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  1. I'm going to borrow an idea from Lawkheart as I really like the idea very much so credit goes to her for the idea.

    Blood Like Heroine
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    Vampire Seme x Human Uke
    (I'd like to play both roles, so I'm looking for two partners for this plot.)
    So the vampire is the owner of an BDSM club. Both humans and Vampires go there to enjoy the pleasures that come from sex and blood. The human is a patron of the club and goes looking just for a one time fling with a vampire. The human catches the vampires eye so he requests to be his partner for the night. They go to the back to one of the many private rooms. The human requested light bondage, kissing and, of course, feeding. Things start off slowly, the vampire slowly gets the human into the mood. Once things get steamy, the vampire decides to bite the human, to feed a little, but he shocked into stillness from the taste of the humans blood. It was like nothing the vampire had ever tasted and he felt a strong wave of lust and want fill him. Things move quickly from there, the vampire not bothering with any of the toys and just teased the human until the both of them released multiple times.
  2. this would be MxM
  3. Bump for you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.