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  1. Hello, DONUT here!I have a one or two plot/setting/character bunnies that need satiating. Before that, though, here are my interests and favorite genres to give you a gist of what my roleplays will definitely usually consist of:
    Urban Fantasy: or anything like it. Includes urban fantasy-horror, and all that supernatural shit in a modern setting kind of bull. Tends to be dark and easy to build.

    Scifi Fantasy: Can and will, often times, be mixed with urban elements. Think extreme thermal energy manipulation and demons.

    Fantasy Romance: I've taken a weird interest to this, and for some reason I can't produce any concept in this genre without incorporating religious elements. I've yet to explore this. Seems cooool.

    Other Interests: general Eurocentric fantasies but often I like to read up on myths and legends from other cultures, namely East or South Asian ones since they consist of a broad range of creatures and lore. I get tired of Medieval European Fantasy, after all. I've been into the Final Fantasy series for a while now so a lot of my ideas regarding setting and magic stuff I get from them. I'm also into Dragon Age, One Piece, Homestuck, and a lot of gay shit. (cough Carmilla the webseries cough)

    I'm pretty open about ideas outside the genres I'm interested in - probably because I'll keep finding a way to shove in into an fantasy horror romance somehow. On to my roleplaying conditions!! Not that there are a lot. It's mostly obvious stuff... For the sake of formality:
    1. Posting Expectations, as labelled on the post, requires my partner to be able write above basic skill, type at least a paragraph as a response, and will provide their character with enough depth to make all of this fun for everyone.
    2. Be communicative! I usually let my roleplaying talk for me but I've taken it as good practice to communicate with people I'm roleplaying with whenever I deem necessary. Whether it's to brainstorm ideas, exchange advice/constructive criticism, or have playful banter, I want my partner to communicate with me as much as I will.
      1. Besides being communicative, I'd like my partner to be honest. If you have something to say and want to say it in a certain way, I won't mind - as long as you speak your feelings and thoughts honestly. I don't really do well with reading people.
      2. I will probably talk your ear off and will try to avoid that. (Other times I'll have a hard time talking to you... probably too intimidated to. :P)
    3. Posting speed: not too touchy about this one. My speed varies, but I am usually able to post a few times a day. But I will alert my partner if I'm going to be lagging in my replies, and I expect them to do the same.
    4. ABSOLUTE NO-NOS: Rape, drunk sex, any form of non consensual sex; descriptive sexual abuse.

    On to IDEAS! Finally!


    IDEA 1 (open)

    "Angels are not always bodies of light, not always pure and winged and delicate.
    They are dark, twisted, with no grace and left to their raw forms."

    An Urban Fantasy. Will probably have romance. Accepting new characters.
    Flexible Linear/Open World roleplaying. Pretty dark, has religious/biblical themes.

    Some civil war in heaven has sent the metaphysical boundaries between heaven and earth teetering, altering the world and opening doors for beings to swoop into our world and feed directly off of human vitality. A hunter-ish character takes it upon themselves to hunt down these beings or pull them out by the ass from frail human bodies. An exorcist, basically, for holy beings. They used to work with a few others, but as more angels descend and the tear between worlds widens, purifying angels is going to take a lot more than a small band of clergymen. They have to gather a group large enough to save, if not the world, themselves from utter destruction.
    A powerful angel stands corrupting over a city enslaved by poverty and a government dangling hope just by their reach: the lonely Cupid and his city. The idea definitely needs refining - talk to me about it if you're interested!


    IDEA 2 (open)

    Apocalyptic Find the Sanctuary RP
    Scifi-Fantasy. Apocalyptic. Accepting new characters.
    Typical parasite infection apocalypse thing. Except people either die and get eaten by the parasite, or they eat the parasite back - and turn into something living, breathing, but not and never human. Kind of like mutants. It's the end of the world, with barely any "pure" humans left, but there stands a fortress sheltering mutants and the remaining humans. Everyone else on the outside must find this sanctuary to ensure their survival, blah blah, leave the planet, blah.

    I look forward to roleplaying with you! Fire away any questions and PM me if you're interested and want to offer other rp ideas. Thank you!
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  2. I'm interested in Idea 2!!

    dragon age also sounds rad
  3. whew that was FAST!! yay~

    PM me if you want to chip in a few ideas about it, refine it cause it's REALLY rough, and if you want me to talk about it more. (not that there's anything to talk about...)

    dragon age more like dRADgon age.... no...
  4. bro trust me im thirstin for prps

    Yeahh, i'll head into PM real quick (I might sleep in a minute tho cause it's like, midnight here sighh) dont worry, we'll think of somethin

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  5. *rolls in*
    Would you, by any chance, be interested in roleplaying Homestuck? ;D
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  6. If it involves any modern or urban fantasy ideas then YES :)
    I'm afraid I'm a little behind on the comic since its comeback from the hiatus and can be a little specific about characters. I'm also quite busy with other rps right now so my replying speed isn't up to my normal few-posts-a-day. I haven't roleplayed Homestuck in a while though, so why not? Shoot me a PM if you're still interested!!! :D
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