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  1. Hello. I'm Raven as my username states. I have been in many group RPs and only a few 1x1s.
    I'm not the best with plots but am improving. So if you wish me to lead the story line please be willing to wait at times cause of that... And be willing to work with me. I'm also not a great speller and grammar person. My computer at times does not always have spell check working. So I'm not picky on experience level. I can work with one liners my post may just not be in one lines back. I can usually get a few post in one day depending on time difference. My time is EST so yeah but I reply when I can I know we all have lives. I have school so don't fret I can wait.

    Okay that was long now if your worried about plots well. Basically I would prefer you my partner to have a plot idea or lead but I'm cool with sharing the ideas. For as of right now I am better at having many smaller plots than one major.

    Okay now here's what I'm interested in genre wise.

    Modern Fantasy

    Okay that's what I know of for the most part. I'm willing to try other geres as well just ask me and share the idea. I may say sure or that seems cool.

    Are you still with me? If so here is a list of what I would enjoy theme wise for fandoms.

    Teen Titans (obviously)
    Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force GO
    Avatar the Last Airbender/ Legend of Kora
    Warrior Cats
    The Legend of Zelda
    Anime there is a lot I'm willing so just ask.

    Fantasy well there is a huge variety there as well.

    Now I know that's a lot. So if you read through it all props to you.
    PM me please if you are interested and wish to discuss more on an RP. Or you can say here what your interested in if it's from the fandom list. Or if you don't want to PM me first before knowing if I'm cool with genre or the idea you may be thinking fantasy wise.

    I maybe willing for Librenteen but I'm a plot person. So that's a PM question is all I'll say.
  2. I would be interested in doing something with you! I always love a good fantasy based RP, and may I just say that I have been craving an Avatar the Last Airbender/Korea plot for some time. I didn't have much time to respond to this so I was just trying to express my interest. Feel free to shoot me a PM if interested! C:
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  3. On the fandoms did you want to do OC or cannon characters?
  4. I'm fine with Cannon or original. Even both really.
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