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  1. Demby and Frunter Shippers!
    I give you the Honors @Vaila
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  2. Abigaia awoke the next morning and sighed. Her neck had a cramp in it, and she hadn't slept well at all but for the first time in two years she was excited to be going home. It had been two years since she'd left Demetri and the others behind so she could head off to study to be a nurse, and for a while it had been easy. Until her relationship with Demetri deteriorated. Then everything became a lot harder. She couldn't even remember why she'd wanted to be a nurse in the first place. She'd told her sister this much on the phone, but Freya had insisted that she stick it out. But that was eighteen months ago. She was now a fully trained nurse at the age of 19, almost 20, with all of the boxes in her tiny apartment packed and ready to be shipped back home to New York. Baltimore had been great to her, but it wasn't home. Home was where your heart was, or so the saying went. And her heart was with Demetri. Always with Demetri.
    Freya woke up to find her face buried in Hunter's chest. It wasn't the first time this had happened, and it probably wouldn't be the last. They'd been travelling the world together for two years since Ira's death, and Freya loved every second of it. Ira's death had been hard on both of them of course, and Freya had worked incredibly hard to get over her feelings for Hunter. Or so she thought. But it was in moments like this, when they woke up wrapped around one another in bed, that she wondered if they were really just friends and there was some underline sexual tension that just needed ironing out, or if he actually had feelings for her. Because as they lay on her side of the bed, she realised that it was he who always seemed to drift over to her while they slept side by side. She shook her head lightly, removing the thought from her brain. Of course he didn't like her, or at least not like that. She was just good old Freya Nadra Collett, the best friend.
  3. Demetri woke up irritated and completely out of it. Two womens in his arms, both fully naked and him just looking at them boredly. '' Ok.. Wakky up... I'm not in the mood.'' He said boredly standing up and going over his closet. The girls just yawned and whined at him. It was always like that anyways with Demetri and everyone knew that. He grabbed a white shirt and slipped in a pair of shorts before exiting his cabin with pretty much no one. Apparently, there wasn't or almost no Apollo descend. Which didn't surprise him. He walked to the usual training ground where he had a class to give and he looked at all of the new demigods that entered ranging from young teenagers to young adults. '' Ok guys. Get your weapons, we are starting with rounds for warm up.'' he shouted looking always as indifferent.
    Hunter as usual; drooling and his body taking the whole bed for himself. He had grown to be too comfortable with Freya but he never payed much attention as to why and he didn't really care all that much. His hand lazily scratching his abs,he yawned loudly and he stood up straight not knowing where he was. His eyelids half open, his hair messy and his tattoos showing, Hunter just laid back on the bed groaning. '' What time is it...?'' he asked in a hoarse voice.
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  4. "Hell if I know, I woke up to you trying to suffocate me," Freya said, throwing an arm over her eyes. "Do you have to sleep without a shirt? It's awfully distracting for poor females like myself," she teased him as she moved to get up. She was wearing a tank top and shorts as she usually did that was comfortable and hugged her figure. She ruffled his hair gently and laughed softly, moving towards the bathroom. As she shut the door behind her, she pulled off her clothes and stepped in the shower where she began to wash her hair, singing musically.
    Getting ready quickly, she loaded her boxes into the back of her truck and hopped in. She didn't know what had possessed her to drive back, but here she was. Turning on the radio she began to drive quickly, speeding home at a crazy speed. The three hour trip would only take her a couple of hours at most and then she'd be able to find out exactly what had been going on in the world of Demigods.
  5. Demetri rolled his neck making it crack a bit. Three son of heroes right in front of him, but they were no match to him. He wasn't even using his powers here and deactivate it his vitakinesis to have the same handicap. '' Is that all you got?'' he asked tilting his head to his side. The oldest of the three, the last one standing, dashed at him angry. All Demetri did was punch him right in the jaw, making a few teeth fall off just like he was use to like it in his boxing days. The three of them were bloody disgusting to see and he started healing them. '' Class over. Get your asses for breakfast.'' he shouted for everyone to get there including him.
    Hunter chuckled, '' But I just get so hot at night and when I wear something, i get disgusting and everything. Shirtless is best.'' he said going to the kitchen of his Cabin. Both just came back yesterday and ended up just lying there in his cabin and falling asleep. Like usual. He started fixing breakfast. The lucky thing about having a cabin. Because of lack of space, they had to build dorms for the new comers or descendant of less powerful deities.
  6. "And yet you cling to me like I'm your own personal radiator," she called to him from the shower. After she'd finished, she dried off and worked her powers on her hair, curling the long dark strands down her back. It dried off quickly and as she wrapped a towel around her body, she walked through the cabin into the kitchen. "What are we eating, I'm starved," she asked as she approached him in the kitchen.
  7. The smell of burned toast filling the air since he obviously burned them. '' Euh.... Well, Toast with... the honey of two years ago? Oh and I stole those fruit from the Demeter household.'' He said with a nervous smile as he showed one plate full of fruits and the other mainly burned toast but still eatable, including a few ok ones. He placed them on the small table he had with the stuff he still had from a while back. Honey, olive oil... and non perishable stuff.
  8. "You know.... I think one of us should take up cooking lessons," she said thoughtfully. She sat down on one of the chairs, forgetting she was only wearing a towel, and began to eat. "It's not actually that bad.... well not as bad as I thought it would be," she teased with a soft laugh. "Anyway, we are going out for dinner tonight," she said pointing a piece of toast at him threateningly.
  9. '' Why? I can cook perfectly fine you know! I just... lost a bit practice.'' Hunter said pouting as he sat on the table and grabbed the toast she was pointing at him. He spread honey over it and placed fruits on it to try it out. Bread, Honey, strawberries and mangos.
  10. "Evidently," she said laughing as she chewed on the unburnt bit of a slice of toast. "Do you know where I left my suitcase last night?" she asked, looking around as she stood up. "Because I can't hang around in a towel all day," she said as she fluffed up her hair gently with both her hands, pulling all but the fringe back and tying it in a ponytail. But as she did, she forgot to keep hold of the towel and it dropped to the floor. Freya's hands stilled and she blushed bright red as she scrambled to pick it up and cover herself with it.
  11. Out of all this years, it was the first time he saw her completely naked from head to toe and he blushed bloody red. He forgot to even look away and just stared at her chest trailing down to her lower parts unconsciously drawn to that part. Realizing it, he shaked his head but had a stupid grin on his face like an accomplishment and propped his elbow resting his head on it just looking away red but with a smile. Perverted one. He didn't sleep with a girl for two years, ok maybe one, but that was in France and he wasn't exactly sober. So he never counted it.
  12. Freya blushed and looked down, tightly wrapping the towel around her as she glanced up at him from under her eyelashes. She spotted his grin and her eyes widened. He looked pleased with himself and she hurried away embarrassed. Going into Hunter's room she grabbed some of his clothes and pulled them on, a large shirt and her jeans from the day before. It hung off of her, nearly twice her size, as she rolled up her sleeves. She stepped back down to the kitchen and punched Hunters arm, her face still bright red. "Pervert!" she said with a soft growl, but she wasn't really upset. She was thoroughly embarrassed.
  13. Hunter laughed loudly looking up at her not really embarrassed about it, '' But how do you want me to react!?'' he asked chuckling with his shoulders shrugging. '' I looked away didn't I?'' he said rhetorically with his hand a bit over his mouth to hide a bit his smile looking up at her.
    Meanwhile, Demetri walked out of the mess hall looking as indifferent as always. He simply wasn't as energetic or interested in everyday stuff. He still was the Old Demetri back at the first day he came to this camp. But he simply wore that antipatic and unemotional face.
  14. "Yeah, after checking me out," she accused, crossing her arms over her chest. She punched his arm again. "You mention this again to anyone and I'll murder you," she threatened with a glare. "So what are you up to today?" she asked curiously, leaning against the table.
  15. Hunter laughed rolling his eyes. He wouldn't say anything about this. '' Fine, It's our little secret then.'' He said as a joke winking at her. He grabbed his phone to check out his stuff, '' I got nothing for today..... I was just going to hang out with you and meet up with the others..'' He said talking about Demetri mostly. '' Did you have anything in mind?'' he asked.
  16. "Abz gets back today," she said simply, biting her bottom lip. "In a few hours in fact. I'm meeting her in New York for lunch and then we're coming back here..... I'm wondering if you'd let Demetri know that she's coming back, because I haven't told him," she said slowly, looking up at him nervously from under her eyelashes.
  17. " I don't mind but I don't think his going to come." Hunter said looking straight forward before standing up with a thinking face. " Didn't he have that thing in New York too... Like a date with his fiancee?" Hunter said looking down towards Freya.
  18. "Shit," she swore, running a hand through her hair. "I'll bring her straight here then.... do you know where they're going. I can't really ask him without raising suspicion," she said biting her bottom lip. She sighed. "How am I going to tell her?" she asked feeling suddenly sad. Her heart went out to her sister who had no idea that the man whom she was in love with was engaged.
  19. Hunter thought about it, '' Don't ? It's really your business anyways. If someone has to tell her it's him if he even cares.'' Hunter said recalling the amount of blasting Demetri made on the phone when she dumped him. The guy was completely broken and actually made some pretty crude joke about him jumping off the empire state building. He sighted looking at the clock ticking. '' So she's a nurse right? How did she even manage to finish it in 2 years when it takes 3? She's that intelligent?'' Hunter asked.
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  20. "She got early admission and yeah she is," she said gently. "She's got a job in New York in the maternity ward, I'm so proud of her. Nurse Abigaia Collett," she said with a smile. "I just don't want her to get her heart broken again," she continued, swallowing with a frown.
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