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  1. Hi, my name's Tayssi and I currently only have one Role Play going at this particular moment, so I am growing a little bit bored. So, what better way to cure said boredom then to participate in some Role Plays?

    I am looking for some romance in these. Of course, I do not like forced romance, but something that is more natural and comes across without seeming fake.
    That being said, I am looking for 18+ partners only. Personally, I have never done a Libertine Role Play, but perhaps, if you are into that, we could work something out. I prefer fade to black if it gets to that, but I am more than willing to give it a shot! Ah, and just forewarning, I am 19 and female. I know some people have some limitations on their partners so thought i'd let you know(though I am 20 in 2 months).

    I'm a lover of action, adventure and fantasy - all kinds, really. I adore medieval settings, I like hetero and yaoi pairings. None of my female characters are lesbian or bisexual so I don't do yuri.
    I write an average of 3 decent sized paragraphs per post, sometimes more. I will not take one liners, sorry. Actually, i'd prefer similar or longer than my normal response. And I am in no way a grammar-nazi but please, for the love of all things cheesy, please write so I can understand you.
    I also, doubt I will reply multiple times a day. I am just getting back into RP so i'm a tad rusty and not as quick as I used to be. ;)

    But, without further ado, here are my plots - some I am less excited to do than others. I will put next to them the preference of partner and * to indicate ones I really want to Role play.
    Now, most of these are re-used plots from RPs that died(but are all vague. They're not the fleshed out plots I worked with my previous partners). Some will have bios as the RP revolves around a certain character, but not all.
    Currently, all my plots involve me being female. That being said outside of these plots, I really don't mind being a male, it's just how these plots played out.

    A Silent Nightmare* (open)
    I was thinking, maybe (MC), an 18 year old girl, is on an academic scholarship at an prestige, rich kid school. However, (YC), the resident bad boy of the school, who can't get kicked out because his parents donate so much to the school each year, sees her going home late at night, as he lives in the same street as her, sees her father abuse her right outside their house. It's a surprise to him because she always seems so happy at school, surrounded by friends and laughing. The next day at school, he approaches her about the subject, but he pretends she doesn't have a clue what he's talking about and walks off. From then on (YC) becomes interested in (MC) and tries to befriend her and get her to open up about what's going on in her home.
    (YC) and (MC) soon become friends and (MC) is soon hanging out with (YC)'s group of friends in stead of her own. But she still won't say a word and (YC) sees almost night after night of the abuse that no one else ever sees. (YC) begins to feel a sort of protectiveness towards (MC) which he doesn't quite understand. (MC)'s father has to leave on a business trip, leaving (MC) by herself for about a month. (YC) continuously shows up at her door step and could (up to you) basically drag her out of the house to do stuff some and other days, just make himself at home in her place.
    Their relationship builds, obviously, but (MC) is still reluctant to say anything, mainly because she's afraid of what her father will do if she tells anyone.

    My character isn't the shy, quiet type, however. She is pretty out going, it's just that she kind of shuts off and closes up when anyone(Well, (YC), because he's the only that knows) tries to ask her about the abuse. She's a pretty daring character, so don't feel she will be fragile.. She's only fragile about her home life.

    It's deeper, and darker, than my normal RPs but I would love to give this a go.

    CLOSED Change Me My Alpha*** - two partners found (open)
    Name|| Rain

    Age|| 18

    Gender|| Female

    Species|| Werewolf

    Wolf Form|| Pure white with green eyes - pink nose/pads etc

    Human Form|| Silvery white hair that reaches her waist, straight. Expressive emerald green eyes. Fair skinned. Slender, albeit a little underweight, 5'4''.

    Personality|| Much of Rain's personality is now unknown. As a wolf, she is cautious, untrusting and defensive. She will easily run away from people, like a real wolf. When cornered, she will attack, but she prefers to retreat. As a human, she is unknown.

    History|| Rain grew up like a normal human; with her parents. She was an only child so she got rather spoilt. She had plenty of friends and the adults loved her. However, when she was 8, she was alone as both her parents were at work - her father a miner and her mother a nurse - she was out the back playing with her dolls. The backyard wasn't fenced off and it backed out onto a forest. She was just playing with her dolls and didn't notice as a wolf crept up behind her. When she finally noticed and she turned around, she saw glowing yellow eyes and sharp teeth as it lunged at her. She scrambled away and its jaws latched onto her thigh. The girl had screamed and thrashed around, trying to escape. Luckily, a neighbour heard her, grabbed his shotgun and came to her rescue, killing the beast. She was quickly taken to hospital. She was in there for a couple weeks, but the injury healed quickly. Too quickly.
    She went back home and obviously, everyone was falling over themselves to build a fence around the backyard to keep her safe, though everyone was baffled why a wolf would attack someone - they barely ever came out of the woods. A couple weeks later, her parents at work again, there was full moon. She shifted for the first time and in a panic, she crashed through the fence and ran into the forest. However, with no alpha to help her through the change, and being so young, Rain hasn't been able to change back to human. So for 10 years, Rain has been a wolf and her human self has nearly been completely lost. Until an alpha takes her in and helps her through the change which was never completed, she is stuck as a wolf.

    Change Me, My Alpha is about a girl named Rain who had been bitten by a werewolf as a child, but the wolf was killed. She went through her first change and because she was so young and having no alpha to help her, she's been stuck as a wolf for 12 years. I am looking for an alpha for Rain, a couple years older than her, as I don't want any teen alphas. He finds her, takes her into his pack and helps her with fitting back into the human world. Because she can't go back to her parents' place because she's supposed to be dead, she has no where to stay, so he lets her stay at his place. We could work other stuff out as well, obviously :) I am actually thinking of working out a proper, decent plot with my partner for this RP.

    CLOSED Sweet Kiss of Revenge - Partner Found (open)
    Jessie Ariana



    Strong, fierce and stubborn, Jessie is definately not someone to mess with. She's strong willed and will stand by anything she deems fit. She has a fiery temper which is easily lit, but also easily put out. She will never give up on something she has set her mind to, which, right now, is killing the pirate captain. She holds grudges, obviously, and doesn't easily forgive people. But despite all this, Jessie is a girl. She does have a soft side and thoughshe isn't afraid to show it, it just doesn't appear very often. She can be considerate and will look out for her friends with her life. She does get scared of things, too. She hates the sight of blood, though that doesn't mean she's not used to it. She hates being left alone. It terrifies her. Makes her remember her past. She is also scared of small, dark places.

    When Jessie was younger, she had lived with a noble family. She wasn't a noble herself, but she was adopted by them ad despite seeming like a snobbish family, her adopted parents were kind to her. They had never been able to have children, so they had taken Jessie in as an infant. She grew up knowing she wasn't their child. One night, on her 12th birthday, when she had been out in the garden when pirates came and raided her house. She hid in the garden bed, but she watched as her parents ran out the door only to be killed by the captain. He was young. Almost too young, actually. Maybe around 18 years of age or so and already the captain. Jessie stayed hidden and watched as the pirates took everything valuable. Jessie swore revenge on the captain and his ship. One day he would pay. With his life.
    So Jessie trained from that day forth, refusing to let her grief overcome her, locking her emotions inside of her. She became a strong young woman by the age of 19 and set off to find the captain whom had murdered her parents.

    Jessie stands at 5'5'' and has pale skin with the slightest tan to it. She is slender in size, but she's still strong. She used to have long caramel coloured hair that reached her waist before she cut it short to look like a boy. She has large, bright emerald green eyes that could ensnarl anyone to do as she asks. But they have the look of someone who's fighting a war inside of her. Hidden pain. She has both ears pierced but only wears her right one. She bandages her chest down so shes not suspected as a girl.
    The pirate captain(you)is looking for new crew members for his ship after he lost a few in a storm. Jessie is taken in and she works her ass off to earn the crew's respect and friendship. But she just wants to trick them so she can kill him, for revenge on her parents. She couldn't care less if she's killed afterwards, though... However, when there is a raid on the ship, or trouble comes, she's sees just how much of a leader the captain is and how much everyone respects the young captain. Her feelings start to waver.. Also, the captain has a feeling he knows exactly who she is after he looks at his records of who he's raided and seen, on his very first raid, he had missed their daughter, who was also called Jessie Arianna, the nobles' adopted daughter. He doesn't let on he knows, though. He knows why she's there, but also knows she will never succeed. Jessie, after spending so much time on the ship has started to waver in her need for revenge and she is slowly falling for the captain's hidden gentle side, which he thinks he hides completely, but she can see it. Their ship is raided and Jessie takes the opportunity to try and strike him, but she hesitates and the captain stops her before any of the crew notices. He binds her hands and feet and throws her into his cabin until the raid is over, despite her protests.

    We can work out what happens after that ^_^

    Destined For The Bad Side (open)
    My girl, who's somehow managing to always get herself mixed up in bad situations, loses her apartment as the building is suddenly getting demolished. With no where else to go, she moves into her friend's house(let's call her Brittany for now), who also lives with her boyfriend(let's call him Ray for now).. The last time she had gone over her house was about 6 months ago and at that point no one had lived with them. However, once she's moved in, she finds out that Ray's best friend moved in a couple months ago. And he's everything that my girl doesn't like. He's a 'Bad Boy' and he's also part of an underground fighting 'club'.. He fights for money. Now, my girl tries to steer clear of the Bad Boys. She's had enough of that lifestyle after being raised by an alcoholic & gambling father with no mother in sight for as long as she could remember. So she does her best to avoid this man even though they live under the same roof, with their rooms right next to each other. Even worse, there's a bathroom that also connects the two rooms in between them. Now, she's not a meek character, she can stand up for herself and won't back down. She's stubborn and can be rather bull headed at times. However, due to her determination to stay away from this man, he takes a strong interest in her. After all, he's not used to being ignored. He's an arrogant Bad Boy who has good looks on his side and having this girl ignore him is something he hasn't experienced. And he's determined to make her his.

    A Step Towards The Throne (open)
    Years ago, a kingdom was attacked by a neighbouring country, which threw it into ruin. The king had seen the attack coming and sent his infant daughter away, to keep her safe. Sent to the last place one would think a king's daughter would be sent. To an elderly farming couple who owned a farm. They accepted the infant and raised her, knowing full well who she was and what this responsibility would hold. They told everyone in the small farming village that they found her in their land and decided to raise her.

    So the princess grew up as a farm girl. She taught herself how to use a bow and arrow when she was 13, but could never get a hold of a sword to practice. Ever the curious child, she often explored and taught herself things. Even knowing full well who she was born as since she was young. But, she's now 18 and a movement in the kingdom has begun. Though no one except her and her 'grandparents' know who she is, the kingdom knows she's alive. And they want her back. The kingdom needs its rightful heir. There are a group of people who have made it their life's mission to find the princess and put her on her throne. One such man from this group sets off to find her by himself.

    The princess, thinking it time she went out on her own, leaves the farming village with bow and arrows and a bag full of stuff, despite her 'grandparents' ' protests. Along the way, she runs into the man who is searching for her. Though he has no clue who she is, nor she, him, for reasons, they decide to travel together.

    This is definitely a work in progress. This was just something I slapped together. We can work out the rest if you wish.

    Rare Isn't Quite Right (open)
    Alright, so this doesn't actually have a plot. This was an old RP I started up on a whim - with no partner, just a random open one - that didn't get any interested but.. here, if you're interested, we can work something out and I can redo the thread :)


    So, either comment here or send me a pm, I don't mind!
    OH and I forgot, I ONLY RP on Forums or skype! ^_^
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  2. Still looking! :D
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