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  1. So uh, yeah. This is the thread for the things.

    I'll post my character biographies in another post to leave this one for general use and future editing.
  2. Helix's characters - Subject to tweaks and edits

    Sam Finch (open)
    Name: Sam Finch, but only goes by Prophet and Messenger Finch. Those who look down on him generally call him Birdie or Preach, though not many of those who do live.

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Celibate, but no one knows anything further than that. Seems to be a touchy subject.

    Appearance: On the tall side, neither particularly athletic nor weak. Pale as a sheet, but somehow evades freckles. Almost all his clothing is in earth tones and well worn. His hair is light brown and curly, but kept short. Has pale grey eyes and a larger than usual amount of birthmarks. Has a scar from appendix removal.

    Personality: Silver tongued bastard who doesn’t hesitate to use abuse as a means to an end. He preys on the vulnerable and lost. He is in perfect mental health, and kills just for the thrill of it, though he prefers to have his followers do the dirty work and simply orchestrate the productions, seeing them as a work of art. Is creative and resourceful, in the sense that he created the deities and eked out a living for the group in an abandoned warehouse. Low on ethics, the only thing he outright condemns is rape.

    Background: Graduated highschool, and skipped out on college even though he could have attended on scholarship. Refuses to talk about his past, as his “Present duties as Messenger are of infinities more import”. Invested a lot into this project of sorts, and takes a silent degree of pride in all that he has done.

    Cult relations: Founder and prophet. Choses targets and, for the most part, plans how their deaths will be carried out. Trusted deeply by Claire, trying to get Riley to warm up to him and the cult in general.

    Riley James Johnson (open)
    Name: Riley James Johnson (Though he has not and likely will not reveal his middle and last name to others.)

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: “Mostly girls, I think? I wouldn’t know.”

    Appearance: Short, muscular, and nimble. He has a particularly unattractive face. Wears light clothing, prefers going barefoot when possible. Has a tan, dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and a nose that has visibly been broken before.

    Personality: Kind of jumpy, prone to anxiety, and is eager to please others. Tries to maintain a casual act, though it slips on the regular. Has a certain discipline towards athletic pursuits, often using them as a coping mechanism of sorts. A bit puppy-ish.

    Background: High school dropout and runaway, comes from a neglectful background. Was middle class and participated in gymnastics and parkour. Got drawn into this mess under the promise of food, shelter, and community, but has reservations about the religious aspects.

    Cult relations: New recruit, new to killing. Prophet is trying to win him over slowly; Claire has been more zealous in initiating him. Will likely just start with cleaning up crime scenes.

    Claire-Rose Simons (open)
    Name: Claire-Rose Simons, goes by Claire

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Pansexual

    Appearance: Tall and intimidatingly strong. Tan skin with olive undertones, green eyes, and shoulder length dirty blonde hair that is bleached. She has distinctive facial features, a septum piercing, and a stare that isn't easy to forget.

    Personality: Consumed by her duties and place in the cult, she uses it as an escape from her past as a survivor and petty criminal. She isn't a thoughtless killer, but her devotion and preoccupation with the deities results in a sharp lack of regret and something nearing obsession with perfect kills. Can be a bit bossy or commanding, but is a generally warm and welcoming person so long as she isn't being interrupted or feeling threatened by anything. Enjoys murder, though she won't own up to it.

    Background: Graduated high school, and started college but chose to drop out to focus on religious obligations. Used to be Catholic. Was a quiet child.

    Cult relations: One of the first members, drawn in by Prophet with promises of safety and the perks of closeness to the deities. Trying to erase any doubts Riley may have about the cult's operations.
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