand on her skin she bit her lip, "mmmmmm the pleasure is mine."
  16. Bret smiled, "heh. Alright then." He looked around, "I do not think we should do this here. Why not message me?" He smiled.
  17. Because Bret is currently gone, I shall be putting up two more characters. The Cho twins.
    Shoichi and Yuki Cho.
    Two demons with no eyes but can see perfectly well, thy his their wings and have very sharp teeth. Yuki has long silky raven hair, and Shoichi the same colour medium length hair. Yuki and shoichi both have a birthmark of a butterfly o their necks, Yuki's on left, shoichis on right. They are otherwise completely the same in every way besides opposite side diffiations.
  18. Name: Felicia
    Age: 17
    Gender: male (prefers to be referred to as a girl)
    Species:(optional) Human
    Looks: Long wavy red hair, cotton candy blue eyes with bubblegum pink eyeliner, the sides of her mouth are cut into a smile and sewed with rainbow stitches, 5'8", very feminine looking
    Personality: Bright, bubbly, childish, can be very volatile and violent, wears rainbow colored dresses, and is addicted to sweets

    Felicia walked in giggling and clutching a bag of candy before speaking up in a boyish voice as she looked around, "Hi Hi, Hello? Ish anyone still here? Do you has candy?"
  19. The twins walk up, "why hello and welcome, please enjoy your stay!" They simultaneously say.
  20. Felicia smiled brightly, "Woah that was super cool, do it again." She smiled even brighter waiting to see them talk at the same time again.
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