2075: Reclaiming North America

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  1. Seventeen-year-old Mirette Torren sighed gently, raising her dominant left hand to her temple. She allowed her gaze--focused on the compact novel she propped up in her lap--to waver for a moment, unable to continue focusing at what she knew was an incredibly late hour. Glancing down at her watch, she took note of the exact time--2:37 AM.

    Biting her lip, she bent the top corner of the page she was reading, sliding the book superficially under her top-sheet as she stood and walked to the full length mirror tacked to her bedroom door.

    The girl examined the image shining back at her through the dim light in the room.

    The burning red curtain cascading to just below her shoulders, soft layers adding dimension and framing her square face. Milky, almost porcelain-like complexion, and piercing emerald eyes which were said to mimic her father's.

    Her father.

    Mirette looked away from her image, moving back to her bed as she thought about him. People often told Mirette she bore an incredible resemblance to her father, from her striking features as a whole down to eyes she was told made people feel she could see directly into their souls. As a child, Mirette had taken the comparison to her father as a compliment. Mirette loved her father, more than she could ever explain with words. He was her father, after all. As much as she detested his policies, she would never--could never--love the man any less. But the exposure to different ideals she experienced had caused her to begin to question what she did know of her father's methods, despite his endeavors to keep her so secluded.

    She smiled ironically as she thought about it. She was never supposed to have been exposed to the ideals she read about in the book under her bed-sheet--something by the name of 1984, by a man named Orwell. She remembered when she had first accessed it , one late night at thirteen. Her father had left his briefcase lying haphazardly on the floor outside of his study. Curiously, Mirette had grabbed hold of the book--which she assumed her father had intended to read himself--before taking it back to her room, where it had been ever since. Her father had never said anything to her, so Mirette simply assumed he didn't know, and that he believed he had forgotten it at his office. Still, she liked to keep it out of his sight, just in case.

    She knew her father would not appreciate such exposure--she wasn't supposed to watch, listen to, or read anything that wasn't explicitly approved by President Torren’s Administration.

    The book was the only instance in which Mirette ever defied her father. She knew his temper. Saw how it impacted her sister and her mother, although she often didn't admit to even herself that she did.

    After slipping the book deep under her bed--horrible hiding place, but I don't have anywhere else--she quickly slipped on a silk nightgown before taking off her jewelry and laying down for bed. Her father had yet to say good night to her, but Mirette was just too exhausted to wait, and he would probably be upset to know she was up so late anyway. It went better for Mirette when she simply avoided him, and despite how much it killed her to all but hide from a man she couldn’t stop herself from loving so much, she'd do her best to stay hidden all the same.
  2. President Carter Torren sat in his office, finishing up a large pile of paper work which including several military movements and political decisions. Being supreme ruler meant all questions and decisions resided with him. Of course, he had James, his best friend and loyal adviser. That man had been with Carter since his rise to power, and ever before that.

    Carter was soon finished, moving his wrist in a circular motion to numb the cramping from long hours of writing. He was soon off to bid his sweet daughter Mirette a good night. By the time of night, Carter imagined the girl was in bed by now, but as tradition called upon, he would check up on her anyway. The same could not be said for his other child, Anne. As a father he was to love her daughters, who were twins. However, Anne had a more rebellious outlook on life, and Carter disapproved severely. It would be rare for him to check up on her before sleeping, and when he did an argument was sure to break out. Carter resorted to violence to shut her up most of the time, which is why he rarely check up upon her.

    Carter made his way through the home and knocked lightly on Mirette's door before coming in. "Mirette, dear, are you asleep? I hope I did not wake you."

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    Mirette stayed still in the bed, her eyes cracking open to stare at the wall at her father's knock on her door. She kept her breath steady, and slowly closed her eyes to a soft line. She made sure to not squeeze them so tight that it would be obvious she was awake and trying. Mirette did everything she could to keep up the facade that she was asleep. She did not respond to her father's call. And then the door opened. Mirette kept her eyes closed and her breathing at the same, constant rate she knew it to be at when she slept. She waited for her father to approach, doing her best to maintain the facade as he came to say good night to her prior to retiring.

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  4. Carter approached his lovely daughter, smiling all the way. He sat on her bed, along the edge. With warm intentions, he adjusted her covers to her form and leaned in to kiss her forehead. "Sleep well, my angel." He parted a hair in her face and smiled happily once more, proud to be the father to her. With that, Carter got up to reside to his own bedroom.

    Carter closed the door gently and then turned to his own quarters. He face went almost sour as he saw Anne walking to her room. "Anne." He said coldly. "What in the hell are you doing out of your room? You know the curfew. Why can't you just be civil with me like your sister?" Anne was very reluctant to turn, but eventually fear took over, causing the brunette to face her stern father. "Father, I..." Carter would not give her any words, already upset. He walked over and grabbed her wrist. Anne's wrist was already bruised from past abuse and she yelped slightly at the harsh contact.

    "Father! I am sorry!" Carter squeezed to silence her. "No more young lady! That's what you are, a young lady. Learn to act your age damnit!" He opened her door and whipped his daughter into the room. She tripped and fell. Tears began to form as Carter towered over her. "You will not let this happen again. Are we clear?" There was a brief silence, "Anne! Are we clear?"

    With tears streaming down her face, she looked up at her father. "Yes, father. Sir." Carter then turned and slammed the door.

    "Ungrateful little bitch!" He yelled as he made his way to his own bedroom, his mood now ruined. Opening the door, he noticed his wife laying on the bed, sitting up and reading a novel. He paid her not much attention at all and began to change into a night outfit.
  5. Mirette continued to pretend she was asleep as her father sat at her bedside. She grew warmer as he pulled the sheets up to cover her, tucking her in like he used to when she was little. She exhaled gently as he kissed her forehead, making no movements to betray her false slumber. Her father reached forward to push loose strands of hair off of her face. And then he muttered lovingly at her, before pulling his hand back and retreating. Once the door closed, Mirette opened her eyes, blinking before turning, shifting, readjusting and then settling in her bed, now facing the wall. Even her father's presence had made her feel safer. Loved. But that conflict always arose when he was near. She fought with herself. And the love always won out.

    Mirette's eyes shot open once more as yelling escalated to a one-sided fight outside of the door.


    Mirette sat up in her bed, playing with her hair anxiously and rising once the fighting had died down. She waited for two minutes to be sure her father was gone, and then she stepped out of her room. Guards were at their posts, their expressions empty, but Mirette knew they were all thinking about the encounter. Mirette looked away from them, going to her sister's door. Normally, she would not have entered without knocking, but she didn't want to risk their father coming out again. She opened Anne's door, stepping inside and closing it behind her, before looking at her sister with wide eyes. "Anne, are you okay," she whispered.

    Elodie Torren lay on the king-sized bed in the master bedroom, propped up with a pillow along the head. Her hair was a mass of red curls, damp from the shower but soft and controlled, falling softly over her shoulders and along the sides of a powder-white face. Her cheeks were still flushed from the hot water. She had not wanted to go to sleep before her husband had returned. Elodie grabbed a random novel from the bedside table. She turned to the opening page, but the font hurt her eyes. As the door opened, she closed the novel, placing it to the side. She pushed her hair back, turning her head to smile at her husband. He threw the door closed behind him and said nothing to her. Elodie swallowed, hard, biting her lip and looking over at her husband, silently for a moment.

    "Carter," she questioned softly.
  6. Anne was curled up against her bed, trying her very best to control the hot tears which consumed her face. "Mirette, why does father hate me? What have I done? He treats you like a goddess and to him I'm nothing more than a piece of trash." Her words were full of depression, and she was hard of breathe. "Mirette I don't want to be here anymore. Father hates me, and mother...mother won't help me." Anne managed herself up to the edge of her bed, sitting down and holding her swollen wrist.

    Carter looked at his wife and snorted. "Anne is a disobedient little trouble maker. Why did she turn so naive, so far from her sister. What did we do wrong." Carter loved his wife, and although he had beat her in the past, he tried his best to refrain from it as of late. Of course his temper was uncontrollable and anything was possible with him. He took his place next to his wife, and even leaned in, kissing her on the cheek. " I perhaps can not get through to her, maybe you should talk to her. In fact tomorrow you should. First thing in the morning." Carter then laid down, facing his wife and closed his eyes.
  7. Mirette bit her lip, starting to shake herself. She pushed back to make sure that the door was closed, and then she moved to her older twin, sitting next to her on the floor. She wrapped her arms around Anne, placing her head onto her sister's shoulder. She tried to rub her sister's shoulders. To comfort her without saying anything. She felt, so much for her sister. She absolutely hated being put in the middle. They both did this to her, and Mirette couldn't take it. She hated the way it made her feel. "I'm sorry, Anne," she managed, doing her best to keep her own tears from escaping. "I'm sorry." She took her sister's hand and kissed at a newly forming bruise. She didn't ask where it was from.

    Carter turned back to her, and Elodie hesitated. The look on his face scared her, and, for a moment, she wondered if he was going to hit her again. If she should brace herself. She visibly relaxed at his tone of voice, although she still frowned heavily. Elodie pushed her hair back once more, smiling very lightly as Carter approached and kindly kissed her cheek. She shifted onto her knees, leaning up and pecking him lightly along the lips.

    I perhaps cannot get through to her.

    Elodie understood, then, that something had happened between Carter and Anne. Her heart started to pound in her chest, and she nodded. "Yes, I'll talk to her," she whispered.

    Carter seemed...unusually willing to discuss these things with Elodie now. It wasn't often that she was able to get him to open up so, and while she could, she would use it to her advantage for the sake of her daughters.

    Elodie raised a hand to rest on the side of Carter's face, hesitating before speaking once again. She knew what she had to do.

    "Carter...you know when you get angry with Anne, you can always leave her and...and take your frustrations out on me, right?" she asked in the same whispering tone, although far more urgently now. "Please. I'd...I'd rather you take it all out on me than on our daughters." Tears began to form in Elodie's eyes, but she kept them in. "Please don't hurt them," she whispered, almost unintelligibly.
  8. Carter now opened his eyes, with a stern face. "What I do with my children is my business. What makes you think you can order me what to do?" He sat up now and put his hand on hers, not in a loving way, but with a tight grip. "You will talk to Anne tomorrow. There will be no more talk of this. I run this house as I run this uprising nation. Now, no more talk. In fact, I could use some...relief" Carter reached an arm over to the night stand and pulled out a condom. He threw it on to his wife's laugh. "Will you not make love to your husband?"

    Anne was happy that her younger sister was comforting her. "I-I'm sorry I can't be a big sister to you. Someone you look up to. I, I am so weak Mirette!" Her voice was jumpy and weak. She put her hands in her sisters and laid her head on hers. "I love you sister, no matter what father says. You are the closest person to me, don't ever forget that." Anne had brought some life to her words, and even cracked a small smile.
  9. Elodie swallowed quickly as Carter began to stare at her angrily. She listened to his rant, her mouth quivering wordlessly as she realized that she had pushed him too far--a realization only furthered by his firm grip on her chin. Elodie gasped slightly as Carter pulled her until his face was mere inches from her own.
    They're my children too, she thought, but would never dream of saying it to him now, her eyes wide in fear.

    "Carter," she managed, a tear escaping her eye. "Carter, p-please..." You're hurting me. I love you, why do you always hurt me? "Please," she whispered to him again.

    Elodie found herself largely unable to keep her tears from falling down her face--she was more focused on her husband, and the torment he was putting her through, not at all for the first time. She thought of the numerous bruises on her own body--both mental and physical. Some of them had faded, but the worst never did fade, did they?

    And then he released her and moved a hand to the bedside table, grabbing a condom. This surprised her whenever he did it--they had been married for twenty years, why were they using condoms? Elodie did not ask, squeezing her eyes shut. "I miss making love with you," she whispered to him, hoping to snap him out of it.

    There were times when Elodie clearly did not want sex, and Carter pushed anyway. He had been controlling her since before the war--since their days in college. She was his wife. And she loved him. He was entitled to sex, wasn't he?

    Elodie had always believed in the concept of marital rape. But she did not believe that it applied to herself. And she knew enough of her husband to know that saying now at a moment like this wasn't going to stop him. How bad could it be?

    She opened her eyes, blinking at her husband. Elodie slipped the straps down on her negligee, exposing her breasts. She slowly straddled her husband, kissing him deeply, a hand at his cheek. Trying to believe that this was loving, and tender. That they were making love.

    No matter what father says.

    Mirette stiffened, hard, but not out of anger. Rather out of anxiety and fear and desperation. Why wouldn't they stop? Neither one would stop, she had to choose. Why did they keep making her choose?

    She bit her lip, putting the mask back on as she held the tears in. Her stomach had started rumbling again, and she hoped Anne hadn't heard it and wouldn't ask about it. "I love you too," she responded, her voice cracking.

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    Carter soon abandoned the condom, throwing it on the floor. He wanted the pure ecstasy he would feel from her. The love he soon received from her calmed him slightly. His hands cupped her rather large breasts and squeezed them. His lips pressed against hers, inviting his tongue into her mouth. The covers were soon pushed to the side. Carter removed his shirt and pants, leaving his briefs. His wife was in a simple night gown that was soon also thrown aside. All that remained were their respective underwear. "Make me feel good, my wife." Carter said as he kissed her cheek."

    Anne heard the noise, and frankly it startled her. "What was that, sister?" Any noise that was random messed with Anne's head. Her father could be at the door at any moment. She figured Mirette would be let off without even a slap on the wrist. Anne wiped some tears from her eyes and even removed a few strands from her sister's face, very similar to how Carter did earlier. Anne was quite curious of the noise, it was close to her, and almost sounded internal. She looked at her sister with great curiosity. Soon she questioned. "Sister, are you sick?"
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    Elodie sighed into Carter's mouth as he massaged her breasts, kissing him deeper as they returned to this familiar requiem. She leaned backwards, across the bed from side to side, pulling him gently with her as she reposed. She shrugged out of her negligee, placing it to the side. Elodie wrapped one of her legs around him, their genitalia kept from touching by their undergarments as she pulled him close, sighing into his ear as he kissed her cheek, muttering. He seemed gentler now. He seemed happier. Elodie looked up, her hazel eyes linking with his green pair. "I love you," she told him again.

    Shit. "No, no, it's." Mirette had started to panic, and although her subterfuge ability was great, this was her twin sister. She hoped Anne wouldn't press. "I'm fine." She looked away from her sister as Anne brushed hair off of her face--she's so like daddy--hoping, praying, that Anne would let it go.

    "I am not sick," she repeated, firmer. "I'm fine. I'm sorry, Anne, I'm fine. I. Um. I should probably go back to my room. So that we don't get into trouble." She forced a grin. "Besides, I'm exhausted. I love you, Anne."
  12. Carter stared into the beautiful eyes of his wife, it calmed him. "I-I love you too Elodie. I-I do." Carter managed a smile, he was happy to not have sex with his wife, but to make love. What had come over him he would never know, but he loved his wife. The abuse he shared upon his family was something that was carried down from generation to generation. Carter slowly slid his hands down his wife's bare back, feeling the smooth skin and he reached her bottom. His hands grasped her bottom tightly. "I love you." Carter soon said. Tonight was a night where Carter would forget the world, even to return the next day as he always was. Elodie was his wife, that was fact. Their marriage was long, and at points harsh, but he really did love her.

    Anne was sad to hear her sister wanted to depart. "Mirette, don't go. What's wrong." As her sister got up, Anne's hand reached out for her. She felt alone and her only connection was leaving her. "Please sister! Stay with me, daddy won't find out." Daddy. That word almost meant endearment, and Anne felt less than nothing for her father. Anne loved her mother, as they shared in Carter's abuse. It was a horrible bond, but besides her sister, Elodie was the most caring mother to them, and Anne would love her mother dearly forever.

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    Carter smiled at her, and it was an honest smile. A loving smile. Elodie gave out a slight cry. A bittersweet cry, matched with a bittersweet smile on her own face. It turned to a frown, of mixed concern, anxiety, and fear. She craned her head into his chest as Carter ran his hands along her back, passing over healed but visible scars of his won making. Her breaths grew more jagged as her took hold of her, so close to where the ache was. "Carter," she managed to whisper into his ear after he muttered his own love. "Show me." Show me you love me. "Make love to me."

    The grin immediately melted, and Mirette knew she was close to not being able to control it anymore. She was too tired. She was about to break. And she couldn't let Anne see that. She couldn't let Anne see how much the relationship between Anne and their father was hurting Mirette. "Anne, please, nothing's wrong! Nothing's wrong, I mean it, I'm fine. I'm okay, I'm just tired. I'm really tired." She squeezed her eyes shut, looking at her sister as the older twin approached. "I love you, Anne. So, so much. We're supposed to be asleep, daddy wants up asleep..." I don't want him to know I'm awake. "Anne, I love you. I'll see you in the morning. I'm fine, everything's okay, I'm not sick. Nothing's wrong. I'm just tired. I have to go to bed." I'm betraying his trust by being awake.
  14. Carter positioned himself over his wife and soon slipped her panties off. "I will prove to you my love." He whispered with a deep tone. Slowly his fingers met her center, prepping her for larger things to come. They moved along gently, feeling her up. Carter's bulge in his briefs was becoming massive. It was no secret that Carter was not a small man. Everything about him was large, including his power of the nation and his family. Carter removed his briefs, and his member slapped against he thigh. "I hope you are ready." His fingers had not entered her, instead he took himself in hand, and directed it towards her womanhood. Head first, he probed the entrance, teasing his wife. "Has it really been this long, you are very tight Elodie." Carter was not afraid to speak his mind, not matter the vulgarity.

    Anne had a few tears drop as her sister left the room. I can't take it anymore. Anne moved her way to her small bed, and laid down. She couldn't hold it in any longer, and once more tears drained from her eyes. "Stupid father, treating me like this!" No, don't speak against him. Anne rolled to he side and pulled her covers to comfort her. Slowly her eyes closed, and she drifted off to sleep. She was still curious to why her sister had acted so nervously, so hasty.
  15. Elodie's breathing grew heavier as they spoke to each other. For a moment, it seemed Carter acknowledged everything he did to her. She remembered how he used to apologize, always. She remembered the first time he had ever hurt her, when they were still just dating, and the shit storm that had ignited because of that. And then years had gone by, and after their marriage, after the girls were born, it had started again. For the first seven years, he would, in some way, apologize. Swear it would never happen again, which they both knew to be a lie. He didn't even lie anymore.

    Elodie sighed as he removed her underwear, and, soon, he was there. She narrowed her eyes in obviously fake anger at him. "Why don't we take care of that?"

    Mirette rushed back to her own room once it was obvious Anne wasn't going to stop her. She closed the door behind her and ran to her own bed, starting to cry now, although she kept the cries silent. She hated having to leave Anne like that, but she couldn't have stayed. She couldn't have. I'm sorry. Mirette was overtired. She knew she needed sleep, and she didn't waste time to crawl under the covers. Relatively soon after, Mirette fell asleep, a frown plastered on her face. She slept through the night.
  16. Carter pushed further into her, his shaft disappearing into her. Carter let out slight moans. It had been awhile since they had made such contact. "Elodie, do I satisfy you still?" Carter started to press into her. His movements were slow at first, soon picking up. His hands moved along her hips to her breasts. They bounced as he began to move faster. He leaned in and kissed her neck, sucking enough to make a mark. He would bite and sooth any pain with a lick from his tongue.

    David had received a message to come to President Torren's house early in the morning. He did not know why, but then again would not question his authority. He was excited, for he loved Mirette and Anne. David had an complicated relationship with the President. What made it worse was that Elodie had a special place in David's heart. He yearned for her, and the fact that she could not be his toyed with his heart. David would respect Carter as Captain of the Guard, but that was as far as it would go. He made sure to head to sleep early, as he had quite a ways to travel to reach their by early morning

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    Elodie moaned, loudly, as Carter pushed himself fully inside of her. She took hold of his shoulder with her right hand, whimpering in pleasure as he began to move inside of her. "Carter... Carter, yes..." her mouth opened into a small 'o'. She felt his mouth on her breasts, his tongue swirling around her nipples, and then he moved to her neck, relocating his ministrations there. Carter picked up the pace, and Elodie met him, starting to move in tandem, faster and faster as Carter sped up himself, opening her eyes. She tried to catch his in her own. Maintaining eye contact during lovemaking with Carter always deepened the connection even more.
  18. After awhile of pumping into his wife, Carter could feel himself building up. The tightening feeling he began to feel also signaled his wife was close as well. Soon the couple would climax together. Carter did not want to risk pregnancy, not at this stage in life. He would simply pull out and release somewhere. He moaned out as his pace grew, wanting to reach that sweet moment.

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    Elodie curved her head along Carter's chest once more, and then abruptly turned her head up to catch Carter's mouth in a passionate kiss. The pressure was building up inside of her, and she was so close. The expression on her husband's face told her he was close as well. Soon after, Elodie came, crying out into his mouth. Her heart rate began to slow, and her breath returned to her, but she stayed in place, waiting for her husband to finish as well. When he finally rolled off of her, Elodie snuggled up to his side, resting her head along his chest, her hair splayed. She placed a hand on his abdomen, fingers skimming lightly over his skin. "I love you," she told him. After a few minutes of pillow talk, she fell asleep.

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  20. When Carter awoke the next day, he was quick to shower and remove last night's events from his body. He changed into a clean suit and made his way to his office. Carter worked from his house, feeling it was the best place to, and once again no one really argued. It was only a few moments after Carter had sat down that a buzz came from the intercom. Carter pressed it in, "Yes?". "Sir, it's me, David." "Oh yes!, Come on in, I'll open the gate." Carter now waited for the captain to show up in his office.

    David waited for the large gate to slowly open before entering. He had his military hat at his side and a serious look in the face. Once David was in the building, he was checked by the guards of the household. Although David had control over much of the military, Carter's private guards were his own. David soon down the hall to the President's office. Carter set his office on the first floor, while all the bedrooms resided on the second floor. David knocked, and once her heard Carter give the ok, he walked in. "David, you're on time, good man." Carter began, and David noticed he seemed rather distraught. "Thank you sir, why did you call me here today?" Carter cracked some of his knuckles. "I had some original intent but it appears family troubles come first. I somehow believed my wife would get through to Anne yesterday, what a fool I was. I need you to fetch Anne for me. That will be your first task here."

    David's hands turned to fists as Carter talked so ill mannered of his family. David loved his daughters and Elodie was even more than just friendly love. "Of course, Mr. President."

    David was soon off up the stairs, regretting what evil plans he would have for Anne. He crept to her door and opened it. Anne was asleep still, which only made everything worse. "Anne, Anne wake up." David called softly. It was enough for Anne to open her eyes, just barely. "Father? No father, I am in bed as you ordered." David cocked an eyebrow. "No Anne, it's David." He walked to her bedside as she started to emerge from deep sleep. Anne looked up and smiled. "David? Wh-what are you doing here." David took a deep gulp and sighed. "Your father has ordered me to get you." Anne's eyes struck fear instantly and she crawled out of bed quickly. She ran to his arms and hugged him tightly. "No, please, I won't go! I can't go. David," She looked up into his light blue eyes with her hazel ones, which David knew was a direct trait from her mother, and with tears forming said, "David let me escape, let me leave this household and be on my own. It's the only way." David was shocked but with everything he knew, the feelings he felt, he eventually agreed to it. He know waited as Anne got her things prepared, frantically running around the room.