2142: Corporate Warfare

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  1. The year is 2142. Humans have taken the first steps towards conqueringthe stars by establishing colonies throughout the inner planets. Luna and the orbital colonies of Earth have seen the most extensive development, easily including the most comfortable extraterrestrial environments of the 22nd century. Venus is home to few save the scientists studying the planet from orbiting stations and industrialists who seek to extract valuable resources from the hazardous surface. Mars is home to a great many colonists seeking to make a future for themselves and others. Terraformation efforts are underway, with several plans for turning Mars into a new Earth. Mining operations in the asteroid belt yield valuable resources and offer decent pay. It is a time of great scientific advancement and economic growth, as humanity begins to move toward a better future.

    But not all is as it seems.

    Powerful corporations hold great sway over politicians and their policies, twisting legislation to their own ends. Pirates ambush freighters and cruisers between Earth and the asteroid belt, stealing cargo and taking hostages to be sold on the black market or ransomed off. Criminal organizations hide beyond the asteroid belt where only the private military forces of corporations patrol. And now the long-standing tensions between rival corporations is showing signs of boiling over, threatening to engulf the solar system in a war over private interests. The UN seeks to implement new regulations on the private sector to lessen the power of the mega-corporations, and actively seeks evidence of corruption to eliminate their influence in legislation. Meanwhile, a shadow war has already broken out between the major corporate powers. It is not a war of blood and steel, but money and information. Corporate spies seek the secrets of rival corporations, mercenaries and pirates capture shipments of goods and cause those needed to disappear.

    All the while, the general public is blissfully unaware.

    This is an RP I've wanted to do for some time, but I still don't have everything completely ready for it. Namely, most of the big corporations. >.> The only one currently set in stone is the NeoGenesis Foundation, which aims to terraform Mars (and rule it with an iron fist). I was thinking the players would be either a Corporate Spy, UN Agent, or
    Mercenary, but since that would require a good deal of people to actually have anyone interacting with each other on a regular basis I may shrink it down to just one of them. Depends on how many people are interested I suppose.