2038 - When They Awake

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  1. In 2038, the world has changed. Poverty has improved. Science has improved. The quality of life has improved. Known by many, it really is the 'Golden year'.

    Or is it?

    We cured diseases. Solved mysteries. Made life better.. for everyone. Or did we?

    Some things are better left alone..

    In 2031, the world was in chaos. It was a surprise that we had even made it this far. Cities were in crisis, starvation was the number-one cause of death. Wars broke out every few months, some lasting longer than the amount of peace in between them. More people were dying every day than they could be born. Then something changed. On October Seventh, 2031, A drug was released to the general population. This drug had no side effects, no disturbances to daily life. It was declared safe for children. What was it? Ostentus. Translated, 'Miracle' in Latin. The drug came in several different shapes and forms, it's powers changing life as we know it.






    The drug was miraculous, promoting worldwide peace and happiness to all whom used it. But there was another thing that the public didn't plan on.
    What was this drug, after all? Where did it come from? How does it change people's emotions better than antidepressants or other medicines? Why isn't it addictive? Is it harmful?
    These were the questions that they all asked. That was, until they tried it themselves...


    What happens when someone takes this drug? Euphoric. Amazing. Life-changing. Awe-inspiring. Astonishing. Wonderful. Miraculous.
    Those were the words that everyone said. Those were the words that inspired others to go out and use this drug. Those were the words that led many into the same trap.
    But what really was this miracle drug? The simple answer- Emotions. Concentrated, human emotions.

    As more and more people used this drug, more and more people changed. In mere years, Earth changed from a war-torn planet to a one of peace and paradise. People were happy. Their everyday lives had changed from boring, to amazing with just one little drop.

    The Kidnappings

    Small groups of people had been going missing for years. Different cities, different countries. Different places. But one by one, people were plucked from the streets, their jobs, their cars and even their homes, to disappear off the face of the earth. They didn't emerge. They were never heard of again. And they never found their bodies.

    The Factories

    It started out small at first. But then more and more people went missing. The worst part, was because of all the chaos, they were forgotten. In a war, if one person goes missing, or two, or three, they're most likely to be assumed dead. And that's what happened. People went missing, and their families assumed they had died from the chaos surrounding them. Then the drug came. "It will eliminate all violence as we know it." Said Spokesperson Jean McKourick. "People will be happy again, the wars will stop. It will be a miracle." And it did. When the drug was released, people rushed to the shelves. They begged for that peace. They ached for it. And it happened.
    But what about those whom went missing? What happened to them? Society was slowly built back up, but they were still lost. Where did they go?
    Casinos. That's the easiest way to explain it. Casinos full of people. But these Casinos were different. Sure, they had the poker games and the bling-bling. But there was something missing. Maybe, it was the fact that the people never left. Maybe it was the fact that they all had a tattoo on their arm. Maybe it was the fact that everybody won.

    "In here, Everyone's a winner!"

    Sedated, the eyes of the people crowded around the entertainment would ooh and ah. Their expressions would light up as the announcer called out the name of everyone who won. But in that case, it was everybody. As the people would get excited over winning, their emotions would run wild. Small sensors in the floorboards would light up, draining emotions when they reached their peaks. This, was how Ostenus was formed. And when the people ran out, when their frail bodies couldn't take anymore, when they collapsed after too much excitement and adrenaline and chemicals, their bodies would be disposed of. And they would just get new ones.

    Keep Em' Coming.

    New drugs were formed, new emotions and new excitement after the process was perfected. They found that smaller children produced better euphoria, older women produced more extreme hormones, and men produced the best concentration of bliss, harmony and pleasure.

    The New

    Clear Conscience Adrenaline Reassurance Endorphins Desire Serenity

    Lust Excitement Passion



    Some, though, did survive the drain. Even when their bodies collapsed, they refused to give up. Refused to relinquish their ability to fight. Some escaped. Some were caught and brought back to the casinos. But what they found was chaotic. They didn't have any emotions left to drain. They had their conscience, sure. But all emotions had been drained from their bodies, hearts, and minds. They soon realized that while the rest of humanity had changed, so had they.

    They called them Wakers.

    They were still alive. Their hearts were still beating. They could still feel everything that was going on, they could speak, they could function. But they were missing. A huge part of them had vanished, extinguished like a fire during rain. They felt empty. They weren't whole. Not anymore. They were fractions of themselves, fractions of the person they used to be.

    But not all hope was lost.

    Some set out to find that fire. To bring themselves back together again. Some did. Some fought. Some allied with un-brainwashed humans and set out to destroy the sole creator of this horrid scheme. And some won.

    The 'Wakers', as they were called, had changed. But what were to happen if they used the drug, the same chemicals that were made from them?

    They would be whole again.

    If the Wakers, the people whom had their emotions drained from them, were to use the certain type of drug, Whether it be Love, Lust, Passion, Mercy, That chemical would re-fill them. It would be re-added into their bodies, their brain, and their life. They would be able to feel it again, and that small, key emotion would make just a little bit of them whole again. But they were different. They wouldn't be turned into brainwashed, happy-go-lucky humans. They would stay exactly the same. Except for one thing.
    They could feel again.

    Are you willing to pay it?

    Photo credits (Love, Joy, Peace, Empathy, Hope and their definitions below the images)
    Credit for photos (Love, Joy, Peace, Empathy and Hope) goes to Valerie Loi. This Roleplay is not associated with Valerie Loi in any way, this is a work of fiction.
    All copyright for the above photos goes to Valerie Loi.


    Every Waker has one, whether it be on their chest, arm, neck, back. You decide.

    Every person, Waker or Human, has a goal. What's yours?
    (A few examples of goals you could have. Use these, if you like. Get creative. No answer is a wrong one.)
    Becoming whole again
    Getting at least one emotion back.
    Finding sanity again.
    Finding my loved ones.
    Becoming Human
    Destroying Ostentus
    Getting my family back
    Trying to find a way to reverse the brainwashing
    Joining the Rebellion
    (Add your own!)

    Side Effects
    Unlike humans, Wakers will experience certain side effects when one or more emotion gets replaced.
    Side effects include:
    Runny nose
    Watery eyes
    Slight fever
    These side effects will occur for twenty-four hours upon injection of Ostentus. These side effects only occur with Wakers.

    Your character, if a Waker, may or may not have a variance of emotions. Dark emotions are allowed. (Confusion, Fear, Terror, Anger, Jealousy, Rage, Depression, Anxiety, Shame)
    For the start of the Role-play, I ask that you have a max of four emotions. (Two Good, Two Dark.)
    You do not have to have any emotions. If you would prefer your character start out with no emotions, and find them along the way, that's completely fine!
    Any human that has not been brainwashed will still have all of their emotions, unless stated otherwise. (Maybe they were only half-drained. Maybe they still have some emotions, but not all. Maybe the process was interrupted before the Casino could take it all.)

    Humans taken for the Casino were not brainwashed. They still have all of their memories.
    Wakers can recall everything that happened in the Casino. (How did the process feel? Was it scary? What happened when you woke up in a pile of bodies?)
    Wakers can either 'Wake up' in the pile of drained humans, or they can be already free from the Casino.
    You can have a max of three weapons each.
    Follow standard Iwaku rules.
    Sexual scenarios must be within spoilers or taken to PM.
    You can have up to Three characters.
    You can have a character of any age. (Preferably over Two, and under 40.)
    Wakers and Humans are both playable.
    Guards that work for the 'Company' can also be playable. (Maybe they fled. Maybe when they realized what was happening, they tried to help others out. Maybe they are indifferent to the scenario)
    The Company, will be referred to The Company, until I come up with a better name.
    Questions? Concerns? Weird uncles? PM me. (Not about the Weird uncles though. Please do not PM me for that.)
    You can start anywhere in the RP, but please remember that it is the year 2038. There will be advancements in Science. (Maybe they have spray-on bandages that re-seal the skin and close wounds. Maybe they have pew-pew guns. Maybe Laser guns. Maybe they have swords that create a beam of raw electric. Get creative. Although, no OP items like cars that become transformers or robots or devices that teleport or make you walk through walls. Keep it realistic.)
    For the prescense of Drama, Brainy's can be playable also. Brainy's are the name for 'Brainwashed' humans. Is this Brainy strong enough? Can they resist the brainwashing and pull out of it before it's too late?
    (Term it however you like. Brainies, Brainy, Brainey, Brainer, Ect)
    Brainers have one emotion, the one that is brainwashing them. No matter what the emotion is, whether good or evil, they are still brainwashed to promote the drugs. If there is an announcement (From the 'special' person. Maybe it's the one that is brainwashing them. Maybe it's several different people. Maybe they go on TV, say something, and the brainwashed people follow), the Brainers will listen.)
    Even if a Brainer snaps out of the brainwashing, (Which will take time,) They still only posses one emotion. For the time being.

    Character Sheet

    Emotions (If Waker; You can have a max of Two good emotions and Two bad emotions at the start of the RP. If Human; You have all of your emotions. What are you doing here? If Brainer; You can choose which emotion Brainwashes you. If human, leave blank OR put the most dominant emotions your character feels. Ex: Anger/Fear, Happiness/Peace, Ect.)
    Baggage (What they have on them):
    Personality: (Before everything and after.)
    Other Information:
    Check YES next to what your character is.
    Your character can be a Guard and a Human, if you like.
    (Your character could also be a Waker posing as a guard. Drama.)
    Half-Wake (Half-drains. People who escaped before all emotions could be drained from them.):
    (If so, what emotions are left? >Put in Emotions box.<)

    If you have something that you think would be useful in the CS, Rules, lore or anything else, please tell me!
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  2. I am so willing to pay it. Sign me up!
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  3. YAY! I got this idea when I was in school, and jotted it down in my math notebook. The original idea was actually from Alice, a Miniseries TV show. They had the same human casino concept, but it took place in Wonderland. I decided to use that idea and create a roleplay of my own.
    I still have to figure out if I want the Wakers to be able to form 'powers' or just leave them like they are right now. Wakers and humans alike will be playable, and I might add a few more things in. Probably something about the dark emotions, or being able to snap people out of the 'brainwashing'. Still deciding on that.
    But WELCOME!
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  4. WOW. This is actually something i've never seen before, well, not quite made like this.
    Count me in i'll have a bio made.
    Question though, how do the Brainwashed people snap out of it?
  5. You had me when i saw the emotion vials!! I'll read more up on it later since it's late for me and i have to go to bed. But great idea!!
  6. Well, I kind of skimmed over that part, because I had so many ideas all at once. What my idea would be, is that your character would start to get suspicious about how their emotions always stay the same, or after a little while they become immune to the brainwashing. (Maybe a new type entirely.)
    The way it happens is totally up to you. Something might happen that reminds them that this wasn't how they used to be personality wise. Maybe they feel like their brain is being controlled by someone else (Which it kind of is) Maybe one day they just wake up and feel different. The whole idea of Brainy's is that they're able to function, they can physically do everything, but suggestions and hints are kind of controlling how they feel. (And sometimes what they do.)
    Sorry if it's kind of confusing, It's midnight so right now I might not even be making sense to myself. If it is confusing, tell me and tomorrow I'll try to explain it in an easier way.
    EDIT, because I just got an idea: mAYBE they decide to run trials to see if they can reverse the process. MAybe your character is one of them, and it works. But instead of going back to normal (Brainy normal) when they inject you/your character again, it doesn't change.
    Edit, again: Maybe there was a safety protocol, a serum that would reverse the effects kind of as a backup measure, and it accidentally got switched with one of the products, going into the hands of your character. And maybe it just took a little bit of time to kick in, or something. Okay. I'm done now. Going to bed. (Unless I think of something else.)
    Yay and Thank you! I'll hope to see your post. I'll be putting up an OOC tomorrow.
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  8. I am so pumped for this.
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  9. This is a bit outside my usual rp preference, but I think the whole thing is pretty cool. So I might be down with this. Great idea for sure.
  10. Thank you and okay!
  11. Will this rp ever come up? :C
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  12. I thought it sounded vaguely familiar. I saw bits and pieces of the Alice in Wonderland TV show, loved every second I saw. XD

    If this is still a thing, I'd be very much interested in taking part. Sounds like a blast.
  13. Wow this isn't the type of thing i would be into normally, but it seems so creative and cool i am in!

    I'll probably have a fourteen year old and probably either a early twenties or late teen
  14. If you guys are still all interested, I'd love to do this!!
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  15. Still interested :D
  16. Still here!!
  17. It's got an interesting feel. I'll give it a whirl.
  18. Still interested