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  1. Where do I post an rp

    Where do I go to find people?
  2. Not sure if serious or not because you're a few scrolls from the section lol.

    Go to forum (Obviously) then scroll down. The Roleplay Chat section is where members discuss roleplays they're working/check who's interested in them.

    Below Roleplay Chat there are other section called: Jump in roleplays, Fantasy Roleplays, Modern Fantasy Roleplays, Horror Roleplays, Misc Roleplays and Fandom Roleplays.

    When you click on each section there will be a box explaining what's allowed in that section AKA rules. If you would like to be apart of a roleplay that interests you, click on the "Sign up" section located at the top of the genre you're in.

    To post a roleplay, just click on that same "Sign Up" area and post it there with all the information it needs. People will stroll along and find it, but don't expect a huge load and don't let it put you down! Another section to see if people are interested in your roleplay, go to the "Roleplay Chat" section and post a thread about an interest check.
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  3. You can also advertise your RP in Roleplay Talk, and find people recruiting players there!

    Remember to ask permission before joining (except in Jump Ins, you can assume permission there)

    Roleplay 101 is a good resource for newbies, too!