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  1. Ideas:

    - Alien X human: The leaders of another world want to destroy Earth. However, one of the daughters begged them not to. They said that if she went to Earth and found a reason for them to spare the humans then they would. So, she went to Earth. Now, she’s there and has to learn all about humans, with the help of one of course. With the help of a human, she’ll learn about Earth and try to save it for them. Hopefully, they won’t get in too much trouble with all of her alien gadgets and actions.

    - One woman has always seemed to have bad luck. She had to drop out of high school because her parents needed her to work instead. Years went on and all of a sudden she was fired from her job. Plus, her longtime boyfriend just broke up with her. Unhappy with her, her parents kicked her out of the house, now she’s stuck on the streets. However, someone was walking by her, a very handsome man. He offered her a place to live, if she came to work for him. He was a very rich young man, living in a large mansion by himself. So, this woman became his housekeeper, doing the cooking, cleaning, laundry. But romance seems to be in the air, with the two trying to deny it. The woman is afraid to let anyone in and fall in love again. The man is a rich womanizer, who doesn’t quite get why he’s been feeling that way to this one common girl. Yet, even with those thoughts they still find they’re drawn to each other.

    *Bold is the role I prefer to play

    About me:
    • I prefer playing female
    • I prefer FxM (love romance!)
    • I can get on at least once a day (depending on certain circumstances at times but usually more than once.)
    • I like when my partners and I work together during the Rp and come up with interesting things to happen.
    • I don’t care about post length. Sometimes I can do a lot, others a little so you can too.
    • Thread or PM is fine with me
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  2. I'm VERY interested in the first plot if you'll have me. c:
  3. And I am interested in the second plot, if you would like me to play that heart breaker~!
  4. Great, I'll send you each a PM so we can discuss!
  5. I'd be interested in either~ I see you have requests for both so sign me up with whichever you'd still like to do ^.^
  6. I am going to see if TheRealHermione and Dame Ram would like to do them first, since they asked first. I'll keep you in mind though.
  7. Alrighty~
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