2015, the year of awesome movies! Which one are you waiting for?

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  1. [​IMG]

    (Whoever guesses this one on the first try gets a cookie. =D )

    THIS! I've been waiting for this movie ever since it was announced. I'm still a bit disappointed that they cast Samuel L. Jackson as Tom, but other than that I'm ecstatic! Along with Lissey's Story, which will be coming out sometime later this year. (Yes, most of the movies I'm pumped about are based from works by Stephen King!)

    But alas, a woman cannot be fully entertained on Stephen King alone.


    Yes, I am a book worm. Nearly every movie on my list is based off a book.....


    Considering that I watched the very first Jurassic Park movie at least a hundred times, I'm soooo looking forward to this!


    Magic Mike XXL! I'm a female with working eyes. Shoot me.

    So, what's everyone else looking forward to?
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  2. Avengers Age of Ultron (open)

    (The picture is super big, sorry)

    It's the only movie I'm looking forward to so far xD
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  3. IT!

    Now give me my cookie >:(

    I look forward to Jurassic world and IT! And that's it xD I rarely keep track of what's coming, so I don't look forward to anything before it's out :D Otherwise I'll just be like with every Disney movie I've been waiting for. "IS IT OUT YET, IS IT OUT YET? IS IT OUT NOW? NOW? AAARG I CAN'T WAIT FOR ANOTHER SIX MONTHS D:"
    I don't like the waiting process xb
  4. Insurgent and Avengers: Age of Ultron are the only ones I'm waiting for so far. There was more but I can't think of them right now. I think another was a real life Cinderella movie...
  5. It's kinda silly, but I'm looking forward to Pan. It sounds incredibly entertaining, and the trailer also made it look like it is going to more fully explain the relationship between Hook and Peter, which is kind of exciting.

    {td=center} [​IMG] {/td}
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  6. This
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  7. I thought this was some Korean boy band for a minute. Took me a second to realize what movie this was for.
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  8. Jurassic Park is the only thing me and my spouse are really looking forward to.

    The rest are all kinda 'meh' and we'll see them when they get to the drive-in theater or something.
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  9. Buncha shit this year looking most hype. I'll give you the rundown that's got me giddy, with the exception of Age Of Ultron and Star Wars cos they've already been mentioned.

    CHAPPIE (open)
    Yeah, okay, so Elysium wasn't quite the spiritual follow-up to District 9 I was hoping for, but it was still a fun movie in its own right and I'm really fucking excited to see what Blomkamp has up his sleeve for his next sci-fi outing. Plus, it's got some cameos from resident Sou'Frican loonies Die Antwoord, so that's worth a watch in-and-of itself.

    The Wachowski's are doing some sort of glorious blend of cyberpunk and space opera. That's really all that needs to be said to get me on board.

    EX MACHINA (open)
    Oh hey look, it's the film Transcendence wishes it was.

    I've loved Alex Garland's work since 28 Days Later, so it's extremely exciting to see him stepping into the director's role. Plus, also good to see Domhnall Gleeson's career kicking off of late.

    Zombie horror meets Mad Max in the outback of Australia. Fucking. Yas.
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  10. [​IMG]
    The only thing that matters.
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  11. No....my kids drive me nuts with the first movie!
  13. Oh god.
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  14. [​IMG]
    Praise him for this gift!
  15. oh that trailer!

    when you hear the classic theme being played one note at a time!

    oh, take me now, my bodys ready and wet. the nerdgasm is just one flick away
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  17. Not sure if the movie will be good or bad, but I love Henry Pym too much to not give it a chance. Also, Paul Rudd. <3

    Ant Man (open)

    Looking forward to the new Avengers movie, of course. And despite Jar Jar Abrams' questionable decisions for it: The new Star Wars movie.
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  18. The new Sonic flim! #Fangirlsqueal
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