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  1. Still the same Fast and Furious, just with Original Characters

    Melenie Palmer teams up with her ex-con friend Wendy Song and works with undercover U.S. Customs Service agent _________ to bring -based drug lord Carter Verone down.

    Character Cast
    Brian O'Conner -------> Melenie Palmer
    Roman Pierce -------> Wendy Song
    Monica Fuentes
    Tej Parker
    Carter Varrone

    @QueenOfTheBee , lets split the characters and then I'll create an IC after we finish creating the Charries ^^
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  2. Appearance:
    - 5'9
    - 132 lbs
    - Shoulder length brown hair
    - Blue eyes
    - Pale skin
    Name: Melanie Palmer
    Age: 28
    Nationality: American
    Mother: Danielle Palmer
    Father: Patrick Palmer
    Siblings: Sydney Palmer (29), Michael Palmer (25), Anna Palmer (23), Jack Palmer (21)
    Occupation: (Undercover) Police Officer, turned DEA Agent
    Weapon of Choice: Glock 22
    2009 Nissan 370Z

    Modifications (open)

    Body Modifications
    Amuse Vestito Bodykit
    19" Volk TE37SL Wheels
    Bride Zeta III Seats

    Engine and Exhaust
    Amuse R1 Titan Exhaust System
    Amuse Hi-Tech ECU System
    IMPUL Throttle Bodies
    GReddy TD06SH-20G Tuner Turbo Kit
    Rebuilt VQ37VHR with stronger internals
    Reworked systems featuring various aftermarket parts

    Suspension, Brakes, and Drivetrain
    CUSCO Limited Slip Differential
    OS Giken TS Series Clutch
    HKS Hipermax IV/GT Suspension Setup

    2015 Subaru Impreza WRX STi

    Modifications (open)

    Visual Modifications
    Unknown Bodykit
    ADVAN GT 18" Wheels
    Bride Zeta III Seats

    Engine and Exhaust
    Reworked Turbo System
    Rebuilt Engine, with improved systems

    Suspension, Brakes, and Drivetrain
    HKS Hipermax IV Supension System
    CUSCO Twin Copper Clutch System

    Personality Traits:
    - Extremely good driver
    - Loyal
    - Sharp
    - Analytic
    - Sociable

    - Aggressive
    - Impatient
    - Fiery temper
    - Cares too much
    - Self conscious
    Biography: - CLASSIFIED-
    Theme Song: N/A
  3. Appearance:
    Name: Wendy Song
    Age: 25
    Nationality: Korean-American
    Relatives: Unknown
    Occupation: Ex-Convict
    Weapon of Choice: Glock 22
    Car: 2012 Subaru BRZ
    Personality Traits:
    +: Comedic, Protective, Caring
    -: Aggressive, Unhappy, Angry
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  4. A couple of things...

    BRZ's didn't exist in 2009. You mean 2013-2014? And they didn't come in convertibles, but I'll let that one slide.

    She doesn't have a name either, haha!

    And we can leave the feds alone for the most part, no reason in recreating them. I'll let you handle Suki and the villain. I've got Tej.
  5. AHHHH! Crap, I have to fix that...Do you know of any Subaru that are Convertibles? O_O
  6. None that are relevant. Sorry! D:

    You can always just go with the regular BRZ?
  7. I'll just go with a Hatchback or something hahaha
  8. But if you go with the BRZ, we'll have the opposites of what was in the movie, which was an Evo and Eclipse! Sports sedan (Impreza) and coupe (BRZ)!
  9. Hmmmm, good point.
  10. Much better!
  11. good-people3.jpg
    Name: Frank
    Age: 20s
    Nationality: American
    Relatives: Unknown
    Occupation: Street Racer
    Weapon of Choice: N/A
    Car: 2010 Chevrolet Camaro
    Personality Traits:
    +: Friendly, Relaxed
    -: Competitive, Stubborn

    Well, since we're practically Gender Bending the Characters, I turned Suki into a Boy XD
  12. Hahaha! I can't post my characters so I guess mine will have to wait until tomorrow since I don't have access to a computer.
  13. Name: Georgia Williams
    Age: 29
    Nationality: African-American
    Relatives: UNKNOWN
    2014 BMW M4
    Personality Traits:
    +: Chill, caring
    -: Competitive, stubborn
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