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  2. (from what I gathered a guy broke the door and seconds later another being tore a wall off of the building ... Which was really loud ..?i think)
  3. ((OMG I meant dire, shit, ah well Aedan just called her dead I guess xD. I'll have him write it off in his crazy ramblings))
  4. (lmao its alright i figured it was a typo but i had to pick on ya a lil bit i couldnt help it )
  5. (oops just pretend we got to him at the same time >.> )
  6. ( nah its okay i fixed it lol )
  7. ( lol okays sorry about that i like to make mine a decent size so if i would of thought about refreshing i would of caught it >.< )
  8. ( i completely understand Lol :P )
  9. (is it sad that i really like acids drawing but i really want to hurt russell? lol)
  10. ( nope its completely okay lol its just like how no one likes Artemis..its not like you hate the real me o.o do you? :O )
  11. ( no o course not annnd i dont hate you...you just kinda are a brat lol )
  12. (your person not you *just relized how mean that sounded* )
  13. ( yoooour welcome ^_^ ima head to bed though fair warning for me poofing lol its like almost 1 in the morning so if i plan to get a decent start on here tomorrow i need my sleep nigty night you guys :p )
  14. ( Should we jump to the part where we arrive to the safe house?)
  15. {I'm cool with that if everyone else is}
  16. Hi guys! We do NOT allow purely Out of Character posts in the In Character forums, so welcome to your shiny new OOC thread! You can post your chatter and plot discussions here.
  17. Thank you, Ozzie. :3
  18. (dies of laughter your killing me lol )
  19. ... wow, ok. I just noticed this was here.
  20. What? o-o I'm new to yall's RP and I've even been following this, just in case. >>