::1x1:: Walking in their shoes

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Original poster
Here's my idea:

So a little werewolf was born in a little werewolf village. Normal, right? Well this village was attacked by a rogue werewolf while the little one's mom was giving birth to his/her little sister. The father died in the fight, and the newborn sister was taken away for safety. The little werewolf, old enough to hunt on his/her own, was spared. The rogue thought it would be fun to chase him/her down later, so he let him/her live.

Years later, the werewolf comes to a human town, not very big by any means. But big enough to be called a town rather than a village. The werewolf spots his/her mate, they know instantly who their mate is once they lay eyes on them, and follows him/her.

There is a ball, and the werewolf is invited as a guest. The ball goes all fine and dandy. But the full moon is approaching. The werewolf has to go into hiding for two days until the moon phase continues.

The rogue comes back and demands the young werewolf to either give up the chase for his/her sister and stay and protect their mate. Or, the young werewolf has to give up his/her mate to continue the hunt for his/her little sister, who might not even be alive.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Werewolf: [m/f]
Werewolf's mate: [m/f]
Werewolf's pet/companion: [::optional:: m/f]

Since the rogue isn't in the roleplay the entire time, I can play him.