2 Roleplaying Ideas (Requestina male for either)

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  1. EDIT: I added a second idea to this Thread that way I wouldn't make another one. PLEASE NOTE that if your not interested in Modern fantasy, Twincest, Mystery, or if your wanting to play a girl, then you might keep looking.

    *Clears throat* now that that's out of the way, I personally would like to thank you for viewing my Thread, so thank you :3.

    Now that that's out of the way, allow me to introduce to you my two RP Ideas.

    IDEA #1: Somebody to You (Twincest RP)

    A normal romance RP that involves TWINCEST. The basic summary is that my character, Aly (Short for Aly) and [Your character] are twins, (With your character being a few minutes older than mine). During childhood Alyra had fallen in love with [Your character] and even made the promise to date him when he was older.

    Of course, she wasn't aware that dating your sibling was wrong. Years pass and her feelings for [Your character] disappear. However, this changes during [Your character] and Alyra's first year as Alyra's feelings for [Your character] returns.

    However, knowing that Twincest is wrong, she decides to act like a secret admirer of a random girl. But the questions is, how long can she keep this up?

    IDEA #2: Supernatural Lover (A modern fantasy RP).

    My second RP idea involves Modern fantasy. The basic summary is a normal boy ends up falling for a new girl that everyone is infatuated over with (not of course knowing that that is one of her powers). However at the beginning he isn't interested until she later befriends him.

    However, she tries to keep her feelings hidden and considers him a friend instead of something more. This is because Magics (Human beings that have magical or supernatural powers) are forbidden to fall in love due to a threat that is killing magics. But will she fall for him anyways and try to stop the threat? (Yes, the answer is yes.)

    And that's it. If your interested in either of these two ideas please PM me and I'll give you more details about the RP.
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