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  1. Temporarily closed! I got a lot of responses and I'm taking a break from recruiting partners to get these threads set up. I'll be back :)

    Hey, I'm Rubbish, and I'm looking for some one on one's! I have ideas for both fandom and original, so please have a look!

    My expectations and preferences
    • I will not post daily. I may post every other day; if I post daily it will be a rare treat. I will do my best to post at least once a week, and will most likely post every other day. If I'm going to be gone for longer than a week, I'll tell you, and I ask that you do, too.
    • I can do either present tense or past tense, but please choose one or the other and stick with it! I prefer third-person pov but I'm willing to try first-person, as long as we're using the same pov.
    • Please be literate. You don't have to write a novel and you don't have to have perfect grammar; as long as I can understand you, we're fine, but please use a spellchecker. Most browsers have them built in, I think.
    • I tend to play men but I can also play women, and I'm fine with any kind of pairing, m/m, f/f, m/f, whatever.
    • I can do threads or PMs, whichever you'd prefer.
    • Do not take control of my character without my permission, ever. I will drop the RP immediately.
    • I think that's it for now~
    Note: Things don't always have to be 100% romance. We can do without any romance at all, or we can do completely romance, too. Romance isn't a requirement :)

    Plot Candies + Plot no-no's
    • I tend to play dominant characters, and I really like when the dominant characters suddenly find themselves compromised and become submissive to the normally submissive characters. People rarely rp this with me and that makes me sad, so you know I'll love you a lot if you do this with me.
    • Tension! I like tension! It's boring when everything's going perfectly, let's make things happen to our characters! Fluff and angst, fluff and angst!

    • Pregnancy freaks me out and I won't do it. We can time skip to them having the kid, but I don't want to rp anything related to pregnancy. No.
    • I don't do violent psychological stuff anymore. I've been dealing with shit in real life and I don't want to deal with it in my roleplays.
    • Not a fan of explicit sex scenes. Like fluff is G R E A T and feeling each other up is cool, but when people start taking their underwear off, I'm content to time skip. I will only do smutty stuff with 18+ (which I think is the site's rules anyway?)
    • I have few limits for violence and swearing. I may discover new limits for violence as we're rping, and I'll let you know if I reach a limit and we need to stop. If you ever need to stop, please let me know immediately.

    We can do OC's or canon characters, and crossovers are fun, too! I don't have a lot of fandoms I'm into right now, but I may add more later.
    • Harry Potter
    • Supernatural
    • Doctor Who
    • Pokemon (It will be more realistic than the show/game)
    • American Horror Story (I really like Asylum; haven't caught up on Coven) (I understand this might conflict with me saying I don't like violent/psych stuff, but we can discuss that and limits and things.)
    • Marvel (mostly movie verse)
    • X-Men (mostly movie verse) (I ship Magneto and Prof X like W H O A)
    OC Ideas
    • Asshole: My character and yours are paired together as partners (we can discuss what kind of job they're doing), and mine is a complete asshole. Yours can be an asshole if you'd like, or it can be a nice person trying to figure out how to deal with this deadbeat asshat they've been paired with. I just want to play an asshole character I have in mind.
    • Escape: Our characters find themselves in a type of dungeon and have to escape through a labyrinth of traps and monsters, the stuff of nightmares. Strangers from the start, can they learn to trust and rely on each other, or will one leave the other for dead?
    OC Genres and Pairings
    • Fantasy, scifi, mild horror, dystopia/apocalypse, survival
    • Things in spaaaaaaace
    • Demons, angels, fairies, and things.

    • Prisoner x Guard
    • Rivals
    • Student x Professor
    • Fairy/Demon/Something from another world x human !! Really wanting to do this right now.
    I think that's all I have for now. I'm really tired and my brain isn't being very creative. I'll see about adding more in the future. Please feel free to post here or shoot me a PM! :)
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  2. *Waves* I would love to do a marvel RP with you!! I love Magneto ^-^
  3. Hello! Do you have any ideas you'd like to play out? I don't really have any plot ideas off the top of my head.
  4. I'd love to do the asshole OC idea or the Fairy/Demon/Something from another world x human. We could always mix the both of the together.
  5. I'm going to call this a cut off point for new partners, since I've also received several messages and I'd like to work on getting those set up first and then I'll open this thread again.

    I'll PM the two who have replied here :)
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