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  1. Erhm... So, I'm a very active roleplayer, living on Pacific Standard Time. I'm involved in several Group RP's, only made possible because they're generally updated with only a couple pertinent posts per day. Sometimes less. In any case, I want to try carrying out a one on one. Hopefully with someone very active, but without involving romance. If anyone has any ideas, shoot me a pm, or post them here. I was thinking it could be with a counterpart playing an opponent, controlling multiple minor characters, but that was just a vague idea. The only genre's I won't do are Horror, Psychedelic and, as stated before, Romance (of any kind, including sexual themes), but I do want to warn anyone interested that I'm not a military or tech buff, so I won't be a good opponent for a strictly military themed roleplay. I play either gender equally, but I don't mind what you play. I will adapt my post length to match yours, but I will never claim to be "impossibly perfect;" my weakness is setting description. I'm hoping to get a little better at that, but if you're a roleplayer who writes only a few sentences per post, I'll try to do the same. I care about my characters. That can be both my greatest asset and my greatest weakness in roleplaying. I take time to develop them, visualize them, change them. This means I don't do "big picture" roleplays or stories of any form. I can't. I don't expect character sheets for this, and I'm perfectly happy if we only discuss basic idea, and don't go through each plot point carefully. Isn't it more exciting if you're not quite sure what's going to happen next? :) All this said, I can stand short posts, but not horrible grammar. If it's a punctuation mark or two off, seriously, I don't care, but if you start switching tenses in the middle of sentences, or anything similar that HINDERS my comprehension of your meaning, I don't think I'll be able to stick with it. Nor will I engage in chatspeak or whatever they call it, other than slipping a "b/c" or "btw" in OOC or something like that. I've got no problem with you making up words, though, as long as the situation is appropriate, or your character speaking with strange grammar or a nearly incomprehensible accent. All that is okay. I'm perfectly alright doing first person, but I want us to be consistent about it. If you do first person, so will I, and no switching in the middle. This really doesn't sound like any RP partner requests I've seen before so I'm... not sure I'll get any positive responses, but I thought I'd try anyways.

    I guess the basic gist is if you're interested in a one on one non-romance, non-tech/military roleplay with heavy character development, fast posting speed, and a versatile posting style, I'm your RPer.

    (Ah! Psst! Last note! I'm hoping to eventually do an RP pertaining to music! If you want clarification, PM me.)
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  2. Hey you up for a rp about two brothers who go into the pop punk music business , music like my chemical romance, never shout never, panic at the disco?
  3. Huh. That's unexplored territory for me. I'd love to try! I've never heard any of those songs before though. pfft. Lemme check them out. PM me about the specifics?
  4. Kk
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