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  1. Domeki walks the ruins of what used to be a great city.The walls used to be so high they could touch the sky and the town so amazing and full of light,Now a battle ground for a on going war.He wore a sleeveless Shirt and shorts with a pair of boots.He didn't look like much of a hero. In fact he looked like a simple traveler with his clothing and goggles that were pushed up on his head.Yet he was a fire elemental and knew very well how to use it.Domeki stopped by what was a statue,but was now a big rock and he sat down.The wind blowing threw his punk hair. Even in what is now ruins he never let his guard down not for a second. He watched as the sun set and smiled letting the little warmth it carried fill him.
  2. Kanja spotted a movement across the town near the monument as he Jumped down from his post and put his weapon on his back. Slowly walking from building to building silently as darkness began to fall giving him an advantage of stealth, He then climbed a building nearby and jumped from the roofs till he was close enough to reach the monument. he then made a quick leap and landed on the remaining gigantic statue quietly, He then stood still looking down at the new being sitting beneath him thinking to Himself. "Hmm.. i wonder if this is an enemy or friend.."
  3. Domeki already felt the energy of another being but didn't really strike yet.He calmly watched as the last bit of sun light vanish and he leaned on his hand.His senses were on high alert for this new comer. He smiled showing his rather sharp teeth knowing very will that his guest was trained.He stood up and crossed his arms over his chest and the gleam in his eyes giving a sign of power and bravery as if challenging his new comer.
  4. I Jumped into the air as i landed on the ground on my knee infront of the new comer to this town i looked up and slowly stood up as i spoke. "Who are you and where did you come from. What do you want here." My eye's red as blood and hair waving in the night wind, the moon began to shine brightly but clouds were slowly rolling in as small rumbles of thunder came from them.
  5. Domeki looked at his new comer with a smirk "My name is Domeki Sato and my strolling here is none of your Biz"He placed his hands behind his back getting ready for any possible attack coming from him.His brown eyes seemed to have a dancing flame in them.He never moved his eyes off of the stranger.
  6. I stood there silently for a moment then opened my arms wide and looked around laughing as i turned away walking slowly still arms open wide. "well as you can see this city's pretty much destroyed by the war. Im the only survivor left, Still waiting for reinforcements. If what my government says is true, It will be here within the hour if not. They lied as they usually do, and im all alone for raiding parties to kill. Lemme guess, Your an enemy with a raiding party just outside the city waiting for your command to come raid the remaining people? Well here i am! The only one left alive, All of em dead children murdered by your soldiers and woman... well lets say it wasn't pleasant.." I turned back towards him. "so if your here to kill me just do it, Cause im very tired and saddened by what your people could do to children and woman..." I kneeled down pulling off my weapon slowly as i threw it and it slid to your feet, I raised my arms and put my hands on the back of my head. "Kill me with my weapon please, its more honorable.." I closed my eye's awaiting the response.
  7. Domeki stared at him with a questioned look. He raised and eye brow "Like I would do such horrible things to innocent people..."He shook his head in pity and stared down on him."Listen....If I really wanted to kill you I would have done it When you were up there."he pointed to where he as before."Us Fire Elemental do not do such things to people....I will not take your life, It's against my code."He stood there watching him.He sat down on the floor facing him "How....long have you bin alone?"He asked him as he stared to his weapons enjoying the fine curves of the blade.
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  8. "Quite awhile, id say 5 month's now. Alone looking at those around me who were dead, After awhile i decided to make graves for them all.. Go to their houses and find who they were to bury them with names.. a few didnt have anything to figure out, So i left them unmarked." I sat down picking up my weapon as it vanished onto my back as i place it there. "Your a fire Elemental eh? Your my enemy, Just as i thought but your people did this to mine. Look at this destruction, Dont say its against your code. Because if it were the ones who did this were not very good fire elemental's.." I looked down at the ground.
  9. He frowned "It's not on MY code,I never said anything about it being the others code."He hissed at him "And if I known they did something like this I would have put a stop to it"Domeki said with a hint or anger in his voice.He stood up from the ground and dusted him self off "Don't go around just guessing that's how I am...I don't kill for the hell of it."he stared down on him. Domeki felt sorry for him "Do you remember anything from that night.....like the leader of the fleet that burn this place to ash?"
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  10. I slowly stood up looking at you as i paced from one spot to the other crossing my arms as i stopped and looked at Domeki again. "Yes, i believe i know who was commanding them.." I said with a bland voice, My eye's sad with the pain of others still dwelling inside me.
  11. He heard the sadness in his voice and sighed "Well if you side with me We can punish this man"he still had the boldness in his voice. Domeki played with his flames in hand.
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