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In the middle of all the cacophony of traffic noises, flying cars of various colors zipping by in the air. People walking by carrying shopping bags and talking to each other. The year 2036, drastic changes in Times Square Manhattan. Still, it hasn't changed in the inside, it was still the same city that never sleeps. Not too far from there, stood a single sky scraper building called the Krytel Building. Very similar to the grand Empire State, but within the walls and below glass ceilings there was a completely different place. A secret Lab. No one in the city knows about it, and the scientists working there want to keep it that way...

Sitting in a closed in white room, a young silver gray haired teen stared hard at the steel door that kept him imprisoned in the room.

The silence was broken only by the sound of the buzzing light above his head. Glancing up, he sent a ball of electric energy at it. The lights in the room went off. The steel door opened, in stepped in a man in a white coat, he held something that resembled a disc but glowed brightly.

"Seven, why did you do that?" he asked, aiming the light at his son's face.

Seven regarded him with a serious look, "I already told you I don't want to be in here. When will you tell them?" he asked, knowing why. He just felt like asking.

His father sighed, "You know I can't do that, they will get suspicious," he released the disc shaped object and it levitated towards the ceiling. Replacing the broken one, the room lit up again.

"I hate light," Seven muttered, he squinted at the ultra bright light.

"Well that's what happens when you're gifted with night vision, you become sensitive to bright light. I'm sorry I can't dim it, it's programmed to be that bright."

Seven flickered his eyes back to his father. "It's more like a curse. Can I at least walk around? I'm tired of being locked up in here like an animal," he said.

"What if they see you?" he asked.

"Let them see me, 'c mon they're having their hourly meetings today, no one will see me...please?"

"Will you be here when I return?"


One thing Tim could trust most was Seven's word. When he says he'll do something, he sticks to his word. Tim handed a plastic card with a blue strip on its clear film. "Use this to unlock the many doors here and try to not be seen by the cameras, they move."

"See ya." Seven took the card and bolted out of the room.


"Damn it, I think I stayed too long, the guards are out," Seven muttered as he silently slipped passed them undetected. He saw the steel door down the hall, as he advanced towards it, his sensitive hearing picked up multiple voices coming from a room. Hesitating besides the glass door, he peeked through the glass to see his father and a bunch of scientists in white coats discussing an interesting topic. He could see the light in their once bored eyes, the look of great interest bringing them to life.

"You've been working on something Burns, why don't you tell us what it is?" asked a man. His steely black eyes stared like a hawk at him.

"Not really, I was just doing some research, nothing special," Tim replied, keeping his tone calm. How could his partner know his secret?

"Really, are you sure? That's not what these data forms told me," he said, placing a folder on the silver table.

Everyone leaned in to look. In the center of the folder was a lavender laser. It lit up and an image appeared. A holographic showed the strange DNA called Cynexian. Followed by all the info stored about the experiments tested on it. And extra info about two successful projects. One held details about Seven-his son. The other, would not tell.

All the color drained from Tim's face. He was wrong.

"Georiff, that's my file!" he yelled, jumping out of his seat, he reached out and slammed his hands against the file, sliding it back towards him.

Georiff stabbed his finger onto the other end of the folder. He met Tim's eyes and smiled. "No, you're wrong Burns, in this lab nothing is private. Now tell us how you went about using this lethal DNA to turn your son into an experiment."

"I won't," he said, pulling the folder towards him.

"Oh yes, you will. And if you don't I will." he stared Tim with a look that said, watch out.

Tim remained still and silent, and Georiff began telling everyone in the room about the five year secret project Tim worked on.

Seven listened in horror as he learned about his "almost" death experience with the experimenting. How he was just 6 weeks old when the DNA was graphed into his infant body. How his heart stopped for 16 seconds before he came to life.

He leaned against the wall, his heart pounding fiercely in his chest as he over heard their plans for him. They wanted to send him to some other lab in England, where they could test him more and use his DNA to re-create others like him. The Super soldier project it was called.

Seven couldn't take much more of this and he left.


"Seven...Seven where are you!" Tim yelled frantically as he searched the room.

"Behind you," came Seven's whisper.

Tim spun around to face him, his looking slightly relieved. "You kept your promise," he said, managing a smile.

"And I will have to break it, I only came back to tell you this. I'm not you. I will never be, so quit trying to make me like you. I've tried so hard to see some good in this. But I don't. I've wasted to much time here, I heard your chat with the freaks back there. I quit." he said, stepping back towards the door. He turned to leave.

"If you go, there will be others after you, the Trackers, they won't stop until they catch you," Tim warned him, knowing it wouldn't really matter. Seven made up his mind.

"Of course, it would be too easy to just let me walk out of here. I'm expecting that," he replied, making it to the door way.

"So that's it, you're leaving me?"

Seven paused at the door, his back to his father.

"I have no choice. Time is a valuable thing, in the end you'll know the truth. I will make it. I'm sorry to have you so disappointed in me, but I'm sure you were once in my position...with someone disappointed in you." Seven walked out of the room.

A few minutes into Seven's escape, alarm bells rang in the air, along with the expected flashing of red alarm lights. The chase begins.


"Where do you think you're going kid?" asked a guard, watching as Seven ran towards him.

"Far away from this hell hole that's for sure!" Seven replied, seeing how the guard stood in the way, he decided to go passed him. He pushed off the floor with his left foot and planted his right onto the wall. He immediately realized what was happening. He was walking on the wall!

He passed the shocked security guard, who pulled out a very high tech gun and fired multiple light beams at him.

Seven got back to the floor and continued to run. A beam of light wizzed by Seven's head, but the other caught him on the right shoulder. Slashing a deep wound at his flesh. He clenched his teeth at the searing pain that he felt but continued to run. It wasn't something he should bother worrying about for it only took his seconds to heal. He saw more weird looking guards form a line, blocking his path. All of them held their lazer guns at him. Georiff stood sand witched between them. A sneering grin on his ugly old face.

"Shit," Seven hissed, skidding to a sudden stop.

Georiff tilted his head to the side, taking a good look at the lucky survivor of the lethal DNA. "Not quite," he said, his smile widened. His eyes stared at Seven as if he were a prize.

The others glanced from him to the boy, waiting for the command to fire.

[bg=#000000]Today was most like any other day. Henry was playing solitaire in his dimly lit room and managed to pull the ace of spades. He laid the card down on top and stopped for a moment. He observed his room, the desk at the side where he made his own literary works, the shelf where he kept pictures of himself even if they were just from tests, and a plant that did not need much light to grow. It was one of the first living organisms tested on with the nanites. Although a plant as not a human it still had the same principle, whether or not something could survive on blood. Turns out the plant was originally a Venus Fly Trap but now feeds off blood. Just like him, the plant was restricted in its life. The nanites inside the plant ran off the blood keeping it alive. Because of the inactivity of the organism it only needed a little bit of blood a day. Henry had cared for it like it was his own son. The alarm sounded breaking his concentration and signaled to him he needed to get ready. He put on his white top hat and his white coat and walked out of the room into the bright lit hallways. "Always something." He said heading toward the briefing terminal. He pressed his hand against the machine and a holographic window popped open. The alarm was a class three, all units and Trackers were being sent out in the facility. "At least I will not have to do all the work this time." Henry said moving to an elevator which led to the main lobby. He was about to see exactly what interrupted him.[/bg]
As Georiff sniggered, a figure approached the guards from behind, the Automatic Shotgun in his hand a dull black, clad in camoflague bdus and a Balaclava, the figure raised the shotgun to the guards, before squeezing the trigger.

the shotgun roared repreatedly and swiftly, and in the time it took the guards to swing from Seven to this new threat, the figure had trown himself into a hallway, so that when it had seemed like the shots had come from no-where.

just as one of the Guards started moving forwards, there was a scream, followed by a blast of lazer fire.
A Guard strode out of the hallway where previously the assailant had come, lazer in hand, a wide grin on his face.

"Got the intruder" he muttered, levelling his lazer at the guards on the other side of Georiff, using their moment of suprise to take down two before being struck by a blast from the third and final guard, his arm flying away in an explosion of blood and bone, though the man bellowed something as he fell, the lazer clutched in his good arm firing a final blast, which caught the guard in the centre of his chest, burnign through armor and flesh, leaving the man falling to the floor, his face stuck in a horrified gasp as did so.

The now armless Assassin pushed himself to his feet and pointed the lazer at Georiff, his body clearly running on stimulants, though the wound was beggining to clot and heal, a surreal sight to be sure.
Heavy footsteps where heard coming down the corridor, way to heavy to be normal. The sound was getting louder, whatever was making it was coming closer. A large man in a coat rounded the corner behind seven. He was cradling a laser gun which rounded on the other two as the cyborg approached. "Guard, take him back to her room." he said to Georiff "Then you may report to medical." his voice was cold, almost metallic. "Guard, return seven to him room so that he may be transferred."

Sounds of running feet where heard from the way Drake had come and the cyborg's eyes fixed on Geotiff and the muzzle of his gun turned to him. "State service number, name and rank."

Seven caught the sight of a figure approach from behind Georiff and his army of guards. A round of shots rang in the air, followed by screams of agony coming from the shot guards. Then the stranger was gone.

Seven stared at the hall where he had last scene the shooter pop out from. He tensed at the sudden yell that erupted from back there. Then he saw a guard come out exactly from where the shooter was.

"Got the intruder," he muttered then he aimed the gun at the other guards and shot them with the lazer gun. His arm was shot by the third surviving guard. His arm flew away in a spurts of blood and tiny bits of bone. Hitting the floor with a small thud.

Seven stared at the arm with wide, lavender hues. This was something he didn't see coming. Diverting his gaze back to the fallen assassin, he realized this guy was on his side. The assassin shot the guard who had shot him and he fell to the floor lifeless. His blood pooled beneath him like a river. Seven turned his attention back to the assassin as he rose to his feet. As if driven by a sudden adrenaline rush, he quickly set the lazer gun aimed directly at Georiff.

He stared shocked and surprised, but quickly composed his features to look calm and slightly impressed.

Seven watched this feeling like he was living a nightmare, but a very cool and gory one. He expected a battle field out here, it looked more like hell now.

Georiff smiled, a crazy sinister grin, "What are you supposed to be," he said, slipping his hand into the large pocket of his white coat, "his escort? That experiment will not leave this facility!" he yelled, brandishing a strange object, he threw it at Seven.

The round, silver ball shaped object flew towards him. Glowing, the ball's round frame clicked open, a large electric net protruded from its tiny opening. Georiff planned to capture Seven as if he were an animal.

Seven saw the net open up like a claw, ready to capture him.

"Not this time!" Seven said, he forced all his fear, anger and frustration into a little ball of black energy that took form in his left hand. He drew back and threw the ball at the net like baseball. The net closed at sensing movement. Then exploded at the mixed energies.

Seven backed away from the scene, figuring that now was the right moment to make his escape. Turning away from the main lobby he streaked across the hall towards the exit, which were the stairs that would lead him to the upper levels. Then he could leave through the front doors...That was his plan.

At seeing him leave, Georiff screamed, "Noo!" he backed away from the assassin. Fishing out a walkie talkie from its clip on his belt he pressed a button on the device. "Lock all the entryways now! Get the Cynex!" he demanded, now more anxious on catching the escaping project than before.

Seven had left the staircase behind him and saw that as he ran down the corridor to make it on the other side. A steel gate started to slide down-to block his path. He speed up and slid through the narrow gap just as it closed behind him. He got back to his feet and continued to run towards the doors that lead to his freedom. Being only a streak of white as he passed by the guards. On cue, they trailed after him, shooting lazer beams at him.


Timeon paced back and forth in his room, he didn't know what to do. He paused suddenly, an idea coming to his mind. He walked out of the room and towards the observation room where a young girl sat behind a glass wall. Her white dress covered in stains of blood. Her cerulean hues brightened at the sight of him approaching the door. "Xooki," he called out to her.

A soft, serene smile graced the little Cynex's gentle, pale exterior when the voice of the man who held her heart registered."Daddy!" She squealed happily, coming out of her idle-like state to watch him enter through the door way.

She rose to her feet, only to be pulled back down by powerful steel, black coated chains. She smiled up at him, looking childish and cute, despite the blood that gave her a scary appearance. She had killed a scientist that was trying to inject something into her. The male scientist lay dead, slashed up by her morphed scythe-like arms. The needle still in his hand, his eyes stared glassy like at the ceiling.. The scent of his blood thickened the air a little, musty and disgusting.

Timeon paused once reaching a foot from her. He reached down and touched her head, patting it softly like one would do to a small child.

"Please forgive me of my absence Xooki, I have been very busy and I know how you get when you don't see me for a while..." he began.

She smiled feeling the familiar and calming feeling of his hands through her ivory locks. She listened intently, her smile never fading, and before his sentence could finish he was more than forgiven.

"Daddy, I'm so glad you're here, " she said, softly.

"Me too Xooki, but there is something I need for you to do for me sweety," he said, looking at her.

She glanced up at him. A curious look settled on her face as she locked eyes with him, "Anything for you daddy, tell me," she said, nodding her head lightly at his words.

"I need for you to follow that feeling you get, find the source and bring it here, " he told her of Seven, someone that was just like her but a little bit different. He unlocked her from her chains and took her into another room. Xooki would be sent after Seven and she would return him safely. Timeon knew the Trackers would only end up trying to kill his only son.

The Arrival of the Large Mercenary had been fortuitus, and Khalid used the fact taht Georiff was distracted to slip away after the Cynex.

As he rounded the corner, Khalid grimaced, the pain was almost unbearable, and he would have to ensure the Target escaped, preferably to a safehouse, wherein Khalid usually kept a stash of medical supplies.

with this in mind, Khalid gritted his teeth and pressed on after Seven, Laser in hand and ready to fire.
(Musical Ambience: Clear, Recon, White Label)

"ATC this is Warbird Fower Niner, I'm en route to the Krytel Building, as ordered, over." Gunsight said over the radio as he flew his AV-22D Kestrel over the Hudson. The AV-22 was a gunship variant of the V-22 Osprey transport. The Army had ordered at least a hundred of them for the 101ST and 82ND Airborne. In the chin was a three barreled M-197 30mm cannon. There were hardpoints on the wings for missiles and rocket pods. For now Gunsight was flying light, with six hundred rounds for the cannon and rocket pods. This was to lighten the load for embarked infantry. Under normal circumstances he would have wanted to load up Hellfire anti-tank missiles and Sidewinder intercept missiles, however he had his orders.

"Warbird Fower Niner, we read you Lima Charlie. Proceed with your mission as ordered." the controller replied.

"Copy that..." Gunsight replied. His orders were to rake the building with rocket pods then insert the special forces team he had on board. There were six cyborgs, all Delta Force. Gunsight hadn't bothered to learn their names as he was supposed to be gone by the time they touched down.

"Five minutes to target..." the crew chief announced as Gunsight brought the helo away from the Hudson.

"Shrike, check weapons systems..." Gunsight said to his copilot, CW04 Shrike.

"All green..." Shrike replied. Gunsight selected the 2.75 inch rocket pods and flipped the safety cover off the flight stick.

"Heaven or hell..." he muttered, his finger hovering over the trigger. "LET'S ROCK!!!" The rocket pods released a flurry of high explosive rockets into the building, blasting glass and debris out the windows. He swung the gunship around so the rear faced the building. The Delta Force cyborgs leapt out, jump jets launching them into the building.

"In contact..." the team leader reported as Gunsight began his egress.

"Warbird Fower Niner, maintain cover pattern over the area." an operator in an AWACS ordered.

"Clarify orders."

"Ground extraction has been cancelled. You will recover the team on the roof." Gunsight swore as he brough the gunship back around.

"Affirmative." he replied. I'm supposed to be on terminal leave right now... Why am I doing this and not someone from the 160TH?


(Musical Ambience: Intruders, Hidenori Iwasaki, Front Mission 4)

"Contact right!" the team leader shouted, the SAWborg leaning out from his cover and firing a long burst of 6.5X28 caseless from his SAW arm. The gunner lay down a thick curtain of full metal jackets as two D Boys leapfrogged under his suppression fire. He fell back as the other two engaged the security guards, gutting them with high frequency blades.

"Contact silenced, moving forward." one of the soldiers said, the squad continuing toward an elevator. Prying the doors open the soldiers filed in, the last man leaving a grenade behind him. It blew out a few walls upon exploding. The soldiers began their descent, leaping off the walls. The elevator for this shaft was at the bottom, stopped as per security alert protocols. The soldiers stopped off at specific floors, breaking off to engage at specific points. The SAWborg and the team leader got onto the floor most of the fighting was occuring on.

"Deploying agent..." the team leader said as he pulled a pair of large canisters off his back. He pulled the pins off and threw them, greenish gas spewing out.

It was a less lethal nerve agent intended to knock out the target for acquisition.

"Cover/concealment..." the SAWborg said, both soldiers shooting out lights, regular and emergency alike. This scene replayed itself on two other floors, above and below. They were gassing the building in order to recover the target at their liesure.
Seven glanced back just to see the guards right on his heels. This made him run faster, almost disappearing out of sight from them. But they continued to chase after him, shooting light beam after light beam at him. Then they knew it would soon be over as they watched him dart right out of the facility by the front doors. Not wanting to get reprimanded by the Boss, they continued after him in the hopes to catch him eventually.
[bg=#000000]The elevator was a bit late in getting down and slowly rose up. The numbers lit up one by one as he went up higher and higher. He was almost at the lobby when the power was cut to the elevator. "Damn it." He said noticing that he was just in between floors. He punched open the top of the elevator. Lucky for him the next floor's doors were right there. In his frustration he punched the doors open denting them on either side. His hand was torn up but it healed pretty fast. Stepping out he was at one of the main offices for the labs. He noticed that Doctor Tim had just finished talking to a girl covered in blood. "As I recall it is not protocol to be dragging around subjects like pets Doctor." He said in a despairing tone. "But I am not the boss so do what you will." He put the doors back in place before walking through the room. Suddenly nausea hit him like a brick wall. He gripped his fore head trying to get rid of it. After the fit Henry reached into his pocket and pulled out a packet of donated blood. He bit into it and sucked all of the red liquid out. He seemed to recuperate from his attack. Tossing the package aside in a trash Henry looked over to Doctor Tim who was still in a defensive position for Xooki. Henry did not know whether it was for her defense or his though. "Do not worry about me saying anything. I do not talk to the higher ups all that often anyway. Here." Once again Henry dug in his pockets this time pulling out a circular piece of metal. He flicked it to the two with his thumb. "Kind of a good luck charm if you want to call it that."[/bg]
Tim handed a classic attire (a white lacy summer dress) to Xooki, telling her to change into that once she got herself cleaned up. She nodded, giving him the cutest smile, "Yes daddy!" she said, taking the new set of clothing.

Tim heard Henry walk in, he glance back momentarily and nodded at him to confirm his presence. "It's just fine," he told him, then caught the charm in his hand. Looking at it for a moment, he wondered if it was just as it appeared, or something else. "Thanks for the gift," he said, sliding the object into the pocket of his white coat.

A few minutes later, Xooki emerged from a room, dressed like a girl from back in the early years-being 2009. Tim still valued the small things in life, and simple dressing was one of them. "Don't forget the shoes," he reminded her, pointing down to her bare feet.

Glancing down, Xooki saw a pair of white ballet flats, waiting to receive her feet. After perfectly slipping them on, she was sent after Seven. They watched him through the monitor screen as he dashed out of the building's main entrance. A bunch of guards quickly followed after him.
'Targeting error detected, switching targets' said the voice in Drake's head.


'Target proceeding.......


He raced off after Khalid who was not his registered target, boots pounding on the floor. He ran faster than most others could the sound of servo motors could be heard coming from his lags and lowed torso. He reached a corner and skidded to a halt his hand bashing plaster from the wall as his built up velocity carried his further than expected. Then he resumed the chase. He saw Khalid up ahead and aimed a shot at him, but it went wide blowing a hole in the wall 20 meters in front of his target.

'Target appears dislimbed expect reduced combat effectiveness.'
Stepping out through the front doors of the facility, Xooki blinks lightly as she stepped into the asphalt. She sees many people of all shapes, sizes and color walk passed her. That was when she remembered her mission. To follow that "feeling" she got, whenever she came within close range of Seven. She had a single white bracelet on her right wrist, with a red button on its center. The button she was to press as soon as she saw Seven-to notify the others in the lab that she had found him. Her hands which were sitting idly at her sides, now clasped in front of her pure white dress, her gaze turned directly were she felt that feeling strongest. West.

She turned and started to walk, following the feeling. It was starting to fade, for her target was quickly advancing way ahead of her. The distance in between them grew. Remembering her father's words, that if she lost the feeling-she would loose her chances at finding him, she broke into a light spring-to her it was light. To human eyes, it looked as if she were running-fast. She eat up two blocks before she spotted Seven ducking around a corner in an alley way. She hesitated and slowed to a walk.

"I think I lost them..." came his voice from round the corner. She heard him say that. He glanced back around to see her and froze. She looked very similar to himself. Only her hair was ivory and her eyes were a cerulean hue.

"What are you? Why do I feel so... attached to you?" he asked, stepping out of his hiding spot. He felt something that was like a link with her, it gave him the feeling that he was not alone. This also gravitated him towards her. It was strongest now that they stood five feet away from each other.

Smiling sweetly, Xooki pressed the button on her bracelet. It blinked and started to glow. Seven saw this and started to think that she might possibly be a Tracker.

He stepped back.

"My name is Xooki Burns, and daddy told me to come and get you," she said, raising her arm out to him, palm up. A gesture for him to take her hand, "so please come with me." she finished, flashing her innocent grin.

Seven shook his head. He won his freedom the hard way and he wasn't going to give it all up now. "No, I'm not going with you Xooki, I don't care what they tell you-they won't catch me again." he told her.

"It's too late, they already know you're here," she said, dropping her hand back to her side. She watched him closely, and noticed his difference from her as well. His hair was silver and shorter, with long bangs hanging slightly over his grayish lavender eyes. Even his skin was a hue lighter than her ivory complexion. He was like her, they shared the same DNA. But even so, they both stood on different sides of the line.

She noticed him turn and run off.

"Come back here!" she yelled, taking off after him.

Seven weaved through the sea of people around him, he knew that if he felt that "linking" feeling fade completely he would loose her. It was as if they were both programmed to find each other- like a tracking device. She was one of them, a Tracker. The link grew stronger, glancing back he saw the girl right behind him.

"Damn it!" he cursed, turning right. He ran down a less crowded street, leaving the Krytel building behind him.

[bg=#000000]Xooki managed to get ahead of the relaxed Harley. He was clearly not in the mood to chase anything down. As he got to the lobby Georiff was waiting for him as several guards were getting "cleaned up." He pulled out a pack of smokes and took one out stripping it of the filter. "I see there is no reason for me to get out of bed." Harley commented smugly. Georiff closed his eyes and sighed. Slowly he walked up to Harley, and when he got within range, punched him in the face.
"Where the hell were you!? Here we are trying to catch a rebel and you are taking the scenic route up here? I want you to find our subject and bring it back!" Georiff was enraged and Harley still had his head turned from the previous blow. Straightening back out and adjusting his jaw he stared into Georiff's eyes.
"You are lucky I am quick to regenerate." He said in a sadistic tone. "Do not worry I will find your missing pet. What project is it?" Harley asked so he could get the identification of the subject.
"The project is named Seven. He is the seventh in the line of Cynex experiments. He was successful and we cannot have him leaving at this stage!" Georiff ranted forgetting who he was talking to. A shocked look had come over Harley's face for a fraction of a second. Slowly his mind devised an ultimate plan. It had been such a long time since an opportunity arose like this.
'A successful Cynex project. I might be able to break my bonds after all.' He thought to himself as he walked forward. It was day but the forecast was a heavy overcast making it perfect for him. Rushing out he only managed to blurt out, "Take care of my plant!" Up in the check point area the service clerk was surprised to see a man in a white suit and top hat exit. Although it was not that surprising as he had just seen two young silver haired children leave.
"Sir I will need you to sign this. It is for all employees leaving the building." He said trying to not get himself killed. Harely took notice of the clerk and made his way to the desk. With his off hand in his pocket he bent down and signed the paper. He set the pen down and started to rise again but stopped to glare at the man.
"Will that be all before you further delay me?"
"N-n-n-no sir, that is all." Harley smiled and went on outside. It had been several years since his last day out here.
Musical Score: Fake it - Seether

The shot blew out part of the wall in front of Khalid, showering him with masonry, some of the sharper fragments even slicing through the flesh, though most of the wounds were superficial.

Khalid sped up his pace, his hand groping the inside of his jacket as he ran, he was not dissapointed as his quivering fingers found a single injector vial of polymorphene.
"Just what the doctor ordered" his voice was still that of the guards, but he sprinted passed stunned workers and guards, placing the injector in his mouth, teeth holding the device in place as he drew the laser from its holster and blowing one of the large glass windows out in a sizzling hail of lasfire.

the glas buckled and shattered, the Assassin flying through the shower of glas a moment later, he was supremely lucky not to have been injured, But Khalid had more important matters to attend to, and he dropped the laser and grabbed the injector as he ran down a side street.

slamming the injector into his Thigh, Khalid did something he hadn't done in years, he focus'ed on the biology of an animal, a Cheetah to be exact, and his body, in a wave of sickening snaps and pops, changed shape and form to match the highly detailed and disciplinged image in his mind.

a minute later, a three legged cheetah burst from the alley, leaving the guard's persuer in the dust as it ran, the guards uniform and other items left in the alley and a feral snarl on it's lips.
30 minutes, then i revert the Cheetah thought as it barreled at nearly 30kmph down the footpath, it's missing limb ending just above the knee.

25 minutes later

The Cheetah loped up the stairs slowly, getting inside the building had been a challenge, and the shrieking of passers by was beggining to grow old, not to mention the fact that he had lost far too much blood to be alright.
the animal had a throbbing headache as it reached the top floor, realizing that it couldn't work the doorhandle or get passed the security devices without reverting, so the animal spent the next three minutes trying to block out the pain, remembering what he had been taught at the Schola, the voice of his shifting Tutor springing to mind for the first time in years.

Polymorphene is your gift, but also your curse, my pupils, never forget that whilst it can have you become anyone, nay anything of your own approximate size, but if one does not know their biology, the transformation WILL fail and you WILL be left a ruined messy mass of flesh.
No matter what your condition or mindset, you MUST exercise discipline at all times when shifting or reverting, know the EXACT biology of what you intend to shift or revert to. Think of nothing else and above all else, Remember this; Exictus Acta Probat

Khalid felt the reverting process begin and focused his mind accordingly, though it was a struggle to do so over the throbbing pain in his arm.

minutes later, Khalid had passed his security settings, unlocked his door and entered the safehouse and enetered the Medicae room.

Laptops blinked into life and in the half light Surgical tools, most attached to mechanical arms hissed and moved to surround the Medical bed that lay at the heart of the room.

Khalid drew himself onto the bed, his remainign arm typing something onto the keyboard of the laptop nearest to the bed.


/commence operations
which operation would you like to commence:

/right arm rejuvenat
commencing right arm rejuvenat...
initializing anasthetic program.
Exitus Acta Probat.

'Intruders across multiple floors, protect science personnel and test subjects'

Drake accelerated after the assassin but disappeared down a side-corridor. Heading for the liftshafts.

'Air toxicity detected, nerve gas agents present, internal filters engaged. WARNING! Malfunction in filter 4 detected, estimated time until incapacitation 15 minuets'

The cyborg ignored the voice, like it did most of the time. But he did slow his pace to lessen oxygen intake. Ahead the air was thick with gas and he couldn't help but cough slightly as the malfunctioning filter let a small amount through.

'Recommend immediate return to maintenance to replace filter 4'

The cyborg turned the voice off. It was getting irritating. There where others in the gas he could hear their heavy footfalls. His own heavy tread was clearly audible as he walked down the passage, weapon pointed forward. Then he saw one of the intruders. Its heavy body, the smooth movements of its mechanical limbs. For a second he felt a connection with the newer cyborg, never having seen one before, he instantly hated it. A laser burst tore through the air before he took cover in a nearby doorway, his elbow easily splintering the wooden door as we couched down, trying to see through the mortar dust blasted from the walls. Where was it?
Timeon walked out of the lab and as he approached the doors of his office, he overheard Georiff's convo with Harley.

"May I interrupt to correct something, apparently Georiff has been giving you the wrong information. Seven is the first and most successful experiment I have created. And I would like if it everyone would stop referring him as a subject, an evperiment or a thing. He is human, he is not Superman. Seven can get hurt, but he heals quickly. And you know what, he was right, he deserves his freedom. I won't let Xooki bring him back here. I want my son to be free," Timeon commenced to walk away torwards his office.

Georiff went after him, grabbing him by his shoulder he spun him around.

"No you will not! That Cynex will be caught and you won't stop it!" he yelled, pushing Timeon onto the wall.

"He's my son, I'm the one responsible for him, I gave him his gift- he is not yours and you don't have the right to tell me what to do Georiff!" Timeon yelled, his calm tone rose with his agitation. People like Georiff was the kind he could never tolerate. All they want is money and power.

"No, you are wrong Burns, you used tools from this facility to create the Cynex. The experiment belongs to this lab...and if you won't cooperate, then you will be dealt with," Georiff said, staring at Timeon with a sinister grin.

"So let's start over, partners?" he extended his hand out to Timeon.

Timeon glared at him.


Seven swirved around the corner and found himself decending a pair of steps leading into the train station. Once there he hopped into a train and found Xooki there too. After waiting a couple of stops, he got out of the train just as the doors closed shut. He kept walking and Xooki left on the train, she realized she had just lost him.

Outside the station, Seven looked around to see that he had left a part of Manhattan to enter an even more crowded area: Times Square. This place was packed with people walking around in different directions. Seven started to run, wanting to get away from all the madness, soon however he found himself running into a girl.

"'Sorry," he said, turning around to see the fallen girl on the ground. She looked up at him and gave him a weird look.

"In a hurry huh?" she said, taking his offered hand to get back on her feet.

"Yeah," he said, releasing her hand, he stepped back. Looking at her, she was a pretty girl, about 16 he assumed. She had long aurburn hair flowing down her shoulders in glossy, silken tousled waves. Her amber eyes were bright and absorbing as they scanned him up and down. She has a pretty fair complexion and she stood at five feet -so she's really short- and she was wearing a red and black plaid skirt, black stockings and a leather jacket over a white and red uniform shirt. Even in the future the uniforms remain untouched. He noticed the subtle smile creep on her rosebud lips.

"What?" he asked, feeling a little nervous.

Her head fell into a soft curious tilt, her eyes met his, "What are you wearing? You look like a Mummy gone wrong," she stifled a laugh.

He frowned at her, "I don't have time for this, excuse me while I run for my life!" he said, turning to leave, but she reached out and grabbed him by the arm yanking him back.

"Hold it there tiger, I didn't even get your name and who are you running from?" she asked, tugging at his arm.

"What? Girl, I don't even know you. Don't think I'm just going to sit here and tell you my life story!" Seven yelled at her.


"So you're all super and stuff," the girl said, watching him wolf down a bunch of fries. The two sat in a restaurant (Wc Donald's) in a corner though. She had ordered him a bunch of different kinds of foods from the menu. "Like some X-Men shit right?" she asked, staring at him in slight awe.

"Yeah. Something like that," he said, after swallowing a bite from a cheese burger and sipping some soda. "I'm not even supposed to be here talking to you girl, you can just get yourself killed," he said, giving her a serious look.

She regarded him with a smile, "Hey, I have a name you know, it's Zephie Strode. And by the way, you're here because I offered free lunch. And I can understand the "running away" thing. I've tried it a bunch of times but you always end up back home...for some reason." she said, resting her chin on her hand. She couldn't help but watch him with facination. Also that she was sitting here in the middle of the day having lunch with a guy. This was new to her, all the other guys in her high school are all a bunch of idiots. This one seemed promising, she grinned at that thought as she stole a french fry from him.

"Heh, well I ain't going back. Ever," he said, looking around momentarilly for any trackers. "You don't happen to be a Tracker are you?" he muttered.

"Nope, if I were a Tracker, whould I just be sitting here watching you pig out? I don't think so. But if I were you, I would-" she saw him stand up and walk off.

"Hey! Seven!" she got to her feet and bolted out of the establishment after him.

"You're right, I should get going, lingering in a place to long gives them a chance to catch me," he told her when she caught up to him.

She cut in front of him, spreading her arms out at both sides of her. "Wait a minute Mr. Fast and Stupid! You're not gunna blend in much wearing that, come with me!" she said, grapping him by the cuff of his ripped up shirt sleeve, she started to lead him towards her house.

Why do I feel like I'm going to regret this? he thought as he let her drag him off somewhere.


"I lost him!" Xooki said, looking up at the blue skies. She got off acouple of stops after him and she ended up at Central Park. She walked around the streets until she reached the park and then she stopped. As she slowly began to stroll towards the grassy aread of the park she tried to focus on finding that connection. She knew he couldn't have gone far, but their link grew weaker as the distance in between them grew. She sighed, knowing she had failed. If she returned to the lab without him she knew Timeon wouldn't be happy.

"No, I will not return without Seven! I have to complete this mission!" she proclaimed. She looked up to the skies again, the sun was shining and the weather was clear. She knew that if she kept moving, maybe she'd be able to pick up a signal somewhere. So she decided to do do just that. Keep moving.
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