20XX RP?

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  1. I've been thinking.
    I have alot of fantasy or post times rp going on, but I have a mind set to try out a more futuristic timeline. Flying cars, robots and such kinda thing, where the house is voice commanded and such. You know something in the future, but nothing post apocalyptic or impending doom, like an idyllic town set a few years forward, more advice technological. Just a different mood for another Mature role play.
    So looking for a female that is also interested for this
  2. This sounds pretty interesting, did you have a particular plot in mind?
  3. Just a chill venture, nothing really big planned, man meets woman. More plot than the actual sex.
  4. Alright, so we could bounce a few ideas around!
    Do you have any particulars you like included in plots? As in pairing preferences, or situations?
    I'm pretty much up for anything in most plots, so I'm just curious about your tastes! :)
  5. so far I have (In the past) been grouped with a socially akward girl, a brute, a psycho, a witch, and a few other titles XD
    We can throw some stuff around, I'm mostly looking for a partner willing to bounce around a bit and progress as we go, but if you have anything in mind we can talk about them
  6. Well, in my own experience I've always found it more enjoyable to establish our characters, and then let the plot take us where it may!
    So, if you're willing, we could do that?
    Let's each set up our character bios, name/age/personality etc.
    Include employment and living conditions, and then go from there?
  7. If you wish to set up our character first hand then by all means
    I personally like to build them up on the way but I can lay a firm foundation down easily
  8. We will definitely be developing these characters along the way, I just thought we'd like to have a feel of 'who' we're dealing with.
    Also, I'm not sure whether you like to play with pictures or descriptive appearances, so I'll just describe if you don't mind! ^.^'

    Name: Annabelle Weste

    Age: 22

    Race/Nationality: American with hispanic heritage

    Personality: A free spirit who likes to explore and try new things. She's flirty by nature, but really likes to turn on the charm when she finds someone attractive. Upon first impression, she seems like a very elegant and privileged person, but that's only because of her upbringing. Once you get to know her, she's a bit clumsy and at times can be quite stubborn and unreasonable.

    Appearance: She has an athletic though slight build, standing at 5'6" and soft, feminine curves. Her hair is a chocolate brown and falls in slight curls down to about mid back. Her eyes are a very bright and playful green with a small mole in the bottom corner of her left. She wears barely any makeup, unless there is a special occasion. She has a small violet flower tattooed on her right shoulder, and a peacock feather tattooed on her left hip - her ears are pierced.

    Living conditions: Annabelle grew up spoiled, but she does not have a bad personality because of this - though sometimes she can come off as the "wealthy" type. Her father owns a relatively known chain of department stores, and so her family is what some may call "high class", but they're not quite elite members of society. She is the only daughter and has 2 older brothers.

    AND SO, I think that pretty much covers the basics. Like you said, we should leave a little mystery so as to have a little fun with them right? :P
    I read your roleplayer's resume, and it inspired a potential plot we could try? Just a suggestion though!

    Maybe they can come from different social backgrounds, and meet in a strangely coincidental and random situation (minor car accident, mutual friends, a dare by friends at the bar, etc...) and at first have a playful-ish dislike for each other (lot's of flirty banter and poking fun! :P) and just kind of grow closer from there.

    I don't know, it's just a thought... any ideas on your end?
  9. Hmm I can settle for some descriptiveness since I hardly have any pics to match him XD

    Name: Chase Bolter
    Age: 24
    Race: Caucasian
    Perso.: A brilliant young man, his brains were reveled in his class. But after the times he decided to not be the smart guy anymore, at least not the one that every bully took their lunch money. Still thoughtful and pondering, he usually bids his time at night having fun, partying and enjoying the nightlife. It's only during the day that his tactical side takes over. An heir to a business man, one would expect Chase to be spoiled, snooty and snobbish, but he is the opposite. Caring, delightful to be around and well liked in the area, his upbringing is curious to how he acts. His generosity shows as he is a patron of many charitable events and a host to many as well. His rich family is as delightful as he is, though he lives in a divorced family, staying with his father and mother from time to time in different houses. But his business is with his father, being a CEO alongside him. Wise with money though he usually blows it off on pleasure.

    Appear: Tall, lean and handsome, Chase is a classic playboy philanthropist. Standing at 6'2" and slender, well built frame, he is a looker at the many clubs he occasionally occurs at. Medium length black hair always tossled with soft gel and contrasting baby blue eyes make his features striking and easily noticeable in a crowd. No visible marks though save for a tattoo of a tribal chain on his ankle, hidden all day save for his sleep and a small scar on his lower back form a scrub fight with a postal co worker a few years back.

    Conditions: Both of his parents are very wealthy, his father earning the money every month and his mother getting half from the divorce plan, though it was enough for a living. he is only allowed to stay there with an agreement with his father as long as he remains faithful to the company. Otherwise both his inheritance, his cut of the money and his living conditions will be voided. It's a lovely living and as the eldest of 3, he has many perks. But he doesn't mind the occasional get away into the family loft he has under his own name downtown, midst the bustle of the city.
  10. I'm really liking Chase so far!
    Well, we've got the concrete details settled I guess!
    Would you like to start up an official thread and get the ball rolling, or would you rather I did?
  11. I'm a little off kilter when it comes to starting threads this time of day, would you kindly?
  12. http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/showthread.php?t=19757

    La voila! I hope that's okay, it's a bit late here so I'm not at my best :P
    Also, I didn't know just how much to include the futuristic stuff, so I just went on a whim with some high tech gadgets for now!
    If it's not to your liking, just lemme know and I'll fix it up! :)
  13. It's pretty good to me XD