22 Rules of Story telling

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  1. I liked this one. 8D

    Back when I was actually writing stories, I would always get stuck after the beginning. Always wondering where to go next. And I never had any sort of idea of how I wanted to END my story. Through a lot of trial and error and trying out different ways to plot stuff out, I found that when I had a really developed ending in mine. Scenes and everything. it was A LOT easier to fill in the blanks of the middle-part to help accomplish that.

    It works for me in roleplays too!
  2. These are some very useful pieces of advice that I will cetainly put to good use to improve my writing. Thank you, Ocha.

  3. This This This!

    For a long time I refused to put any of my story ideas on paper because I didn't think it would be any good. Even if I'm not going to let more than one or two people read something I write, it just feels good to have it out of your head and on something tangible.