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  1. Character Sheet (open)

    Name: Oz 'Ozzy" Starlight
    Age: 21
    Occupation: Works at the family ran resturant that is in town.
    About: Oz lived up in busy life, where he lived and worked in family resturant that is ran by his parents and his two other siblings.
    - Both siblings are older, brother and sister

    It was mid afternoon that day, and the restaurant was full swing for dinner. Oz worked in the front and in back when ever he was asked by his family. He loved working there, since he was really family person. His big sister was a hostess that everyone seem to have a crush while his brother worked as a chef. Right at the moment though, Oz was cleaning up dishes as a bus boy. The business was always was busy, as he had a adrenaline go through all his body.

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  2. CS (open)

    Name: René Smith
    Age: 23
    Occupation: Office assistant
    About: Gets easily restless, likes to party and go on any kind of adventure. As been with his boyfriend Simen for almost 3 years.

    Name: Simen Johnson
    Age: 21
    Occupation: Barista
    About: Is more quiet and shy then his boyfriend, but very stubborn and doesn't let anyone push him around.

    René grunted in respons from where he was lying on the couch, a book in his hands. Simen was sitting on the floor beside him, drawing something, but he turned around now to look at him.
    "I'm hungry."
    René looked away from the book to glance at his blond boyfriend. "I'm pretty sure our fridge is full of food, honey."
    "But not of that is tempting," Simen said and pouted, giving René his best puppy eyes.
    René sighed with a crooked smile and closed his books. "Fine, what do you want?"
    Simen grinned. "Something new! Surprise me?"
    "Okay," René said and gave him a quick kiss before leaving their small apartment.

    René lit himself a smoke and wonder up and down a couple streets before he stumbled over a place they had never tried before. It seemed like a cozy family owned place, so he decided to give it a shot. "You do take away?" he asked when he stepped inside, and then stood flipping through the meny, trying to decide on what sounded tempting.
  3. When René asked the question, it was Oz's sister who had answered. "Yes we do takeaway, here is the menu," She said moving to be back behind her hostess stand. Oz was cleaning up dishes nearby, as he spotted the male. He shrugged, but a thought did creep into his head. The guy was cute as ever. Oz took the dishes in the back, as he he could his hear his brother barking orders. "Oz get your sister," his brother said as Oz did as he was told Moving to go whisper to his sister who had gone into the kitchen, as Oz smiled. "Sorry about that. My sister had to deal with something in the kitchen, do you need any help or are you ready to order?"
  4. René looked up from the menu and got a slightly surprised smile when he saw the boy in front of him. He was cute. "Yeah, actually, I could use some recommendations," he said and showed him the menu. "Nothing too spicy." Simen was a bit of a picky eater, but hopefully he wouldn't be disappointed with whatever René ended up bringing home.
  5. Oz had to think it over, "Not too spicy huh? Well I know of a few things that would be good for you then. We also have desserts too if you want to bring back something sweet," Oz said. "We have combos, that like burger and fries or we have these calzones that has meat and cheese. We cook them to make sure they are crispy but gooey when you cut them apart," Oz explained. "For desserts, we have cake here or you get a lighter pastry. My mother makes them, and I do make some too.." Oz said after. "Did that help you at all?" Oz asked now with a smile. "I do have we have something for your liking though. I never seen your face in before,"
  6. "Yes, I'm new," René said and flashed him his charming smile. "My boyfriend wanted to try something new, so..." He looked at the menu and thought for a quick moment. "Okay, one burger and one calzone, and whatever cake you made," he said and closed the menu, and smiled at him again. "This seems like a nice place, have you been here long?" If the food as good they would definitely come back.

  7. When Oz heard the term boyfriend, he cursed in his head. This guy was taken already. Hearing the order, he started to write each item down as he smiled. "Alright.." Oz said. "How will we paying?" Oz asked. Though he had no forget about his earlier question, "Yes I been here in the business since I was little. I grew up in the restaurant, " Oz explained. "We been here for about 10 years..."
  8. "Wow, really? 10 year? That's cool," René said and pulled out a card from his wallet. "Can I get a beer while I wait for the food?" He deserved a beer for getting silly Simen some food. "So, do you work full time then or...? Do you study too maybe?" he asked, hoping waiter had time to chat a bit while he waited. It was so boring just standing there...
  9. Oz nodded with a smile back on his face as he was about to put the transaction through when he heard about the beer. "A beer? Sure, " Oz said putting it through as he passed the machine to him. "Me? I work full time and I still go to school.." Oz said. "If you want, I haven't gone on break. I can join you...if you want me too.." Oz said with a shrug. "Let me know, after I get you that beer~" Oz said walking away after being payed before going to get beer from tab. Coming back with beer, as he carried back over with look on his face like 'what your answer?"
  10. René sat down by a empty table while he waited and smiled when the waiter returned. "Yes, please keep me company," he said while taking his beer, and took a big sip of it. "So what is it you are studying?" he asked and looked at him, smiling. "I'm René, by the way."
  11. Oz sat down, as he saw his sister coming back out the kitchen. "Alright," Oz said with a nod. "Oh I am study literature, and my Oz," Oz said as he could heard his sister make a comment. "Or Ozzie, or dork zilla.." Went his sister as she walked by them. Oz just rolled his eyes, "Hey why don't you pull up more of your skirt, so everyone can you see your thong sis," Oz said, throwing right back at his sister. His sister had red face, as she huffed out pulling her skirt down. "Sorry you had to witness that act, we all have this relationship..that's is weird to some.." Oz said with a shrug. Oz had gotten a water, as he was moving to take a sip from his water.
  12. "Siblings fighting are pretty normal, I've heard," René said with a smirk. "Not that I woulf know. Literature? That sounds cool. I just have a boring assistant job, down at some office in the city. Mostly I get people coffee." He grimaced a bit and then chuckled to show he didn't take it too seriously. "So what do you plan to be? A writer?"
  13. Oz chuckled, as he sat there with a smile. "I would doing that type of work, I couldn't last long long..." Oz told him. "I just love the adrenaline that I get what I am working here especially when its super busy here..." Oz told him with excitement in his voice. Hearing the question, "Me? Well yea or maybe even teach. I don't know really but I am right a blog right now, " Oz said after. Chuckling to himself, as he could hear his older brother from kitchen again. "My older brother is loudest of us, but can hit the hardest. I remember we had this drunk guy here, and my brother tossed him out..." Jeremy explained the story.
  14. "Drunks are always fun," René said sarcastically and finished his beer. "I don't really mind my job, it's calm and simple. Simen talks about that rush though. He's a barista at a café just a couple blocks away. Makes those cute drawings in the foam." He smiled and crossed his arms on the table, and gave Oz is full attention. "You write a blog? What's it called?"
  15. Oz chuckled to the comment about drunks being fun, as he heard what he was said. Hearing about his job, then heard about what his boyfriend did. "Oh that job has a rush like we do, but throughout the day," Oz told him. "Those are cool, I could never do that," Oz said after. Hearing the question about his blog, "Yeah I write a blog," Oz said though after told him the name of his blog. "It just short stories really, and I put other people's work on there too help them out. I scratch their back, they scratch mine..."
  16. "Nice. That's really cool, I'll check it out. I was reading the new Brandon Sanderson book before I got kicked out to go food hunting," he chuckled and rolled his eyes a bit. "Simen is an artist too. He draws. But he is very shy about showing them to anyway. I think it's really good that you share your things," he said and casually reached over to put a hand on top of his. "Thank you for keeping me company while I wait."
  17. "Food hunting huh? Can't get off their ass to get their own food..." Oz said rolling his eyes. "I see someone who has to come here and do that, like you..." Oz said with a shrug. Hearing about this Simen more, he seems interesting. "Well thank you, I like showing my work too.." Oz said though his face went red when he felt the hand go on top of his own. Hearing what came out of his mouth next, he gulped as he pulled his hand away from not being close to his hand. "T-Thank you. I think your food is ready," Oz said leaving the table to go fetch the food. Opening the bag, as he started to put the food into bag as he put something on the bill; his name and number. Walking back to him, as he handed the bag over. "Have a good rest of the day~!"
  18. René got up and took the bag, and gave him an apologetic smile. Him touching Oz's hand had obviously made him uncomfortable. "Thank you," he said and backed towards the door. "I'll...eh...bye," he just said when he couldn't think of anything charming to say. Oz hadn't responded as he expected. Maybe he wasn't gay? No, he had to be, René was never wrong. Maybe his family didn't know? Shit, he hadn't thought of that. So he just waved st him and quickly left.

    He didn't discover the note with the number until he was home and unpacked the food. Actually, Simon was the one who found it. He gasped and then grinned. "Look who got a number." Simen was used to it, thanks to his boyfriend being ridiculously hot. And the fact that he flirted with everyone, which used to bother him, but he had gotten over it. He trusted René.
    "And here I thought he didn't like me," René said a bit puzzled.
    "Aw, poor you, what a shock that must have been," Simen teased him. "So, was he cute?"
    René took a bite of the calzone and smiled. "Very."
  19. Oz chuckled, as he watched him leave as he went back to his work. When in the back, he heard his brother. "Oz did you really give that guy your number like that. A birdie told me, our lovely sister, told me that guy is already taken from what she heard. You are in dangerous territory.." his brother warned him.
    Oz started to chuckle, as he shook his head. "You got it wrong. I just gave him my number to have him maybe as a friend. If he thinks its other way, his own fault..." Oz said to his brother. His sister had poked her head in, "Oz go home. One other workers just got here," she said. Oz nodded, before heading into the back.

    After changing into normal shirt, jeans and wearing his high tops as he had his laptop case across his bag. Heading out to the back, he started his bike, as he started to bike back home. That guy was pretty cute, but he couldn't believe his brother had even said that. "Weirdo.." Oz muttered. Oz was no stranger to this; he was dating a older guy who was married till the wife found out.
  20. A couple days later René sat with the number in his hand. It was evening and he was bored, but Simen didn't want to go out. He wasn't as social as René, which was fine. He had other people he could call. "You sure you don't mind me calling him?"
    Simen shrugged. "No, go ahead."
    "And what if something happens?" René asked.
    Simen turned to look at him. "You can kiss him but nothing else."
    René chuckled and typed in Oz's number, and lifted the phone to his ear.
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