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  1. My birthday is coming up and I'll be turning 21. Like any 20 almost 21 year old, I'm gonna drink (Not get drunk, just drink). Usually, I don't care for birthdays or celebrating them, but this year I plan on treating myself and going to a bar and having a few drinks. If I can't do that then I'll go to the liquor store and just buy some alcohol and drink while watching movies all night and giving myself a facial.

    Anyway, to my point. What did you guys first drink when you were legal? I know most of us have already had our first drinks, but what was your first legal drink? What was your first drink in your life? What drinks should I try when I'm finally legal and able to get them myself?
  2. You should try some Moscato. It's delicious!
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  3. "Legal"
    But yeah, it's good.
  4. For me, surprisingly, nothing. Back on my sweet old 19th birthday (drinking age is 19 back yonder in Ontario; 18 in Alberta where I am now) I just kind of treated it like any other day. I don't think I bought my first bottle of anything for like 2 weeks after my birthday.

    Although, if I were to do it, I'd probably ditch the bar scene and just have a get together with friends. Way more fun having a party or a get together with like-minded individuals than strangers screaming at each other over the music with over-priced beers.
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  5. @Ser K+ Dude, I gave her a recommendation of something she should try, not the first legal drink I tried.
  6. @Unsun Yeah.

    Noticed after rereading.

    I'm sleepy

    Shouldn't be posting
  7. My first drink was well after I turned 21. I was 28, and had a sweet red wine.
  8. Absinthe. Might aswell start big.
  9. I would but I don't have any friends who are of legal age and even if they could drink, that's only 3 people, not much of a get together in my opinion, although I don't go to many of those either.
  10. I've tried that before. Broke out in hives for some reason. I'll keep away from that stuff.
  11. My first legal drink was Brothers Cider. I like it, and I don't like most alcohol.
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  12. Ask your parents if they'd be cool hosting a get together with your close to legal age friends, and if they're cool with it, check with their parents. In my experience, at least, parents are pretty relaxed about that kind of thing as long as it's supervised and nobody's getting blackout drunk.
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  13. I might do that, but knowing my small group of friends, they might not be able to. But I'll try.
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  14. Nothing. I don't drink since I like to keep my mind sharp all the time.
    Or else because if I did drink I would probably like the very expensive wine. I have expensive taste so can't imagine why alcohol would be any different.
  15. The first time I consumed alcohol was 14, I forget what it was but it looked like carbonated water and was pretty weak.
    It was at an old baby sitters wedding and my family let me have a glass so I wasn't left out.

    But that was the only alcoholic drink I've ever had.
    By the time I hit the legal age of 19 (Yea Canada!) I decided it just wasn't something I liked or cared for.

    In my mind when compared to almost any other drink Alcohol tastes worse, smells bad, is far more expensive, and required moderation if I didn't want to turn stupid get drunk and wake up the next day feeling awful and not remembering much of anything.

    And since I don't much care for getting drunk it left me with zero motivation to drink.
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  16. The worst they can say is no! If you're all otherwise pretty solid individuals, you might be surprised at the answer. :D
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  17. Yes you will.
  18. This. This is what I did when I turned 21 last year. Also just cause there are drinks doesn't mean everyone's gonna drink.

    Some of the younger ones who were 16 17 were offered drinks but declined and some who were 21+ declined. If you've got friends with a decent head on their shoulders then they too will be responsible. My parents let me have a few drinks when I was 17 and 18 because I am really not the type of person to go crazy. I know when and where its okay to get shit faced drunk. Lol.
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  19. I won't, I know myself. I'll probably have, at most, two drinks the whole day.

    Unfortunately I live surrounded by idiots so my small amount of 'friends' are the types to take any advantage to get shit faced and that would probably annoy me more then anything. The few I do consider intelligent enough and responsible enough, probably won't be able to due to school. -shrugs- good thing I don't mind drinking alone.
  20. Well remember this. You don't have to have alcohol to have a good time. In fact if you MUST have alcohol you probably arent having a good time. Focus less on the fact you're legal and treasure this time as a time you get to spend with friends. They won't always be easily accessible and you don't know when your time with them will end.

    You can buy alcohol anywhere anytime. You can't say that about friends.

    EDIT: there is also the option of politely asking the crazier friends to keep it toned down. My best friend asked a few others to avoid get a little too crazy drunk on her birthday. Of course it's her birthday so we made sure to be more mindful of what she wanted that day.
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