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    Vincent, woke up to the sound of his alarm blaring. He rolled over and picked it up, throwing it against the wall and smashing it. He got up and walked into the bathroom, in his underwear. Taking a shower Vincent relaxed, he liked water, it was so calm. Micheal lived by himself, he moved out when he turned 16, and he liked being alone, nobody telling him what to do, and how to live his life. Vincent had been in jail a couple of times, never for serious stuff, just for shoplifting and stealing cars, was all.

    Vincent stepped out of the shower and pulled on a pair of underwear and jeans, he grabbed a short off of the floor and and a sweater. He lived about a couple blocks from the school, so he normally walked to school. Vincent pulled on his shoes and snapped on some arm bands, grabbed his bag and walked out of his apartment and began his walk to school/ He didn't really have friends at school so he never walked with anyone, everyone thought he was kind of a jerk, anyways. He didn't really care, he just wanted to be alone and have people leave him alone.

  2. Taylor had woken up at 5:30, no, she didn't need to get up that early, but she wasn't the type of girl who slept all that much. She sighed, switching into the clothes that she would wear for the day. She switched into a pair of capris, a plain tshirt. She walked into the bathroom, brushing her teeth eith ease before rinsing and spitting. She sighed, looking into the mirror. She never liked what she saw, never in her life. She brushed her blonde hair out before putting it up into a ponytail. She looked down at the neon orange ankle socks she had chosen to wear that day.

    She soon sat on the couch, watching some tv before she looked at the clock, realizing she needed to head to school. She didn't live far away from the school, infact, it only took her about 5 minutes to walk there. She grabbed her backpack before starting to head to school, ready to get her classes out of the way, even though she'd get straight A's like always.
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    Vincent, walked into school, walking to his locker he ran into about 4 people, they just yelled watch were you're going and went on with it. Vincent chuckled and continued to his locker, he opened it and, looked at the pictures he had, they were some of bands and some of random things, but there was one picture, he had it and he always kept it hidden, He lifted the picture he had over it and smiled, looking at the picture, he heard some one walking behind him and he quickly hid the picture.

    Vincent grabbed his notebook and pencil out if his locker and walked to his first class, he had science first. He walked in and sat in the back. Classes didn't start for awhile, but he didn't have any one to talk to so he just opened his notebook and started to draw and write.
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    Taylor walked into science class, taking her assigned seat near a boy that was already there and he was drawing and writing. She stayed quiet, looking around the room, not having really any friends in the class, since it was a higher level science class. She took her book and started reading it, it was an animal anatomy book, nothing to interesting to anyone else but to her, it was extremely fascinating.
  5. Vincent sat at his desk for awhile, until he noticed that there was a girl walking in, she had her hair in a ponytail and He could tell she looked very happy. "uck, god please don't sit by me." When she did Vincent looked at her, no more like stared at her. "You look a little young fro this class, and you are aware that there are empty seats still right....so you could sit somewhere else." Vincent, really didn't like people.
  6. "I am a little young, yes. And quite frankly, we have an assigned seating chart, and I guess you just happened to sit in the seat you were assigned" she said with a shrug, looking away. She wasn't the kind of girl to talk to people. She wasn't a happy girl, considering she had been diagnosed with sever depression and high functioning aspergers.
  7. Vincent looked over at the girl as she replied. "excuse me, but do you know who the fuck yo are talking too, I could rip you apart, you sure must think you are cool shit, to be talking to me like that." Vincent looked back at his notebook and the at the girls stuff that was sitting on the desk. He picked it up and threw it to the front of the class room, he had never had anyone talk to him like that. Ussualy when he told some one to move, they did. "Oh and by the way, i didn't know about the seating chart." Vincent chuckled evilly with a smirk and went back to drawing.
  8. "Well guess what? You don't know a thing about me, and I sure as hell won't tell you, not like you'd care" she said, going and getting her stuff, goign back to her seat before the teacher walked in. A bruise along her cheekbone was visible, it was from her father beating her.
  9. "Like I give a fuck who you are. That isn't even a good come back, hun." Vincent looked at the girl as she picked up her stuff. When she sat back down Vincent just ignored her, noticing the bruise on her cheek, he figured she fell in gym or something. "wimp" Vincent mumbled under his breath. The teacher walked in and the bell for class to start rang. Students started piling in, most of the kids avoided eye contact with Vincent. The teacher started class and he started talking about some beginning of the year project that each student would have to do with their seat partners.
  10. Taylor had been wearing a long sleeve shirt and as she reached forward to grab her pencil as class started, her sleeve moved up, showing her wrists that had small cuts on them from her hurting herself. She hadn't noticed for a few moments, but soon was in a hurry to pull the sleeve back up her arm. She sighed ever so slightly, glad no one had spoken to her about it, besides, she had so many hidden injuries at the moment.

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  11. Vincent looked over at Taylor and noticed what looked like small cuts on her arm, he didn't feel bad at all, he knew what it felt like, He figured he would show her what it was like to feel pain, so Vincent reached over and snapped off his bracelets, huge cuts, deep and scard laid underneath. Vincent rubbed them, they kind of stung, but Vincent didn't mind, he kinda enjoyed the pain. "STUDENTS EACH OF YOU WILL HAVE TO COME UP WITH A SCIENCE EXPERIMENT TO DO WITH THE PERSON YOU ARE SITTING NEXT TO, SO TURN AND START BRAIN STORMING WHAT YOU WISH TO DO YOUR PROJECT ONE!" The teacher yelled over top of all the kids. Vincent turned to face Taylor.
  12. Taylor bit her lip, looking over to him. "Okay. So, what kinds of science do you like? We can pick a project based off what we like." she said, watching him take off his bracelets. "You saw mine, didn't you?" she asked with a sigh, looking away in slight embarrassment. She looked back over, grabbing a sheet of paper and a pencil, ready to write down what ideas they came up with.
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