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    In the middle of all the cacophony of traffic noises, flying cars of various colors zipping by in the air. People walking by carrying shopping bags and talking to each other. The year 2036, drastic changes in Times Square Manhattan. Still, it hasn't changed in the inside, it was still the same city that never sleeps. Not too far from there, stood a single sky scraper building called the Krytel Building. Very similar to the grand Empire State, but within the walls and below glass ceilings there was a completely different place. A secret Lab. No one in the city knows about it, and the scientists working there want to keep it that way...

    Sitting in a closed in white room, a young silver gray haired teen stared hard at the steel door that kept him imprisoned in the room.

    The silence was broken only by the sound of the buzzing light above his head. Glancing up, he sent a ball of electric energy at it. The lights in the room went off. The steel door opened, in stepped in a man in a white coat, he held something that resembled a disc but glowed brightly.

    "Seven, why did you do that?" he asked, aiming the light at his son's face.

    Seven regarded him with a serious look, "I already told you I don't want to be in here. When will you tell them?" he asked, knowing why. He just felt like asking.

    His father sighed, "You know I can't do that, they will get suspicious," he released the disc shaped object and it levitated towards the ceiling. Replacing the broken one, the room lit up again.

    "I hate light," Seven muttered, he squinted at the ultra bright light.

    "Well that's what happens when you're gifted with night vision, you become sensitive to bright light. I'm sorry I can't dim it, it's programmed to be that bright."

    Seven flickered his eyes back to his father. "It's more like a curse. Can I at least walk around? I'm tired of being locked up in here like an animal," he said.

    "What if they see you?" he asked.

    "Let them see me, 'c mon they're having their hourly meetings today, no one will see me...please?"

    "Will you be here when I return?"


    One thing Tim could trust most was Seven's word. When he says he'll do something, he sticks to his word. Tim handed a plastic card with a blue strip on its clear film. "Use this to unlock the many doors here and try to not be seen by the cameras, they move."

    "See ya." Seven took the card and bolted out of the room.


    "Damn it, I think I stayed too long, the guards are out," Seven muttered as he silently slipped passed them undetected. He saw the steel door down the hall, as he advanced towards it, his sensitive hearing picked up multiple voices coming from a room. Hesitating besides the glass door, he peeked through the glass to see his father and a bunch of scientists in white coats discussing an interesting topic. He could see the light in their once bored eyes, the look of great interest bringing them to life.

    "You've been working on something Burns, why don't you tell us what it is?" asked a man. His steely black eyes stared like a hawk at him.

    "Not really, I was just doing some research, nothing special," Tim replied, keeping his tone calm. How could his partner know his secret?

    "Really, are you sure? That's not what these data forms told me," he said, placing a folder on the silver table.

    Everyone leaned in to look. In the center of the folder was a lavender laser. It lit up and an image appeared. A holographic showed the strange DNA called Cynexian. Followed by all the info stored about the experiments tested on it. And extra info about two successful projects. One held details about Seven-his son. The other, would not tell.

    All the color drained from Tim's face. He was wrong.

    "Georiff, that's my file!" he yelled, jumping out of his seat, he reached out and slammed his hands against the file, sliding it back towards him.

    Georiff stabbed his finger onto the other end of the folder. He met Tim's eyes and smiled. "No, you're wrong Burns, in this lab nothing is private. Now tell us how you went about using this lethal DNA to turn your son into an experiment."

    "I won't," he said, pulling the folder towards him.

    "Oh yes, you will. And if you don't I will." he stared Tim with a look that said, watch out.

    Tim remained still and silent, and Georiff began telling everyone in the room about the five year secret project Tim worked on.

    Seven listened in horror as he learned about his "almost" death experience with the experimenting. How he was just 6 weeks old when the DNA was graphed into his infant body. How his heart stopped for 16 seconds before he came to life.

    He leaned against the wall, his heart pounding fiercely in his chest as he over heard their plans for him. They wanted to send him to some other lab in England, where they could test him more and use his DNA to re-create others like him. The Super soldier project it was called.

    Seven couldn't take much more of this and he left.


    "Seven...Seven where are you!" Tim yelled frantically as he searched the room.

    "Behind you," came Seven's whisper.

    Tim spun around to face him, his looking slightly relieved. "You kept your promise," he said, managing a smile.

    "And I will have to break it, I only came back to tell you this. I'm not you. I will never be, so quit trying to make me like you. I've tried so hard to see some good in this. But I don't. I've wasted to much time here, I heard your chat with the freaks back there. I quit." he said, stepping back towards the door. He turned to leave.

    "If you go, there will be others after you, the Trackers, they won't stop until they catch you," Tim warned him, knowing it wouldn't really matter. Seven made up his mind.

    "Of course, it would be too easy to just let me walk out of here. I'm expecting that," he replied, making it to the door way.

    "So that's it, you're leaving me?"

    Seven paused at the door, his back to his father.

    "I have no choice. Time is a valuable thing, in the end you'll know the truth. I will make it. I'm sorry to have you so disappointed in me, but I'm sure you were once in my position...with someone disappointed in you." Seven walked out of the room.

    A few minutes into Seven's escape, alarm bells rang in the air, along with the expected flashing of red alarm lights. The chase begins.


    "Where do you think you're going kid?" asked a guard, watching as Seven ran towards him.

    "Far away from this hell hole that's for sure!" Seven replied, seeing how the guard stood in the way, he decided to go passed him. He pushed off the floor with his left foot and planted his right onto the wall. He immediately realized what was happening. He was walking on the wall!

    He passed the shocked security guard, who pulled out a very high tech gun and fired multiple light beams at him.

    Seven got back to the floor and continued to run. A beam of light wizzed by Seven's head, but the other caught him on the right shoulder. Slashing a deep wound at his flesh. He clenched his teeth at the searing pain that he felt but continued to run. It wasn't something he should bother worrying about for it only took his seconds to heal. He saw more weird looking guards form a line, blocking his path. All of them held their lazer guns at him. Georiff stood sand witched between them. A sneering grin on his ugly old face.

    "Shit," Seven hissed, skidding to a sudden stop.

    Georiff tilted his head to the side, taking a good look at the lucky survivor of the lethal DNA. "Not quite," he said, his smile widened. His eyes stared at Seven as if he were a prize.

    The others glanced from him to the boy, waiting for the command to fire.

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  2. Today was most like any other day. Henry was playing solitaire in his dimly lit room and managed to pull the ace of spades. He laid the card down on top and stopped for a moment. He observed his room, the desk at the side where he made his own literary works, the shelf where he kept pictures of himself even if they were just from tests, and a plant that did not need much light to grow. It was one of the first living organisms tested on with the nanites. Although a plant as not a human it still had the same principle, whether or not something could survive on blood. Turns out the plant was originally a Venus Fly Trap but now feeds off blood. Just like him, the plant was restricted in its life. The nanites inside the plant ran off the blood keeping it alive. Because of the inactivity of the organism it only needed a little bit of blood a day. Henry had cared for it like it was his own son. The alarm sounded breaking his concentration and signaled to him he needed to get ready. He put on his white top hat and his white coat and walked out of the room into the bright lit hallways. “Always something.” He said heading toward the briefing terminal. He pressed his hand against the machine and a holographic window popped open. The alarm was a class three, all units and Trackers were being sent out in the facility. “At least I will not have to do all the work this time.” Henry said moving to an elevator which led to the main lobby. He was about to see exactly what interrupted him.
  3. As Georiff sniggered, a figure approached the guards from behind, the Automatic Shotgun in his hand a dull black, clad in camoflague bdus and a Balaclava, the figure raised the shotgun to the guards, before squeezing the trigger.

    the shotgun roared repreatedly and swiftly, and in the time it took the guards to swing from Seven to this new threat, the figure had trown himself into a hallway, so that when it had seemed like the shots had come from no-where.

    just as one of the Guards started moving forwards, there was a scream, followed by a blast of lazer fire.
    A Guard strode out of the hallway where previously the assailant had come, lazer in hand, a wide grin on his face.

    "Got the intruder" he muttered, levelling his lazer at the guards on the other side of Georiff, using their moment of suprise to take down two before being struck by a blast from the third and final guard, his arm flying away in an explosion of blood and bone, though the man bellowed something as he fell, the lazer clutched in his good arm firing a final blast, which caught the guard in the centre of his chest, burnign through armor and flesh, leaving the man falling to the floor, his face stuck in a horrified gasp as did so.

    The now armless Assassin pushed himself to his feet and pointed the lazer at Georiff, his body clearly running on stimulants, though the wound was beggining to clot and heal, a surreal sight to be sure.
  4. "Men are all toys." Mars chuckle as she kiss Diane's cheek, "Why don't you take Aria to the room first."

    Anya flustered, "I'll go too Diane."
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  6. Also, if anyone wants to join either Robin's illusion or Corrin's illusion, feel free to.
  7. Random stupid question here from me hahaha. Beside the United States, is the rest of the world dealing with the same amount of metahuman/mutant issues in this merged existence too? I would guess so since we're talking about groups and characters from various series, just wanted to make sure.
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  9. Welcome @C.T. To Epic Crossover!
  10. Well, anything more 'realistic' the source material is all black and white and not consistent with the feel of the world...

    Pics (open)



    For example.

    Question... Why is he only a 2 in fighting ability? With the practice he has and the talent you speak of in his bio he should be about a 4
  11. Appearance:
    Otto White (open)

    “This could of played out thousands of other ways with thousands of other paths but in the end we would still end up this way, you on your knees and me with a gun to your temple. Truly the game was rigged in my favor from the start.”

    Name:Otto White

    Age: 36

    DOB: 12/18/1986

    Skills: Otto is good with his words, he's talked himself out of more trouble then he is able to remember.
    Otto's previous ventures have made him gain a rudimentary understanding of IEDs, marksmanship as well as guerrilla warfare.
    He is able to play a guitar.
    speaks multiple languages.

    Chosen Founder to Train under: Third founder

    Special Ability: Recruit White seems to be leaning towards the fire trait associated with the third founder, as to in what way this develops is yet to be determined though measurements taken seem to show his core body temperature on a steady rise though recruit White seems to not notice this, further measurements are needed.

    UPDATE 1: Recruit White has now accessed his power, our suspicion of him leaning towards fire was right as his body temperature has risen to 37.7 C but an anomaly has been detected. A brief temperature spike was detected near his heart, at peak it was 93.3 C before it returned to 37.7 C more analysis is needed.

    Peculiar traits: recruit White seems to be feeling physical affects, his iris's have developed a red tint to them how this may develop we do not yet know.

    UPDATE 1: Recruit White's body temperature has risen again though no physical traits besides his eyes are seen.

    Reason for Joining the E.I.: Power but for what not even Otto knows.

    History: Otto had a normal life until around 2011-2012, the only thing that set Otto apart growing up was his fascination with weapons and warfare. While most teens were out dating or worrying about what car they were driving Otto was reading about Stonewall Jackson, Erwin Rommel, Napoleon Bonaparte and how to disassemble most readily available firearms he was able to get a hold of. As of 2011 Otto was working a normal 9 to 5 job in the Midwestern United states where he thought he would stay until he retired but something happened in 2011, a small middle eastern nation known as Syria entered a state of Civil war. Now Otto always agreed with the idea that all men and women should be able to determine their own fate and he saw this war as a oppressed people trying to throw off their shackles and determine their own destiny and Otto was determined to help, it didn't take much for him to get out of the states as his family and he didn't stay in constant contact nor was it hard to take a vacation from work and it was even easier to "disappear" when he got to Turkey thus began Otto's odyssey.

    He slipped into Syria rather easily as the border was only guarded sporadically and it wasn't ling before he found himself in the middle of a skirmish between rebels and government troops where he was handed a gun and told to fight, from that point on Otto was a rebel against a nation that wasn't his and the scary part was he enjoyed it, the fighting, the roar of artillery and everything in between he was addicted to it to war. For four years Otto fought beside men and women that he knew nothing about but became friends with these people he ate with them, bled with them and mourned with them but he always was looking forwards to the next battle which alienated him from those he fought with who hoped for peace each day and had made him unwelcome after four years but it was about this time he heard of a rising force in Iraq that was taking territory fast and committing atrocities as they went so he went to Iraq. He talked his way there after learning Arabic in Syria and was fighting with Kurdish forces before the end of the year, Otto bounced between Iraq and Syria fighting for or against government forces in each country or against other groups who wanted to install their own tinpot dictatorships.
    Though Otto left the middle east in 2016 as he saw that the wars were waning, he then began to show up in many hot spots around the world from Africa to southeast Asia and all the places in between he even got a nickname "the American" he would show up and train and fight with local forces for a year or two then disappear without asking for payment or thanks and he always spoke in another language anywhere he went leading some to think he was more then one person. In the year 2020 Otto found himself in the front of another civil war in Belarus, in the third month of the war Otto was in a building that was shelled by government forces and he was the only survivor when he was taken prisoner. While in a holding cell he was taken by an E.I team while a body double was left in his place thus beginning the second part of Otto's odyssey.

    Personality: Otto is friendly with anyone he meets but will get rather ornery with people if pushed, he does seem rather rough at first though that has more to do with his looks than his personality.

    Likes: Firearms, war, music, reading, wine, grapes, and those willing to learn

    Dislikes: fish, weak willed individuals, beer, raisins and generic individuals who seek nothing other than just "going with the flow"

    Pet hate: People being repetitive, mostly when people are asking a question and Otto answers but they...just...keep...asking.

    Theme Song:

    Extra things: Otto's tendencies make him seem like a monster to some but really his only goal is to ensure that those who wish to see their own destinies realized through their own hard work and determination are able to do just that.
    The Viking
    Attributes: 12/12 points used

    Endurance: Average + 4
    Strength: Average + 4
    Speed: Above-Average
    Recovery: Average + 4
    Agility: Average
    Accuracy: Above-Average
    Stamina: Above-Average
    Updated stats.
    Endurance: Exceptional
    Strength: Exceptional
    Speed: Above-Average
    Recovery: Exceptional
    Agility: Average
    Accuracy: Above-Average
    Stamina: Above-Average

    "Ex-Burst Name"
    The devil in I
    Ex-Burst Prerequisites:
    • Must charge for three rounds
    • He must already be using his flames
    • He has to be wounded lightly or heavily
    • Tyler must be present
    • Otto must be in a state of anger
    • Must be in an oxygen environment (As in if he is stuck in water or a vacuum he is unable to use this)
    Ex-Burst Charge time:
    Three rounds. Otto builds his body heat for three rounds to 365 degrees Fahrenheit.
    Ex-Burst Description:
    Otto's anger and pain is the catalyst for something terrifying, as he fights his flames lash out in anger while his body temperature rises. Drawing in energy from around him his flames dim as he grows hotter through three turns before they are extinguished, his flames burn not on him but in him. With a burst of heat Otto's whole body ignites burning and killing hostiles around him, his appearance takes on one of a devil. His mouth is sealed while his eyes glow orange with no pupil to be seen, horn like objects grow on his head almost like a crown but his image is not solid as he flickers and shimmers like a flame. The air around him burns as he walks while flames are left in his foot prints, anything he puts his fingers to ignite like tinder. When he is in this form projectile weapons are useless as bullets are simply absorbed and spat back out at those who shot him, blast from grenades or bombs simply wash over him and fuel his heat and be redirected like a flamethrower. All things have a price though and this is no different, Otto is in a blind rage in this form and the only thing on his mind is to destroy the threat to him and his own but sometimes that rage blinds him and he becomes a threat to the others members of his group but their is one who is able to stop him due to her connection to the flame and that is Tyler. Otto even in this state is unable to strike at Tyler no matter how hurt or angry he is and this allows Tyler to draw him out of this state with her own flame.
    After Otto had been brought out of this form he becomes comatose for an hour, he is aware but unable to do anything and is thus useless and vulnerable.​
  12. Stepping out through the front doors of the facility, Xooki blinks lightly as she stepped into the asphalt. She sees many people of all shapes, sizes and color walk passed her. That was when she remembered her mission. To follow that "feeling" she got, whenever she came within close range of Seven. She had a single white bracelet on her right wrist, with a red button on its center. The button she was to press as soon as she saw Seven-to notify the others in the lab that she had found him. Her hands which were sitting idly at her sides, now clasped in front of her pure white dress, her gaze turned directly were she felt that feeling strongest. West.

    She turned and started to walk, following the feeling. It was starting to fade, for her target was quickly advancing way ahead of her. The distance in between them grew. Remembering her father's words, that if she lost the feeling-she would loose her chances at finding him, she broke into a light spring-to her it was light. To human eyes, it looked as if she were running-fast. She eat up two blocks before she spotted Seven ducking around a corner in an alley way. She hesitated and slowed to a walk.

    "I think I lost them..." came his voice from round the corner. She heard him say that. He glanced back around to see her and froze. She looked very similar to himself. Only her hair was ivory and her eyes were a cerulean hue.

    "What are you? Why do I feel so... attached to you?" he asked, stepping out of his hiding spot. He felt something that was like a link with her, it gave him the feeling that he was not alone. This also gravitated him towards her. It was strongest now that they stood five feet away from each other.

    Smiling sweetly, Xooki pressed the button on her bracelet. It blinked and started to glow. Seven saw this and started to think that she might possibly be a Tracker.

    He stepped back.

    "My name is Xooki Burns, and daddy told me to come and get you," she said, raising her arm out to him, palm up. A gesture for him to take her hand, "so please come with me." she finished, flashing her innocent grin.

    Seven shook his head. He won his freedom the hard way and he wasn't going to give it all up now. "No, I'm not going with you Xooki, I don't care what they tell you-they won't catch me again." he told her.

    "It's too late, they already know you're here," she said, dropping her hand back to her side. She watched him closely, and noticed his difference from her as well. His hair was silver and shorter, with long bangs hanging slightly over his grayish lavender eyes. Even his skin was a hue lighter than her ivory complexion. He was like her, they shared the same DNA. But even so, they both stood on different sides of the line.

    She noticed him turn and run off.

    "Come back here!" she yelled, taking off after him.

    Seven weaved through the sea of people around him, he knew that if he felt that "linking" feeling fade completely he would loose her. It was as if they were both programmed to find each other- like a tracking device. She was one of them, a Tracker. The link grew stronger, glancing back he saw the girl right behind him.

    "Damn it!" he cursed, turning right. He ran down a less crowded street, leaving the Krytel building behind him.

  13. Hehe, maybe. Not going to lie though, it was funny to see the principle walk into it though.
  14. Glad ye could join us man, lol.
  15. I was a newbie here about a year and a half ago myself... thinking back, I wouldn't have come here if Akibahara didn't invite and pester me to join. I guess he invited all of the Traitor Game people and I was just one of them.
  16. Pyukumuku has the ability Innards Out, which damages the opponent equally to the damage taken from the final blow. This means that getting a OHKO on Pyukumuku is a BAD IDEA because it damages your Pokémon equally, potentially fainting with high enough HP IVs. However, there already exists a solution.

    False Swipe becomes a competitively viable move.
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