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  1. Hello umm I'm kind of new to this site (though I've been a member for quite a bit of time) and I'd like to start role playing on here and try to get used to the set up. I have role played before i am probably 5 years experienced but I started truly writing just this year and am quite fond of it. I am in highschool so I apologize if I don't respond due to me either being in school, hanging out with friends, homework, etc. But I will try my best to get at least one response up a day and I hope you can too. Right now I will probably respond really fast because I'm really in the mood to role play ha ha. I have some ideas and a few requirements so let's get started :3.

    • Literacy- 2 paragraphs or more including 5 lines, not sentences
    • Gender- I tend to prefer playing female but I can play as a male, I just prefer female
    • Spelling- Typos are okay but that's it.
    • Responses- Try responding once a day, I have school I get it if you can't and please don't just up and leave the roleplay, if you don't like it or are bored just let me know before I start anticipating a response [​IMG]
    • Language- I don't care
    • Sexual content- Don't get too frisky, this isn't porno
    • Posts- Try and make them pretty like using different fonts and having a banner, this isn't a requirement more so a preference.
    Ideas: (Some are from tumblr that I found very interesting and would like to do)

    1) Girl was forced to always keep their mouth shut despite the fact they have one of the most angelic voices when speaking. Boy was Girl's bully since middle school, and now that they met again in high school, Boy became a little more relentless. That is until Boy realized why Girl was always so… Muted. Boy soon stops bullying Girl and tries to help them.
    Now that Boy is always at Girl's side.Boy can’t help but fall for them in ways they themselves can’t understand. However, Girl's guard is always up whenever they're around.

    2) Muse A has had a terrible home life and a terrible school life. They've basically grown up in a living hell for the past how ever many years of their life and now they just want to end it all. End all the pain, end all the criticism, end everything. So standing on top of a very high up building, letting all of the memories of bullying and abuse flood through their head, they get ready to jump until Muse B comes into the picture. They've had a fairly good life and still can't understand why someone would want to end such a precious thing. Standing at the bottom of the building they look up to see the person standing at the edge of the roof. Quickly they race up to the top and talk Muse A out of killing themselves. So after that tragic incident they end up spending the whole day together and begin to form a bond just from that one day. When the following day comes Muse A goes to school only to realize that Muse B also goes to that school. Then a budding relationship begins to form.

    3) Muse A has been close to their godmother and her family since childhood. When their godmother passes away, the woman’s family decides to move states to live with family, however, Muse B, the oldest, doesn’t want to leave town. Muse A's parents allow Muse B to move in with them while attending college. Muse B seems fine for the first month they’re there but when Muse A's parents leave for a second honeymoon, Muse A is quick to discover just how much Muse B is breaking over their mother’s death. As Muse B begins drinking heavily,Muse A puts their own life on hold to take care of them.

    4) If you don't like any of these ideas I'm completely willing to listen to yours or I'll just try and find some more :)

    So just let me know if you'd like to roleplay.
  2. Hello.. I'd like to do the first one, as long as it's not extremely dark -no permanent/serious psychological issues for anyone.-
    I'd also prefer to rp the girl, though I'd also rp the guy. I'm just not very good at rping bullies, so rping the guy would be a bit difficult for me in the beginning.
  3. Yea that's fine ha ha. And no it's not dark lol you can make it any way you want.
  4. Alright.. Can you start it, then? Or send me a character description? I'll be working on mine.
  5. Yea I can hold on
  6. Name:

    Name: Damon Archer
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Bad Boy by Cascada
    History: Damon grew up in a small home with his mother, father, and younger sister Jessie. His father is never home but his mother is very loving, although the part about his father angered him, so the only way he could deal with his anger was taking it out on other people mainly one person in specific. This classified him as a bully which he didn't really care about. His grades went down and he got many phone calls home. Soon he began to get the rep of a "bad boy".
    Appearance: [Img1] [Img2]
    Tattoos: Ones shown in image

  7. Name: Faith Mills
    Age: 17
    Appearance: She has pale skin and very long wavy golden hair, as if she hadn't had it cut in her entire life. Her eyes are blue, and she always wears a skirt or a dress.
    Personality: She is very quiet, to the point where very few know her actual personality: she's just the silent girl reading a book in a corner, however she is kind and does her best to help others, sometimes even if they were cruel to her. Inside, however, she's more spiteful and sarcastic, constantly thinking of things she wants to say, but doesn't.
    History: She comes from a very strict, religious family, and as such has been forced by her father to always wear dresses or skirts, never cut her hair, be very subservient, and almost never speak. She is only to speak when spoken to, and even then only when asked to, and she is never allowed to speak against adults or males. She is afraid of her father and always listens to him, and cannot even escape him at school, where he works as a teacher. All this makes her a very easy target for bullying. It has also caused her to despise her family, mostly her father, and all they stand for, including the religion in which she was raised. She loves to learn and spends much of her time reading books, including many that are forbidden by her father, switching the covers on them and relying on the help of her two favorite teachers, an English teacher and a biology teacher, to help her get and keep the books without her father catching her. In the future, she wants to leave her family and become a scientist, largely to spite her father.
    Height: 5'5"
    Tattoos: none

    Is this good?
    Do you want to start the thread now?
  8. Yea that's fine, do you want me to make it or do you want to?
  9. Can you, please?
  10. Yea one sec I'll link it to you
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