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  1. Hello everyone~!

    I have posted this thread to find one more partner for a simple RP me and another member plan on doing~ Yes, it will lead to a threesome between one man and two females. We need someone who is willing to play a Male role for this rp~

    There is very little plot to the rp, other than the fact that it will take place in an Academy of sorts. The two females played by me and my friend will be Supernatural beings of some sort, and the Male role will be Human. We can talk about other info or added plot candies for the rp after accepting to take part in the rp~ ^^

    Comment below if you'd like to play along~ Gender does not matter, but we do need someone to play a male Human character for this 1x1x1~ I hope to find a good second partner~! Posting length is a minimum of 2 or even 1 5-7 sentence paragraph~!
  2. I'm interested in playing the male human for this.
  3. Awesomeness~! Thank you for being interested~ I'll invite you to our PM right away~ ^^
  4. This sounds cool, i would like to RP in this if you are still looking for someone to play with you.
  5. I'm down to be the dude if Hasty is out
  6. Hm... I might have an interesting idea for you and the other. When I am allowed to play, I have an idea to bring in tentacles~ Some extra fetishes as well, and it can work in modern and medieval times. My posts should meet your demands, but they might not be as frequent. I post about 3 or 4 times a week, but will change it if the rp turns out to be on intense scenes.
  7. Sounds interesting, PM me and we could sort something out.
  8. Sorry everyone! My alerst weren't working, but I'll PM a couple of you with the details! ^^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.