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    The Year is 2025. Civilization has prospered, and the time has come for beings of Mythic decent, Wolves, Vampires, Mages, Unicorns, Giants, Fairies, Elves, and all other manner of Magic creature reveal themselves to the human world. They are surprisingly accepting, seeming as though they already knew.

    2027. All the worlds inhabitants are co-existing peacefully. Magi-Scientists discover a virus that threatens all sentient life on the planet. They contain it in hopes of keeping everyone safe.

    2030. A careless Magi-Scientist began to experiment with the virus without proper protection. Infected M-S dies, is re-animated, and savagely tries to eat his ex co-workers. Infected Magi-Scientists escape and the virus spreads.

    2031. The virus, now named Harbinger's Virus, has claimed 78% of the worlds population. World Governments contain uninfected in nuclear bunkers, and detonate every nuclear weapon/power plant on Earth in a desperate attempt to destroy the virus. Nukes only incinerate virus in immediate area of impact, spreading radiation mutates beings not in the bunkers. Nuclear Winter begins.

    2035. Nuclear Winter ends, and people leave the bunkers under the assumption of safety. Most are attacked and infected, small groups of survivors band together in hopes of staying alive.

    I am Thomas McTavish. Welcome to New Hell, 2035.
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  2. a man wearing a black hoodie and black camo pants and combat boots runs down an alley way, the sound of many footsteps rush behind him. " FUCK FUCK FUCK! WHY DID I LEAVE THE SHELTER" he exclaimed out loud " HELP! " his hood fell back and his black bandanna that was wrapped around his mouth fell to his neck, the mans purple eyes shined out and his black hair covered with dust and soot was flailing as he ran. the boy had no other choice but use his powers to stand his grounds. He stopped running and spun around but he was moving so fast he slide on the slicked dusted ground, He opened his eyes wide his hair fluttering up as energies of purple flowed around him he projected a beam from his eyes onto the floor the beam began to build a wall which the infected had ran into and tried to clamber up but the wall was being formed higher and higher till it reached the 8 story buildings he was running in between. his energies calmed down as the wall was holding, but it slowly began to crack due to the strength in numbers of the creatures. He jumped as the wall was being broken through, so he turned around and took off into another sprint making it out of the alleyway he skidded around another corner and noticed a door, he ran into it slamming it down and falling into the darkened room. He picks up the door and slams it back into place and slides some objects in the room up to the door. He took a deep breath as the creatures ran by looking for the person they were just chasing, he looks around the room and notices he is alone so he slides down and sits in the corner waiting for a safe time to move again.
  3. "Hold up a second..." A voice emanates from a dark corner of the room. A man emerges from the shadow, Cloaked in traditional Dark Elf clothing. Dark purple skin, Stark white hair, and blazing fiery eyes. A small flame appeared in his outstretched hand, illuminating the room. "You're not one of them, are you? Huh, been a while since i've seen any intelligent life. I am Thomas McTavish, a Dark Elf Pyromancer. And You are?" Thomas stares at the boy in wonder, awaiting a reply to his question.
  4. The boy stands up from the floor and smiles to see another living being " You dont understand how great it is to see another person who isnt trying to eat you.. My name is Artemis..Artemis Malovet, i am a telepathy user...i can construct items " The boy looks at the dark elf with a small smile since he hadnt seen another being like that in a while now. " Do you know how long its been ? "
  5. Thomas walks around the room and lights several candles, which light the room quite well. It is a small apartment. He walks over to what seems to be the kitchen area and begins to make coffee. "Nice to meet you, Artemis. For me, it has been eight months, two weeks, five days, and seven hours since my last sight of any sentient being not‚Äč trying to eat me." He finishes preparing the coffee machine, and continues, "You say you are a TK? A telekinetic, yes? I am a Pyrokinetic. I control fire in much the same way as you create energy structures. It comes in handy." He pauses and takes two mugs down from the cupboard as the coffee is now ready. "Would you like a cup, Artemis?"
  6. " Yes please, but you've been in this room that long?... Thats amazing" he stops himself and then continues " i just left a bunker with a group of 5... i was the only one to make it this far... except one other who took a different route and told me to keep going " he rubs his neck and rolls his shoulders his body relaxing once since a while. he thinks about the pyrokinetic " So you control fire the same i do my energy structures.. that seems like a very offensive and defensive use of fire"
  7. He hands the boy a cup of coffee. "Actually, I've only been in this room for half of that time. I spend the other half gathering supplies. As for my Pyrokenisis, It is a sword, a shield, and a tool. I have used it to kill those attacking me, place a blazing barrier in narrow corridors, like you did that wall in the alleyway, and for various other things. Everything in this room that uses heat, is, in one way or another, controlled by my pyromancy." He motions toward a couch in another part of the room. "Would you like a seat?"
  8. " thank you " He says as he sits down on the couch holding his coffee and sipping it a bit, " So do you know what those things are?..you seem intelligent enough to know more than me " He sips a bit on some more of the coffee crossing a leg over the other and leaning a bit more into the couch which is much more comfy than the floor he had been sleeping on.
  9. "Those creatures, the ones trying to eat us, are the reanimated corpses of people infected with Harbringer's virus, a disease that attacks the central nervous system, shutting it down, killing the victim, and then taking it over. The virus' main goal is to spread its self as much as possible, and does so through the transfer of bodily fluids. If one bites you, the blood, saliva, and other fluids in its mouth will mix with yours in the open wound, and the virus spreads. Any intelligence other than basic instincts is lost. Who ever those people were before are long gone." He looks at the boy resting on his couch. "You seem tired. Would you like me to put out the lights so you can catch some sleep while it is possible? I can save your coffee for later, reheat it, if you wish."
  10. He smiles and chuckles a bit and says " No its alright i still have energy...im just thinking of how the comics ive read have come to life..heh what a world this has turned into..." he stops to sip some of his coffee then continues " So the way to kill them...is to? destroy the body or... some easier simplistic style" He puts his hand to his cheek and wipes some soot off of it.
  11. Thomas stops and thinks for a moment. "I have actually captured and experimented on some. From what i can tell, the only way to kill them is to either obliterate the body, reduce them to ashes , or the classic decapitation/destroy the brain methods. Otherwise, they're immortal." He sips his coffee. "Say, you can wield a sword, right?"
  12. He chuckles and nods to the question asked by him " I can wield a sword pretty well actually " he has a bit of a smug look on his face as he sips some more of his coffee but he looks at the dark elf and ponders to himself then ask's " Why do you ask so? "
  13. "well, there are certain environments in which certain powers are... disabled, if you will. Good swordsmanship is a useful skill in such situations." He stares at the young telekinetic, seeming to concentrate intensely. "Hm. What kind of blade do you prefer? I have quite a collection in the spare room, if you wish to look."
  14. he smiles and new maybe what he was going to say was going to be a shock " Well if you have a collection i hope you hold a Long sword in your room " He smiles and sips the last of his coffee and sets the mug down on the floor leaning back into the couch with a smile on his face. Fixating his bandanna so that it wasn't chocking him as much as it was before
  15. "Hm. You seemed like more of a shortsword, or a katana. Well, Longsword, eh? European, Japanese, Elvish, take your pick. I've got over seventy-five swords in all." He smiles at the boy deviously, his blazing eyes glowed brighter. "What say you we go pick you out a sword, then we'll grab some bows, arrows, snacks, and go... hunting?"
  16. He stands up off the couch and smiles " well then lets go see if you have a nice European long sword shall we? " He would follow the man were ever he is taking him to
  17. Thomas led the boy into the back of the apartment down a corridor, lighting it up as they went along. We waved his hand, and bright torches lit up along the walls of a glittering room. Every wall was lined top to bottom with blades of all fashion. In the center of the room was a rack containing two Obsidian-colored Elvish Blades. "My grandfathers'," he said, motioning toward the blades. "Acreas and Arceon, named after the hounds of the Elvish god of War. It's where the phrase 'Cry havoc and let loose the Dogs of War' was coined. Well, the European Longswords are in the back left corner. Take a look for yourself, and if you find one you like, there is a training dummy on the other end of the hall." He motioned his hand down the corridor, the rest of the hall and another room lit up.
  18. He grapples a well made long sword inspecting the bladed sides and lifts it up into the air and then brings it down grappling to the hilt of the sword looking at the dummy which is a bit further than he thought. "Watch and be amused" The boy runs forward at the dummy, he lets the sword trail behind him as he nears the dummy. He goes down to one knee and slides along the floor sending the blade forth into the dummies legs causing the blade to go straight through the legs. but that doesnt stop his momentum, as it hits through the legs he uses the sudden jerk to spin up from the floor swinging the blade around into the neck area causing the head to collapse to the floor. He looks down at the head on the floor and slowly steps on it as if it was a real head, he then takes his foot off and walks forward " do you have a sheathe for this weapon? "
  19. "Sheathes are in the closet in here." He pauses grabbing Acreas and Arceon from the rack in the middle of the room. "There are more dummies in the closet on that room. Set one up, please."
  20. He grapples to a sheathe and slides the sword into it, the sheath is at an angle on his back so that he can grab it over his right shoulder. He goes into the room and picks up a dummy placing it into the right position for him and walks out of the way " This is going to a great show " he smiles and crosses his arms.
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