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  1. I'm looking for a good, long running roleplay with a partner who enjoys world building, plot brainstorming and creating something more than just the shell of a world in which we can play. We don't have to map every blade of grass or anything, but it's more fun if the world feels more finished and realistic, I think. I'm even open to using our actual world or some form thereof.

    Ask about any of these to know more about them. Some of them are newer creations, and I have others floating around in my head that can be tossed in as secondary characters, or maybe even primary ones. So this list isn't be-all, end-all by any means.

    Merrick "Meryg" Birchdown/Meryg Dun'Ririmgashba (A male gnoll. Fantasy settings. There are two versions of the character, one raised in a human settlement and the other raised with his own people.)

    Etnie "Ettie" Starling-Chaser (A human woman. Fantasy settings. An apprentice herbalist/brewer/alchemist.)

    Sirhan-Souroush, Son of Mubaarak (A dwarven nobleman. Fantasy settings. Wanderer. Rogue. Treasurehunter.)

    Penny "Buster" Bellamy (A human woman. Fallout/Lovecraftian/20s-50s settings.)

    Hassiri (A khajiit male. Elder scrolls settings. Bard.)

    Rabinna (A khajiit female. Elder scrolls settings.)

    Corbint "Splitwhisker" Verras (An anthropomorphic wolf. Fantasy settings. Male escort.)

    Wanted Genres:
    Bolded and/or blue colored text means I really, really want to do it. Red colored text means I'm really, really, really itching for it.

    Dungeoncrawling !!!
    (Dark) Medieval/Renaissance/Ancient Fantasy !!!!

    Contemporary Fantasy !
    Furry/Anthropomorphic !!
    Zombie Horror !!!
    Dungeonpunk !!
    1910s-1930s Fantasy !!!
    The Elder Scrolls !!
    Fallout !
    Lovecraftian Horror !!!!!

    UPDATE! Recently I've gotten to wondering about incorporating dice rolls and stuff into roleplays. Let me know if that sort of thing might interest you at all; I'd be up for trying to figure a way to work that sort of mechanic in. If you're not interested in this, though, it's not something I -need- to happen. Just a weird thought I had is all.

    Possibly more . . .

    Pretty much any sort of character can be used in any setting. For example, anthro. characters can totally be used in a contemporary fantasy story or Lovecraftian horror. We could even use other fantasy races in the genres. I'm not entirely picky, honestly.

    I enjoy darker and more adult themes and situations in my roleplays. I also really enjoy romance, but definitely the more slow-evolving kind unless the specific situation calls for otherwise. I will play male or female.

    I don't have any specific plots in mind at the moment, but I don't even really mind a more boring, non-adventurous plot if the characters and setting are done really well. More than anything, I'd like to hear any of your ideas, bounce things back at you, and have the two of us make something really awesome that way. Still, I'm pretty good at tossing plots out on the fly, so let me know what you'd be most interested in and I'll see if I can't toss something back at you quickly.

    I hate to say it, but I am concerned with spelling, grammar and punctuation. I can't focus well enough to read a post that is riddle with spelling errors and such. Keep tenses as straight as possible. Use spell check before you send something my way. I'll do my best to do the same for you, so it's only fair.

    At any rate, I hope to hear from some of you guys soon!
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  2. I had started a character in the Neverwinter MMO that I believe would go well with Meryg--her name is Squire. Of course, it's not her actual name, but her assumed name speaks directly to her purpose of serving and protecting her master with undying loyalty. Though she began life on the shiny happy side of things, the direction in which her master takes her determines her nature to a substantial degree--embracing or purging her of her dark tendencies.

    For your story, I was thinking that she would be one of the thralls (or savage souls) the Gnoll pack had just about broken in and trained according to their ways, a Gnoll in everything but birth. She would have the same proclivity for scavenging and carrion consuming as her captors, but be treated as the slave she remains, and routinely put back in and reminded of her place. Though it would be a brutal, unforgiving world for her, I believe it would also give her incentive to prove herself worthy as something more than a meal or plaything in the eyes of her master, who may or may not ever recognize her efforts.

    Lemme know what you think!
  3. I've sent a message your way. I'm digging the idea. c:
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  6. Dark Medieval Fantasy with some Dungeon Crawling thrown in sound fantastic to me, what about you?
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    I'll send a PM your way.
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  14. Anyone up for a new roleplay this weekend? :D
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  16. Hellooooo....I'm interested in seeing if we might be able to come up with something together if you're still game. If you'd like to know more about me first (other than what I will tell you here), feel free to say so and feel free to look up my Resume and RPs. I am very active, I punctuate and spell really well and I give multi-paragraph posts. I like having depth to a story and my characters are well-rounded for the most part.

    I don't do homosexual/bi-sexual romance and no mature in the sexual department. I'm old enough at 22, but it's just not my cup of tea. I can play both genders equally and don't have a preference. I don't usually do "dark" themes unless I really, really like the plot, but I am up for fantasy, modern, world-building, plot-building and making a story that we can look back on and love.

    I usually post multiple times a day and at least once a day if I can't do that. I will give warning if I am going to be absent more than one-two days.

    Oh, and I have plot ideas and pre-made characters, too. LOL So if you're interested thus far, let me know. :)
  17. Hey, Are you still looking for some roleplayers? Id love to roleplay with you. I have a few female characters in mind that I'd like to find a male to play with. I don't mind any type of roleplay so long as there is something romantic in between the two characters, but any action, fantasy, mystery, tragedy is fine with me. I'll do my best to spell check everything, but if I'm messing up on something just let me know (I have a minor case of Dyslexia so sometimes I don't notice things like that).

    Mina: She's 17. Dark hair down to the middle of her back with eyes so light blue and glossy they look white. This is because she is blind, but this doesn't make her incapable. Her mother died when she was younger, and her father tends to not care about her so she can do pretty much everything on her own. She loves to be out in nature, and if I put her in a fantasy setting I'd like to make her some form of archer that hunts by sounds. She would obviously have trained for this for years so she would be cautious and very good. Her personality would be gentle but strong willed.

    Thea: Human girl of 18. Short red curly hair, and green eyes that shine like emeralds. She has a gift of talking to animals. Not so much that she sits and has conversations with them, but she can understand their feelings and fears. She would live in the woods by herself as some sort of healer. Or I am willing to put her somewhere else depending on what sort of story she would be put in. I'd like her to be very stubborn an not fond of humans. She also likes to argue about everything if she thinks shes right, but she can be very loving towards helpless creatures.

    Avalynn: A Hybrid between a fox and a human. With fox ears and tail along with a bit of fur on her arms, legs, feet, hands, and on the sides of her cheeks. A nose pointy like a fox and talons for fingers nails and toe nails; she is shunned for her ugliness. She lives in the mountain forests protecting a few young foxes. Her hair and fur is a beautiful red and white mix, and she takes very good care of herself by bathing and brushing. She sometimes steals from passerby's in the forests but tries not to unless she needs to do so to survive. She is vary weary of any other creatures for she had never met any like her.

    That's it so far. I hope one of these females interests you. I'd really love to roleplay with you. Any other details or questions I'll answer.
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