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    a man who must be fierce and brave, ever expanding the borders of the Tyranny to bring his people wealth and glory. A Tyrant who fails to display the proper strength and aggression is never Tyrant for long, and there is a long and proud history of generals seizing the throne if the blood of the old ruler grows weak. Tyrant Kayode III completed the goal of his forefathers by conquering the Pearl Isles and making all the continent of Namir territory of Lion Rising. Now it falls to his son, Tyrant Thairu I, to expand Lion Rising where it has never been before: North, to the continent of Damre, across the heavily fortified landbridge and into lands nothing like they have ever seen before.
    The priests of the Great Lion promise that the land is ripe for conquest. His generals sharpen their blades and must go to war lest those blades be used on him. His best friend, the Right Hand of the Tyrant, unwilling to share him with his wives, urges him to war so they may spend more time together. A brief foray is made and the landbridge is claimed for Lion Rising, along with a new bride for the Tyrant.
    It is just enough blood to whet his peoples' appetite, but when he returns to Hadjit-upon-T'zir there are new voices that urge him away from conquest. His loveliest wife urges him to be content with what territory he has gained and to stay home with her for a while. His newly taken wife tells him he will fail if he goes further into the continent using his current ways of war.
    It is the rainy season, but in two months' time the land will dry and the army will be ready to move- with or without their Tyrant.

    Right now I'd love to get two other people to do this with me. The characters I have in mind are:

    The Tyrant | me | Thairu Alraz bin Kayode, intent on bringing wealth and pride to his people, is torn between his wives and other advisers on whether or not to proceed with the invasion.
    Oldest Wife | me | Yamilex ahn Faatima is the grandmother of the best friend and was married to Thairu's grandfather for a time. She's independent, has friends in all kinds of places, and is just a little too clever and powerful for her own goo sometimes.
    Foreign wife | Alpha | (no idea what to call her) was taken from her home and forced into a marriage with the tyrant (arranged marriage, her level of consent is variable). Though she's off balance and out of place in this strange new land, she has little choice but to try and find a place where she belongs.
    The Friend | Alpha | (Ajmal bin Adeola? You can choose but that's the name I was using in my head for him) is the Right Hand of the Tyrant. It's an important position, adviser and friend and bodyguard and lover all in one, for princes are not allowed to lay with women due to inheritance issues and require a lover that is sure not to betray them. This lover, though, is not entirely pleased about being abandoned in favor of the newly crowned Tyrant's wives.
    Lovely wife | Beta | (Savadavarah ahn Hediyeh?) is considered the most beautiful young woman in all the Tyranny. She used her beauty to wrangle an excellent marriage, and seeks to gain the position of Favored wife and the power that comes with.
    The Champion | Beta | (no idea for him either) is the protector of the foreign princess. In their country is is traditional for every highborn woman to have a man willing to stand in for her in duels and other conflicts. No one's exactly sure where he stands in Lion Rising, but he's here for better or for worse.

    These characters are pretty flexible. ^^ As for the setting, it still has a quite a bit of creative freedom. I'm thinking somewhere between ancient Egypt and Persia, where giant temples & tombs are cool, the chariots are swanky, and not wearing at least a pound of gold is unusual among rulers. As for the nation that the foreign princess & her protector come from, that's still totally undefined and open for creative license. It could be a generic medieval kingdom, it could have an Asian influence, it could be a kingdom of Elves or Orcs- it's a blank page ready to be written upon.
    Anyone interested in snagging the Alpha or Beta character roles? ^^
  2. Have you found anyone for this yet? I might be interested in playing your Alpha roles.
  3. I haven't found anyone yet, so of course I'd love to have you take it. ^^
    Do you have any questions, or is there anything you'd like to change?
  4. Sorry, I missed this. Let me go over it again in the morning. It'll likely depend on the Beta characters, if/when they come along.
  5. Alright. ^^ Let's hope we get someone to play the Beta characters pretty soon~
  6. Anyone?
  7. I'm still up for this. =]
  8. We still need a Beta...
  9. :C
  10. I find myself increasingly lusting for this RP, but I must ask what Alpha and Beta mean. Do the Beta roles have less impact on the story? Are the Alphas a bit more decisive on which way the story goes? I am eyeing the Champion quite wantingly if I have the opportunity to roleplay as something with Middle Eastern influences.
  11. I think she just gave the roles a label. Like Characters A and B or Black and White or Ketchup and Mustard.

  12. Oh no, Betas roles are perfectly equal with the others! I decided not to use the English alphabet since A role and a role were too similar and I wanted to avoid confusion. If it would make things better I could use the military version and have Alpha and Bravo? ^^ Or some other designation.
  13. Alright. Consider me in, but I'll warn you now, having multiple characters right off the bat was never my forte, per say...
  14. Well, what's the fun in roleplaying if you're never growing and refining your skills? ^^ I'm sure you'll do fine.