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  1. {Setting}
    A year and a half after the "Great Fall of Humanity", survivors originally looking for answers are now just looking to survive. What started as a political split between the Democratic and Republican parties due to China deciding to demand the funds owed, ended in a WWIII catastrophe as China and America went to war, many counties following suit to back their friends in trade. With the hysteria of a split America, and a war on our own land, a mass case of the flu seemed to be the least of America's problems. How the virus began, or what caused it is completely unknown. Maybe a weaponized virus gone wrong from Japan, maybe created in America and gotten into the wrong hands. Whatever it was, it seemed to be playing god. Starting off with fever, then vomiting, dehydration, blindness, confusion, muscle spams, violence, and lastly a craving for flesh. Unable to feel pain, be reasoned with, or die without a blow to the brain, the sick are very rightfully known as the undead. And as summer in South Carolina begins, it smells of just that, the dead. The, hot, sticky, summer air is filled with the scent of poor hygiene and rotting limbs. Though the zombies seem to be slowing as the population decreases, it almost seems as if it is the calm before the storm.

    The small town of Arcadia in South Carolina is now desolate except for the County highschool for troubled teens which has been cleared by a teacher, janitor, and student from the area and been guarded right about from the beginning. (1)
    Two miles from the school is a gas station and convince store, most of whats good has been taken, but not all. (2)
    A run down also looted restaurant called "Hart's Pizza" is the Arcadia Gas & Goods neighbor (3 can't really be seen but it's next to 2), across from that is the Arcadia post-office (5) and a tiny town hall(4). Between the school and the village runs Penelope river (6), a large Class B polluted river that runs down through the city for four miles into Little Miss Lake(7), both named after the daughter of the first mayor. The only thing that makes this little town worth noting in history books. It also allows some very nice cabins and lake houses around that lake, which are full of once fairly wealthy and successful people. (9) There is also a small neighborhood of close-by houses for a hippie community that used to have a lot of farming and live stock. Also under (9).

    Standard Iwaku Rules, of course.
    Please post on a regular basis, once or more times per day, at the very least once every other.
    Up to two characters per person!
    This isn't a smut, please fade to black and continue in messages if things go past PG-13.
    Please don't get it on with the zombies. It's weird, man.


    So I have three characters that need to be filled! A teacher, a janitor, and a kid from the County's Highschool for Troublesome Teens! Other than that, outsiders are welcome.

    When following the character sheet keep in mind we don't need to know your characters personality too much! We will find out through the story, this story is kind of open world, not many rules, go all out. If I could I'd allow you guys to share the bare minimum, but because we don't want OP people we do all have to share the basics.

    Character Sheet:

    Visual representation of your character (Realistic art styles and photography preferred, but all welcome)
    Any corrections to the photo or written representations of your character
    Real Name
    Nick Name(s)
    Items currently carried by your person
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  2. [BCOLOR=#000000]Visual Representation:[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=#000000]Real Name:[/BCOLOR]

    Xavier Baz


    None yet.




    Hooded coat, tactical mask, light Kevlar vest, bite-proof vambraces, shin guards, black jeans, combat boots, fingerless gloves.

    1x Katana
    1x Colt 1911 Handgun
    2x Homemade Thermite explosives
    2x Homemade Napalm explosives
    2x Microtech Arbiter knives
    1x Mictrotech Scarab OTF knife

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Items being carried:[/BCOLOR]
    Backpack, basic tool kit, basic medical kit, water purifying tablets, army rations, hatchet, high-powered LED flashlight, bump-key set, emergency fire starting kit, some gold jewelry for trade


    Too curious about things. Can't swim well.


    Strong in hand to hand combat, basic survival skills, advanced tech skills, intermediate cooking level, basic hunting skills.​
  3. [​IMG]
    Real Name: Kaylin Colt
    Nick Name: Miss K, Miss Colt
    Age: 32
    Clothing: (Currently wearing) Black running sneakers, leggings, teeshirt, grey windbreaker, white bandana.
    Weapons: A Fallkniven A1 Knife (Fixed blade, my favorite even though it's a pain in the ass to sharpen), a metal bat from the gymnasium.
    Items being carried: Light sack, basic medical kit, water bottle, extra bandana, emergency blanket, paracord, matches.
    Weaknesses: Physically weaker, afraid of heights.
    Strengths: Running, small and agile for hiding.

    Taking the place of the County's Highschool for Troublesome Teens teacher.
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  4. [​IMG]
    | Her eyes are actually a dark blue. |

    { Real Name }
    Adeline Smith.

    { Nick Name(s) }

    { Age }

    { Clothing }
    • A long black trench coat.
    • A white sleeveless undershirt.
    • Dark Blue old worn out jeans that are usually folded at the bottom.
    • Black combat boots.
    • Goggles that rest above her head.
    • Binoculars connected to the Trench Coat.
    { Weapons }
    • Machete
    • Small pocket knife

    { Items currently carried by your person }
    • Matches
    • Flare Gun
    • A bottle of whiskey
    • Pack of cigarets

    { Weaknesses }
    • Curiousity killed the cat.
    • Claustrophobia.
    • Color Blind.

    { Strengths }
    • Hand To Hand Combat.
    • Locating and Searching.
    • Intermediate Swimmer.
    • Pyromaniac - will set almost anything on fire.
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  5. [​IMG]
    (Art by PavellKiD. Disregard the robotic arms, I don't think they'd fit in your setting.)
    Name: Richard Nicks
    Nick Name: Mopman, Janitor
    Age: 43
    • Janitor uniform, in tatters, bloodstained.
    • Washed-out clothes, a few sizes too big, tightened by belt-straps.
    • Old jacket.
    • Worn boots.
    • Eye-patch.
    • Cleaver, taken from the school cafeteria.
    • Pistol.
    Items currently carried by your person:
    • Backpack.
    • Fanny-packs and satchels, for extra loot.
    • Broken shaft of his mop, as a memento.
    • Missing his left-eye.
    • Breathing problem caused by smoking.
    • Physically strong.
    • Patient, from having to clean up puke for fifteen years.
    • Streetwise, from living homeless for five years.
    Tell me if anything needs changing!
  6. All three are accepted :)!
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  7. [​IMG]
    Real Name: Dakota Abbott
    Nick Name(s): Koda
    Age: 19

    Clothing: Pale blue jeans with the bottom hem folded upwards just once, black leather belt looped twice around, black T-shirt covered with a gray button up and a hooded leather jacket, fingerless gloves, worn boots and a navy blue beanie

    Weapons: Salvaged hunting rifle, switch blade

    Items currently carried by your person: silver locket, half a packet of cigarettes, 2x chewing gum (of assorted flavors), large water bottle, iodine drops, first aid kit (containing bandages, bandaids, suture kit, antiseptic, assorted pills (a mismatched variety of pain killers, fever reducers, and random antibiotics) and baby wipes), medium sized rucksack bag, assorted snacks (chips, jerky, etc.), and a few random T-shirts, personal effects (random keys, dogtags, jewelry, wallets she has collected) and other collectibles

    Weaknesses: Kleptomaniac/compulsive (particularly in that she can't help but collect and drag along random trinkets), too proud, terrified of spiders/most creepy crawlies, short tempered
    Strengths: Basic hunting skills, decent aim, fast runner, observant & adaptable
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  8. Real Name
    Elizabeth Harven
    Nick Name(s)
    Ellie, Beth, Scarecrow
    Short bio:
    Beth, or better known as Scarecrow in her school, was the drug dealer in her hometown. She was only known by that by her peers, and she was a fairly good girl other than that fact. Her father owned a clinic, and she often bought meds or opioids from the person that supplied said clinic. Her father taught her a lot about medicine, although she doesn't know as much as actual doctors. She does know how to take care of a cut, bad bruising, or certain afflictions. Her family died in the beginning stages, and she learned anything and everything she could from her father's old textbooks. She sought the cure for the virus, but months and months later she still had nothing. She realized one day, as she was teetering between another high due to the failure of her mission, that her family would want her to live and do what she could to survive, and if they could see her then they would've been ashamed. She cleaned herself up, and now makes weapons and other things to sell. She still sells drugs to people who will pay, and has more at her hideout. She had stolen most of the drugs when the world went down, leaving just a few antibiotics to people who needed them. She has most of the remaining drugs at her hideout, which is on the outskirts of town in a basement. She's well stocked, and she has preparative measures in case the undead or humans decide to raid her. Watch out, humans.
    She goes to the highway every week, and brings her van. Her van is black and windowless except for the windshield and set of windows next to the driver's side and passenger side. She has a few weapons that she'll sell there. She also sells some drugs there.
    Camo skinny jeans, A black tank top and a leather jacket. Magazines duct-taped to her arms and shins, hidden beneath her Leather jacket. Combat boots.
    Throwing knife holster on her left leg, Rambo knife holster on her left.

    Rambo knife with compass
    Set of six throwing knives
    Sniper rifle, A few cartridges of ammo.
    Taurus 357, Half a cartridge of ammo.
    Items currently carried by your person
    Large military backpack. Black.
    Camo skinny jeans x2
    Black Tank top x3
    Black/Purple skinny jeans x2
    Cargo pants, loose fitting, comfortable x1
    Leather jacket-Black x1
    Hooded jacket-Black x1
    Black leather jeans x1
    Leather gloves and a bike helmet. x1
    Medical kits x4
    Three full bottles of Antibiotics
    Three full bottles of Opioids
    Medical bag contains:
    Vials of Insulin x4
    Antidepressants and Antipsychotics x3
    Water purification drops
    Epinephrine Injectors x5
    Compact for makeup x1
    Flint and magnesium fire starter x2
    Lock pick set x1
    Cans of food x 5
    Water bottles x4
    Beef jerky x7 Packs
    Cans of spam x2
    Respirator x1
    Respirator filters x2
    Toilet paper x3
    Binoculars x1
    Duct tape x1
    Several crates of batteries, different sizes, for sale.
    About ten packs of cigarettes. She makes her own, For sale.
    She's not extremely strong, she's not very weak either. Her strength is mostly made up of her personality. She has average physical strength.
    Phobia of the dark, loud noises.
    She's cautious of people, as anyone sane would be.
    She's been through bad circumstances with survivors, and prefers staying on her own. She's lost her trust of people, good or bad.
    She has a spitfire personality, which goes hand in hand with her ability to take on things without little fear. She has a leader ability, but most times will be the girl who questions everything someone says or does.
    She's a very good shot with her sniper. She's named her sniper Spike.
    She can carry heavy weights on her back. (Her backpack with all her stuff, A person, Ect.)
    She has very good balance.
    She also a free runner. It was a hobby before everything happened, and she's still pretty good at it. It makes for an easy getaway.

    The reason I wrote a short bio, is because I wanted to explain the reason she has the drugs and medical supplies, I didn't want to sound like I was trying to make an OP character, if it sounded like that at all.​
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  9. [​IMG]
    Real Name
    Clarissa Harven
    Nick Name(s)
    A grey tank top, light blue skinny jeans, lace-up sneakers and a denim/fabric hoodie.
    Brass knuckles, two sets for each hand.
    A fire axe.
    Survival knife.
    Glock 19 with extended mag and a silencer.
    Carton of ammo
    Items currently carried by your person
    Windproof lighter, Flashlight, Extra socks and undergarments. Water bottles and Food, Snacks, Large first aid kit, Emergency drinking water (Twenty-four portions), Extra batteries, Emergency poncho, Sleeping bag, Matches, Gloves, Insect repellant, Folding shovel, Bottle of ibuprofen and a bottle of antibiotics. Toilet paper, Water purification drops, Antiseptant, Candles, Plastic bottle of rum, Swiss knife that has twelve other purposes, Can opener, Crowbar.
    She's fresh out of high school, Doesn't know much about how to deal with the apocalypse.
    She is too trusting of people.
    Is more likely to get kidnapped.
    She's frightened easily.
    Takes her a few tries to take down one of them with a gun, easier with her axe or knife but still takes a lot out of her.
    Knows how to tie various knots
    Can fish pretty well.
    Can run fast, has good endurability.​
  10. All three are accepted! Now we have a good amount of Rp'rs we can go ahead and start.
    But @Cheesecake was your character meant to be the janitor, in cahoots with my character, the teacher from the county's high school for troublesome teens?

    Do we still have no takers for the high school student to also be in the trio with the teacher and janitor? We can go ahead without a high school student, but Miss K and Richard will be the only ones currently with "territory" in the prime area of Arcadia.
  11. Clarissa could be the high school student. She's eighteen so it would fit.
  12. Yeah, sure! We own that territory so just we'll have to work together to make it up as we go along!
  13. Yay, it started!

    (And yes, Richard Nicks was the school's janitor.)
  14. Okay awesome! :)
  15. [​IMG] Real Name: Lacey Blaire

    Nickname: None

    Age: 16

    Clothing: Grey sweatshirt and pajama pants to sleep in. Black tank top with a large red jacket over it, regular blue jeans, and blue converse.

    Weapons: Pistol and baseball bat

    Items: Lives in one place, but owns a month's supply of canned foods and water, first aid kit, flashlight, a 40-pack of batteries, and 50 bullets.

    Items carried: Backpack, 10 bullets, first aid kit, small pillow, scissors, two bottles of water, three cans of food, flashlight, two batteries, 20ft of twine, mace

    Weaknesses: Still learning how to survive. Gets distracted easily. Has a small body, not very strong, and long hair that can be grabbed. Can't shoot very accurately, but learning.

    Strengths: Nimble and thinks fast. Can be ruthless when needed. Handy with a baseball bat. Very good at lying. Looks harmless and fights dirty.

    ((I'm a little new to role playing, so I kind of posted to the IC first before creating the character sheet. Sorry.))
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  16. I'm curious, why would anyone want to carry so many weapons and items during an apocalypse? O-o I mean..

    Wouldn't that hurt when you run? x.x
  17. Hey @Lorienaz, where you referring to me and Tezzerakt's characters in your post?
  18. No
    I just added it on a whim. It would be cool if I had, but the gas station and cabins are miles apart. I'm thinking of changing that part if I can.
  19. Depends on who you're referring to, I don't think Xavier is packing too, too much personally. Just basic survival equipment and light, concealable weapons.
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