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  1. The Future is Now.

    In the year 20XX, a military contractor named Dr. Thomas Light (CEO of Light Industries Corporation) created a super robot named Protoman. Protoman, however, an error with his power core has caused the machine to be self-aware. Fearing that fixing the problem with his core might take away his free will, Protoman left.

    Dr. Light has shunned the creation of weaponry for the rest of his days (though he still builds "peaceful" tools for the military, such as medical robots).

    Now making robots for civilian applications, he's created the robot masters, along with 2 "children", Rock and Roll.

    Our characters are humans and robots who are in some manner associated with the Good Doctor. Employees, machines created by friends of the doctor, anything you can think of. We'll be starting our story around the activation of Rock.

    To sign up:


    Note: Protoman's going to remain an NPC, at least for now.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.