1x1x1 Naruto idea.

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  1. What if that was Naruto who wanted to recreate his clan and avenge his clan's village destruction? What if Sasuke turned his need to not see his precious ones die in a drive to become the best Medic-nin he could possibly be? What if Sakura wanted to prove that a kunoichi could become a Hokage if she wanted to badly enough? What would become of Team Seven then? What would become of the Elemental Nations at large?

    Basically, I want two partners for this, so that we spin a great retelling of the Naruto series through the eyes of these changed three, each destined for greatness. With a need for detail and good characterization, I also ask for at least two paragraphs of good quality per post. We would start at the same place as the canon series, with a bit of flashbacks when we want and need them to outline the great changes those tweaks I spoke of earlier made.

    Is anyone interested?
  2. Ohh, fascinating. I'd love to join.
  3. I would also be interesting in this. (:
  4. Great!
    What role would you two prefer?
  5. Hmm... I would rather play Sakura, if that's all right?
  6. If oxo is all right with it, that would be perfect :)!
  7. Sweet! This definitely seems like a really good idea and I'm excited for it. Haven't done a good Naruto rp for a while.
  8. I'll take Sasuke then, if that's cool.
  9. Sure!
    Naruto'll be my jam, then!

    Do you both have some ideas or questions before we start this up?
  10. Are we starting pre-Shippuden, when they're all kids?
  11. Yup, we'll start with the very first version of them, just before their last academy test.
  12. Sounds awesome! And I have no questions or ideas really, so yeah. (:
  13. Anything else, oxo? :)