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What is your take on this so called day of reckoning? Do you think the world will end in fire? This is the big one!

Whats your opinion?

Personally, I think It's bs. Then again I am not a very believing person when its comes to things of this nature.

said the same thing in 2000 and nothing happened, I think people just want to freak out about something stupid.
I don't think the end is nigh. Like you said, I think it's a load of BS. Now, if someone could prove it, or if I could be given the gift of Sight, and foresee the future, then I'd believe. ... And completely blow off responsibility and party for the next year.
All of it is a load of crap, I don't believe it at all.
Total BS!

Doesn't stop me from watching waaaay too many "end of the world" documentaries and getting paranoid, though. XD
I know there's gonna be an end of the world party somewhere around here so I'll obviously recieve rapture high.
The end of the world card has been pulled far too many times for it to be believed anymore. It's become like the boy who cried wolf.
tell that to the rest of America.

2012 is just the end of the Mayan era.
And the thing is that the Mayans believes that it'd be the start of a new cycle if the current comes to a end...So it'd rebirth not end of time. But people seem to like to believe that the ancients gave a shit about us...
I want something to happen.

For the lulz.

But I don't think anything will.
I think it's BS as well. I have enough things to worry about. But I do get paranoid about it from time to time.

... Then I remember "end of the world" or not, I still gotta pay the bills. That usually snaps me out of it.
I'd love to tell that to the rest of America, but they just won't f'in listen cause I don't have a television show.

My friends dad has lost his mind. He is now convinced that the end of the world is coming. He has stocked his house full of bottled water, canned foods, guns, ammunition and other crap. He lives in town with his girl friend and they have an evacuation route to get out to the country house. A f'in EVACUATION ROUTE in case of the end of the world. He forced me to sit down and go over the plan with him. Made me look at maps and all sorts of shit.

My simple response was, "If it's the end of the world, what good is getting out to the country going to do us?"

His response - "I'm building a bunker."
If there's massive solar flares that knock out all our sattelites and all our powerlines it will seem like the end of the civilized world... Damn it now you all know the plot for my next RPG!
if the world ends, stiff shit.

if it doesnt, tough shit.

apathy+ignorance when it comes to this stuff. dont care, dont know.
Shit, if it's only the end of a civilized world, all I'll be pissed about is no more video games... OR IWAKU.
I think it's BS, as most everyone seems to think when pressed about it. I'm not worried the world will end, and if it does end...it's probably our own damn fault anyway.

I DO get annoyed by this story popping up every damn time I mention a date after 2012. Jesus, it might have been funny to mention it the first time but after the sixth or seventh time in the same day, I'm getting to the point where I wish I could cause the damn end myself just to shut them up.
I take interest in this BS. I've watched shows on anything that might actually be the cause of this "world ending".

There were shows on over-pollution. There were shows on asteroids and Commets that apparently will hit us durring that year. There were shows about how our sun will finally give out. *To be fair, it IS really fucking old.

And so on and so forth. But if any of those held truth, there'd be warnings all over the place
A certain web series on youtube featuring Iron Man put it best:

"Sure, I could kick Kick-Ass' ass!
The Losers would be lost!
And no one knows if Jonah Hex can make back what he cost!
But we at Marvel have a plan!
Quite simply, it's divine!
A plan you spell C-O-N-T-I-N-U-I-T-Y!

In my new film, Black Widow and Nick Fury got to shine!
We co-exist with Cap and Thor, who aren't that far behind!
To set all of that up, we gave up half of my screen time,
But it's worth it so you see that we have continuity!

Tony: I know what you're thinking!
Bruce: No, you don't.
Tony: What about all the Marvel characters at other studios?
Bruce: Don't care.
Tony: I'm glad you asked!
Bruce: I'm not.

While Spider-Man's at Sony
And the X-Men are at Fox,
They'll never let them go as long as they keep up their stocks!
We'll get to put them in the Marvel Movie Universe,
As soon as they make 40,000 reboot-prequels first!

Then, Logan, you and Cap could have a war movie to shoot!
And, Spider-Man, you could be the Avengers' new recruit!
But, if they write a teen vampire into your reboot,
Stay the hell away from me and my continuity!

You've got a ton of competition from DC!
Well, if by competition, you mean Batman 3!
Ooops! Forgot Green Lantern!
And Nolan's Superman... Come on, it's just a joke!

DC showed us Batman Begin
And Superman Return!
But when they said they'd never meet, the audience felt burned! (Boo!)
Instead of seeing a World's Finest movie on the screen,
They got a crappy joke inside an "I Am Legend" scene!

As DC Entertainment tries to make that movie real,
The DC Movie Universe and Marvel made a deal!
We won't mention "Howard The Duck,"
And we won't mention "Steel,"
And we'll fight until we bleed for superiority!

Well, RDJ is playing me!
And Chris Hemsworth is Thor!
And Cap will look a lot like this guy from Fantastic Four!
But if Marvel and Edward Norton simply can't agree,
We'll see Bruce Banner being played by David Duchovny!

See all of us in theaters in the year 2012!
Although, a few months later, some say things will go to hell!
But, before we cease to be
From the Mayan prophecy,
You can buy the DVD!
With a digital copy!
Or the Blu-Ray in HD!
With deleted scenes with me!
Did I mention it's 3-D?
Still, it's vital that you see
The important thing to me
Is the fact-that-we-have-CON-TI-NU-I-TY!

Bruce: Does Rhodey look different to you?
Tony: Shut up."