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  1. Hello, this is Vanessa and it's nice to meet everyone, I'm a 20 year old college student who is obsessed with anime, video games, music and roleplaying. I love reading fanfiction and writing my own, so I guess that's how I kinda got into the roleplaying writing scene.I know a lot of you guys don't like reading this very long extravagant searches with a lot of rules. so I'll make it brief ok?
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    ~ Posting speed

    I can usually post around 2 - 6 posts a day depending on how many roleplays I have or what I'm currently working on that does not mean I will be able to post 100% of the time maybe around 50 % to around 75 %.

    ~ Availability

    I usually on give or take from 10 am to around 8 pm give or take a couple hours, but mostly stay up to around 12 o'clock in the morning which is pretty late but I might be on xbox or working on homework.

    ~ Writing level

    I am around the terms of semi literate to advance literate, depending on how interested I am in the roleplay or how busy I can be. I would like my partners to at least post a paragraph or more but that doesn't have to be necessary all the time, though please do not post any one liners

    ~ Post length

    like I said before I am around the terms of semi literate to advance literate, so that's around, 1 - 7 paragraphs but I tend to mirror posts. so you give me a paragraph you might get a paragraph, novels are something that I am not comfortable with, but I'll try.

    ~ Versatility with characters (such as gender, amount of characters, etc)

    I am female so I can do female but I can do both genders and enjoy doubling, the more characters we have the better however I might get a tiny bit confused. When it comes to sexuality I love doing hetero, yuri and might willing to try a yaoi, but it depends on what you want me to do.

    ~ Age of partner

    I'm fine with any gender or any age.

    ~ Grammar/spelling.

    My grammar is not the best. I make spelling mistakes a few grammar errors, here and there but that doesn't mean I'm not good, I don't like grammar nazi's but they could help me.

    ~ Methods of OOC contact

    Please send me a pm in order to contact me, I roleplay over Private conversations or forums.

    ~ Current Cravings ~

    - dragon age
    - mass effect
    - fallout 4
    - your ideas
  2. Fandoms
    Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood or The Original
    Black Butler
    Ouran High School Host Club
    Love Live
    puella magi madoka magica
    Death Note
    Sword Art Online (I'm kinda new to this)
    Kiniro no Corda Primo Passo
    Fate/Stay Night
    Mirai Nikki
    Food Wars
    Uta No Prince Sama
    Total Drama Island
    Criminal Minds
    Monster High
    Vampire Diaries
    my neighbor totoro
    The Hunger Games
    Harry Potter
    Final Fantasy
    Dragon Age ( Origins, 2 , Inquisition)
    Mass Effect
    High School Star Musical
    Elder Scrolls
    Vampire x other mythical being / human*
    Werewolf x other mythical being / human
    Witch x other mythical being / human
    Demon x other mythical being / human
    Angel x other mythical being / human
    Fairy x other mythical being / human
    elf x other mythical being / human
    Phoenix x other mythical being / human
    Siren x other mythical being/human
    Devil x Angel
    Devil x God/Goddess
    Elemental x Elemental
    Vampire x hunter / huntress*
    Demon x hunter / huntress
    Phoenix x hunter / huntress
    werewolf chief's son x his longtime childhood friend*
    Vampire Princess x Human Prince
    Elf Prince x Fairy Princess
    Elf Prince x Human Princess
    corpse bride x spirit husband
    spirit x human*
    Mononoke/ Human
    Dark Angel/Human
    Egypthian God x Priestess
    Time Traveler x Lost Love *
    Siren x Rockstar*
    Siren x Siren
    Siren x Idol
    Siren x Rockband
    greek god x egyptian goddess
    siren x dragon
    siren x inspiring magician
    Ancient God x Mortal
    Demon x Cursed Person/Contractor
    Demon x Mortal
    Pirate x Mermaid

    greek god x egyptian goddess
    Egypthian God x Priestess
    Ancient God x Mortal
    Pirate x Captive (possibly royalty?)
    Pirate x Governor's Daughter
    Princess in line to the throne x Best Friend
    Princess x Prisoner
    Gentle Queen/Goddess x Insane King/God
    Prince x Princess / Maid / Knight
    Princess x Prince / Maid / Butler / Knight
    (sickly) princess x vampire healer
    knight x prince/princess/maid/butler/knight
    geisha x apprentice geisha
    geisha x client / samurai /lord
    Samurai x General's Daughter
    Samurai x Female Samurai
    Samurai x Female General
    Solider x Captain
    Solider x Wounded Enemy Captain
    Solider x Wounded Solider
    Recruiting Solider x War Hero

    Celebrity x Manager
    Celebrity x Rival Celebrity
    Actress x Actor
    Actress x Actress
    Actress x Retired Actor
    Therapist x Client
    Therapist x Therapist
    Soldier x His/Her Husband/Wife
    Idol x Rockstar
    Rockstar x Female Rockstar
    Female Rockstar x Choreographer
    Female Rockstar x Long time Friend
    Rockstar x Band Member
    Arranged Marriage
    Boss x Intern
    Employee x Employee
    Blind Girl x Blind Date
    Model x Photographer
    Ice Skater x Ice Skater
    Ice Skater x Model
    Ice Skater x Manager
    Fashion Designer x Model.
    Gang Member x Pregnant Girlfriend
    Malifa Member x Pregnant Girlfriend
    Bride to be x Pregnant Maid of Honor
    Pregnant Bride x Soon to be Husband.
    Cosplayer x Magical Anime Girl come to life
    Loan shark/Victim
    Rival Mafia's kids
    Photographer x Bride
    Photographer x Pregnant Model
Experiment X Scientist
    College Student x Professor
    Boarding School Roommates
    Kidnapper x Kidnapped
    Student x Teacher
    Psychiatrist x Patient
    Ex-Girlfriend x Ex-Boyfriend
    Rock star x Old Friend/Fan/Groupie
    Boss x Secretary
    Master x Slave
    possessive boyfriend x Daddy's girl
    possesive girlfriend x step brother
    Sick woman or boy/nurse/visitor/doctor
    Sick boy or girl at home/best friend
    Orphan x Murderer
    Spoiled Girl x Hardworking Boy
    Jealous Boyfriend x Engaged Girl x Best Friend
    Princess in line to the throne x Best Friend
    Street orphan x police officer
    Made-Up Celeb x old friend
    Dancer x Soldier
    Spoiled Rich Tyrant x Debt Collector
    Village Sacrifice x Vengeful God/Demon
    Gypsy x Demon
    Best friend/Best friend
    Sworn enemies
    Mafia boss/Mafia member or victim
    Mail order bride x husband
    mail order bride x bride (woman disguised as a male)
    Circus Performer x Circus attendee
    dying x friend
    recovering from something x friend
    street fighter x street fighter
    Accidental Pregnancy
    Single Dad x Single Mom
    Boyfriend X girlfriend
    Ex boyfriend x Ex girlfriend
    Bodyguard x Celebrity
    Singer x Band member
    Teen parents
    Reunited first loves
    Sailor x Wife
    Married man x Single neighbor
    "A royal princess is supposed to marry royals." that is what ________ grandmother has told her ever since she was a little girl running around the palace and trying to punish her annoying brothers. Her mother had not followed tradition and neither had her older sister. But now with her 16th birthday right around the corner what can she do. she wants to find the handsome prince of her dreams and be whisked away to a life of wealth and warmth. But this spoiled girl is in for a surprise of her life, when she finds out that she is betrothed to someone already. What will she do and what happens when she finds out he's a commoner.

    Its the year 2013, so far all word about vampires walking among us has been heard, and witnessed sending the humans into a panic. humans started to form groups, learning about how to kill these blood sucking beasts, to rid the earth of the sin. but what they don't know is that not all of them, are what they seem. most hide among the humans without a trace, go to school and live like normal people. some even got their fangs removed, which exiled them from vampire habitats and the human race, they are outcasts. your best friend could be a vampire and you wouldn't even know it.boy goes to school, he is a regular human with regular problems, but behind closed doors he is the next inline to be the leader of The Hunters. No one knows about his double life... even his best friends {girl}. To her, he is just another teenage boy and to him she is a ordinary teenage girl, but that's from from the truth, you see... the girl is the next in line. The next in line to be the queen of the vampire race. neither of them know the others secrets, so what happens when girl becomes the boys next target?

    An intern at a hospital, meets a girl his age who has cancer and falls for her. But their love is tested when the cancer gets worse and he must watch her slowly die. Little does he know that his blood could save her with a blood transfusion.

    Girl has leukemia, she meets a boy who doesn't treat her like she is defective. He takes cared of her and eventually falls in love with her. One night while hanging out, she collapses and the boy rushes her to the hospital. The cancer has gotten worse and there isn't much the doctors can do for her, except for a very new experimental drug. The boy has to make the decision whether to let the love of his life go or put her through risky and potentially dangerous treatments.

    this is not your typical 'i'm in love with my best friend' story. boy and girl are best friends. they dated in the past, but it never really worked out for either of them. so over time they broke up and eventually agreed to remain close friends. boy still loves girl just as much as he had when he first realized he was. it literally kills himself when he sees girl broken down because another guy broke her heart or when she speaks lowly of herself because of the decision she had made in the past. he's tired of her hooking up with the men who are not worthy of her. finally, she meets the perfect guy. the one. everything seemed great in her world and soon she was engaged. but she kept a secret away from boy. her new fiance abuses her. girl dealt with this because she believed that he would be the first - and only - man who will ever love her. this leaves boy helpless when he finds out one day when they're hanging out together. he's faced with a decision: either he speaks his mind or he loses his best friend - who he is madly in love with - to her abusive fiance.

    boy was dating a wh-re to be pretty frank, she led him on and dated him despite the fact she never loved him, she f-cked with his heart and hurt him in ways he didn't even know was possible, but after she got engaged, she moved away and he never saw her again. after his months off for the depression she had caused, he comes back to work to see that theres a new worker there, the youngest female in the place. she's beautiful, bubbly, pure and kind - and she becomes his rock, she makes him laugh and smile like he used too and he finds himself falling madly in love with her. but boy has a habit of screwing things up. one day his ex comes to visit him and ends up staying for two weeks - in which he didn't once make contact with girl, so his ex-girl breaks his heart again and he goes to girl, expecting for her to nurse him back to happiness and take him back, but she doesn't want to know him. it turned out he had broken her heart too. so he spends the rest of his time trying to win the broken girl back.

    girl was at a club one night, and she walked out back to find her friend and instead witnessed a murder, she screamed and ran. but the murderer, boy saw her face and recognised her as his childhood friend, she somehow manages to get away and back safe to her family ranch, which she is looking after by herself beens they are away, so boy follows her and kidnaps her. to keep her quiet, at first she's scared of him and the rest of his gang, but then she figures out that the mean, cruel gangster who kidnapped her is actually her old best friend, things change between them, she looks past the bad, evil in him and see's him for what he really is, a lost and lonely man, and she begins to care for him again, and they fall in love, having to keep it a secret from the whole gang or it will end up in both of them being killed.

    guy and girl have been best friends forever. they tell each other everything, and they have no secrets around each other. they both even have keepsakes to keep their promises. {girl} has one of {guys} grandma's rings on a chain around her neck, and { guy }has a chain with a key to a box of {girls} things. but {guy} is keeping one thing from her. he's a vampire. a popular one, who is loved and hated in the vampire community. one day, he goes over to {girls} house to find her gone without a trace. When he sees a note that was left, he's furious. One of his enemies have taken her. But while boy is distracted he gets knocked out. When he wakes up it's days later and he's they've starved him to death. What happens when they lock him, being the blood thirsty vampire that would do anything to get blood at that moment, in a cell with his best friend?

    A boy and a girl are the perfect couple. High school sweet hearts. He's the shy skater boy, she's the outgoing musician. Their senior year, boy proposes. Girl gladly says yes, and they're engaged for a few months, before she gets an option to go on her own tour, and very reluctantly and with a lot of persuasion from guy, she leaves to live out her dream. Due to her being busy so much, she rarely ever contacts him. When she comes back after your, she's surprised to find out he's now engaged.. to her sister.
    More Plots
    Girl is the kind of person who doesn't do well by herself. She's always relied on people. She's a hard worker, but when she's sad, she likes to be with people rather then be alone. When her parents die and she's kicked out onto the street, she's lost at what to do. Her life changes when a quiet boy from school offers her shelter, which just so happens to be in an old warehouse with a bunch of boys who are part of an underground fight club.

    Only recently did the head mistress of Evernight academy allow humans into an all vampire boarding school. It's girl's first year, and she's a vampire. A born one, which means that she won't actually become a vampire until she drinks AND kills a human. When boy comes for his first year as well, they instantly connect. Boy thinks the girl is human, while girl is just oblivious. Things go downhill when boy finds out she's human, and she finds out that he's secretly a vampire hunter who works for an organization called Black Cross

    Girl is very young, fifteen years old. She's just entering high school. She's had the perfect life, loving parents, amazing friends. She's popular. Until her dad dies. Her and her mother quickly fall into debt, and her mother has no choice but to set girl up for an arranged marriage, who just so happens to be the cocky junior that girl hates.

    Girl and boy are dating and boy takes girl to a cabin during the week of Christmas, planning on proposing to her. The day before Christmas, they get slammed with snow, and it's so much to where they're stuck in the cabin. Soon, the power goes out. The couple is stuck in freezing temperatures with no heat, barely any food, and no way out.

    . Girl and guy are both in a gang. It's a rather large gang, because they take in really anyone who asks. The guy is the leader, while the girl is like his wing man, the one who's tiny and looks harmless but can take mostly anyone in a fight. She's been in it nearly as long as he has. He's always been overprotective of her. When they admit to each other their feelings, they have to secretly date, stealing kisses here and there, because it would put a target on both of their backs, because the other one's enemy would just go after their weak spot ; each other.

    Boy is recovering from a hideous breakup, the girl smashing his heart completely. His friends are everything he has left, and they encourage him to get over her and move on to the next girl. However, the boy creates a wall around his heart, feeling somewhat safe now that nobody can reach him. But soon, he meets the new girl in town and starts liking her, from a distance, though. He finally gets to talk to her properly and they start being friends, but the boy needs to sort out his feelings before moving to the next level. Is he ready to destroy the walls around him and give his heart to the girl or will he stay in his heartache forever?

    The girl's father is a wealthy man in the US, who tries to hide his family from the public eye. So, one summer, he decides to send her daughter to Croatia, for the whole summer holiday. She goes there happily, and spends her time at a house on a Croatian island. But what happens when she falls in love with the hosts' son? The two are in love, but he is clueless when it comes to who she really is. When the summer ends, the secret is finally broken as paparazzi flood the island, almost hunting her. The boy is mad at her, and so their romance ends as she leaves. But the next year, her father sends her there again. Will that be a chance for the two, or will they act like nothing happened?

    This is the story of a beautiful russian girl who goes to America. Beautiful, mysterious and witty, she easily makes her way in every man's heart. That's how she accomplishes her mission as a spy, entering the Top Secret FBI data base. She is sent to court and is given a lawyer to use in the many months of the process that are yet to come. But what if her lawyer, a handsome man in his late twenties, falls for the girl? How will he help her in court if they share a forbidden romance? She is a heck lot of trouble and he is supposed to be engaged, but opposites always attract. She's a spy, after all, but you don't chose who you love.

    The boy's father has always told him that love and feelings in general are of no use. He had lost his wife because of a terrible case of cancer and he is scared that his son will be hurt too, eventually. So, he tells him to run away from love, and never get attached. That's why the boy is confused when a girl approaches him and attempts to become his friend. He accepts the challenge, but is confused when he notices and is told by the girl's mates that she wants to be more than friends. She is beautiful, and different, and he is scared. Because feelings aren't good, right? He is at first temped to run away from everything, but the girl finds out about his background and understands that if she wants to be with him, she'll have to help him get over the tragedy that hit their family. So, together, they start working on his courage, and finally, he asks her out. They go together to the graduation party as well, and everything seems like there is a chance the two will have a strong relationship that will last. But he remembers about what his fathers told him about love, and is temped to go back inside his shell again. However, he knows that this will hurt the girl. So, he is now facing one of his biggest fears: having to decide whether to get attached and risk his heart's safety for love or run away and never let her get to his heart?

    A princess of a kingdom is going to marry a prince of another kingdom so that they will stop battling. However, she's been dating one of the kingdoms servants, and she's more in love with him than ever. Will she be able to run away with him or will they be stuck in the castle forever?

    A girl who's always had the worst luck with guys, and pretty much just has sex with them for fun, finally finds one that wants to keep her. Only problem is, she wakes up in his bed he makes her breakfast, is extremely sweet to her, but she runs away. Fast forward a year, and they're in the same English class that he had transferred too. Will old feelings resurface or will she not be able to handle having a boyfriend?

    A girl and a guy go to vegas alone and wake up the next morning in a cheap motel with each other. He's got a tatoo he never had before and she's wearing his class ring. They can't remember a thing, from the night before. They just assume that they know what happened. You know the usual, get drunk, get rich, get hitched. They don't even know each others names. So, what happens when she finds out that she's pregnant?

    A girl goes on a long vacation, for a month, in Panama. When she gets back her best friend, a boy, is there at the airport to pick her up. He barely recognizes her. She has dyed her brown hair blonde, she's really tan, and is now wearing short dresses, as opposed to her normal denim shorts and tshirt. Her physical appearance has changed but she is still the same girl she was before she left. Her best friend starts to fall for her after a while, but what he doesn't know is that she met someone while she was gone. Will she let go of her summer love and fall for him too or will she continue to chase after a boy who is a million miles away?

    She was coming back from a night on the town with the girls and she was walking across the bridge home. That’s when she saw him, looking down into the water, teetering between life and death. He was someone familiar, the guy who she could nod to, who sat at the back of her Maths lectures. She never realised he was the kind of person who could be driven to something this big, this final. She went over to him, gently touching his back, talking him down from the ledge. She quietly listened to his story, slowly fell in love. He became reliant on her, and slowly started seeing the beauty in his own life.

    He was only ever supposed to be a holiday fling, someone to grab ice cream with and to make out with in the sea. He was only supposed to be someone who she remembered when they got the photo albums out and saw one of them both, him with one arm draped lazily around her. But apparently Fate or whoever it is upstairs has other ideas, when he shows up at the same holiday resort as her the next year, twice as hot and clearly still infatuated with her. She would be lying if she said that she felt nothing for him, but it wasn’t how it was supposed to go.

    _________ are both demons but as time goes by one is a bit weaker then other is clear to see which one it is. So one night when the moon is full and the girl is trying her best to hang in order for them to bare children for the clan since most of them have been wiped out. The prince decides to make a promise with leader of the forgien clan and what he said is " If the child is not born before my wife is about to past she is allowed to live but if the baby is born before I will die." The prince keeps the secret from his bride for more then 3 months but on the night before the bet was off the boy begins to feel weak and frail and he realized that the foregin prince had tricked him. Can these two lost lover stop what's happening

    15 years okay on that same street. It where their lives changed and it where they first met. The boy was walking down the street trying to forget the fight with his parents and didn't see the truck coming it hit him full on and he was left bleeding on the left side of the street his life fading away. A young girl known as __________ finds him and stays with him waiting for the ambulence to arrive and wonders if a simple girl like that can save his life. It turns out she can and he soon is put in the hospital in a coma but the girl despite knowing the boy stays by his side and when he wakes up he explains to her that he is a prince and he wants her to be his pribe. But what will the boys parents think? and will true love conquer all?

    No one surrived the toxic bomb that destroyed district 13 or at least that's what they wanted people to think. A young boy named ______ arrives at District 12 and is chosen from the the district along with a girl named ________ but
    during the games the two seem to fall in love but what happens when they make it to the arena and she sees the burn on his skin and realizes where he is from. What will happen and will the odds be in their favor and help them out

    _________ is a demon and well he has been getting into a lot of trouble lately so they locked him up, half starved him in a cave underneath the city. The princess _______ has been warned not to go down their by her father and older brother but one night she decides to go down and see him and is actually quite surprised at his appearence since he takes the form of a wolf with a black coat and glowing red eyes. Secretly the girl and the demon now known as _______ start talking to each other and begin to like each other. But can they be together?

    ____ is the loser of the school she goes to so one night she goes to a river in the middle of the winter and tries to drown herself but falls in and get carries away by the stream. ____ is a wolf demon who swims out and saves her and takes her back to his home and takes care of her and explains why she shouldn't end her life. The girl finds out that he used to be her boyfriend before he was cursed. Will the girl stay with him or leave him alone

    _____ is a female neko who has always been abused by everyone in a small human village where she lives. One night a young wolf boy was out hunting and finds the girl beaten and raped lying on the side of the road and takes her home and takes care of her. What will happen to them

    A few years ago Zero was a young man who worked for a secret society for a top group in the military. That was until he was experimented on a found half dead in some room. After the evens he was placed in a special home and they had sent a request for someone to take care of him. A young girl named ____ sends a request and is accepted but as time goes by they start to fall for each other. But the problems is he has strange visions and is not exactly human

    Cory and _____ have always been close friend and have always loved being love and making out every chance they got untill one night after a huge part Cory comes home drunk and they do it by accident the next day. ____ isn't feeling well and doesn't come to school he goes over to her house and finds out she is pregnant with his kid

    Two people are forced to marry by the winter solstice or what most people call in those days the end of the world but its just because of some beautiful night that is supposed to happen it because of a certain war that is going on between vampires and angels. The war started when a female vampire killed the king over 1000 years ago and the family angels have held a grudge between their two clans for those years. Fast forward to his year a vampire princess and prince must come together in order to stop a mixed breed known as the rebels. Creatures with the immortality of a vampire but the strength and beauty of angel, now both children are resenting this wedding until the angel’s parents get killed in a slaughter a day before the wedding was to take place. The one proud angel prince with his ivory wings has taken the appearance of a vampire but not fully, his wings have turned an ebony color as well as his new crimson eyes but what will the bride think of her husband and how will they stop this battle.

    Two characters have been pen pals for years, never meeting and always stuck to paper. But one day out of the blue one of the characters recognize the name of their pen pal being mentioned in a conversation and finds out their pen pal is in town for a couple of weeks. Now it’s up to find out whether or not their friendship is genuine (especially if one of the character has been keeping a big secret).

    They were on two different sides of the war. He was from the team with the strong hearts and she was the girl from the weak bodies. Every time they would meet in the battle field it would always end up them both standing in the middle of the field with their dead comrades surrounding them. They would leave each other on the battle field with tears in their eyes. The truth these two soldiers used to be best friends playing together near the lake and smiling when they would talk about their futures. But when the boy came home with the acceptance letter for the wrong team. She was furious and joined the opposite vowing for him not to see her cry. One night during the hardness battle of the war the girl is about to be shot by the captain of the boy's squad and for some reason he jumps in the way and takes the bullet to the chest. Because he was a traitor the squad leaves him but much to her squad's surprise the girl doesn't. She stays with him begging him to explain why in the world would he do this for her. After the war they end going back home together but are they still rivals

    She always thought she wouldn't have kids. She was too ugly and too weak to have them. One night while she looked up at the night sky something slams right into her stomach causing her to faint. She is transfered into an underground empire. Looking around she realized that she has become of a special Alien project known as Project life. A twisted score of people who have found away to make human life grow from robots. On her first day she meets scientist named _______ who is surprised to see her in such a strange condition. That become talking and soon become close friends. But what happens when a virus breaks out and all scientists are forced to kill their robot companions will he do it or leave her alone

    She was special the hairstylist with the voice. She would sing while cutting people's hair or just having fun off of work. One night deciding to be bold for once she enters a contest but she needs to thing of a name for herself. She calls herself the Stylist Heart and soon becomes a popular musician appearing on Tv and on Radio. But what happens when one of her coworkers discovers her secret will he blurt it out to the world or leave it hidden?

    People are always wondering why a beautiful young woman had vanished into the sea during a storm. She wasn't doing anything wrong the sea just swallowed her up. Her boyfriend however is now wondering the same thing and decides to do something about it. One evening when he is walking down the beach he noticed seaweed tangled around someone a slender girl with long green hair and the same eye color as his one lover. The guy decides (( he is obsessed with stories about maidens from the ocean)) to take the girl home and take care of her. While she is recovering for her the guy realizes he is falling hard and strong for her. Will he forget his once true love and move on or will we drop her and wait for his lover

    The roles in the story are reversed. The once noble thief is now royalty and dreads the palace life. She loves thieving and getting her own way but things haven't gone right for the auburn haired beauty. During a late afternoon hunting trip with her knights she is robbed by a male thief named _____ who soon becomes injured from her men. The princess decides to take home and ask him about the treasures he has seen but what happens when the once proud princess if falling for the charming thief

    She always loved him but he never her they wasted their time arguing and slamming doors in each other's faces. She used to cry herself to sleep in the pillow and then wake up in his arms. He kept apologizing to her until one night it was all used up. 4 months past since that fateful night and things take a dangerous turn for the boy. He is now the rebel child. He drinks and smokes and stays out for hours on end and not even his sister who used to change his world can stop him. One night while she is out with her girlfriend she sees him sort of drunk and sitting down under the lampost with a gun to his head. Will the girl save him or let him fade into her memories

    He was the one everyone cared about until he died. She found him laying their on the ground with a bullet wound in his chest. She had cried over him for many years. But things didn't seem to make sense. The next day she meets a guy at her workplace and he seems the same way as the guy who died besides the guy's eye color. The guy and the girl get to talking and they find out their are very similar but different. One night the girl tells him about her friend and he bursts out laughing saying that he is right their beside her but a vampire. How will the girl react

    [ girl ] is beautiful, talented, and sure to go places in life. Her parents only want the best for her, so they arrange her marriage to a very successful, stuck up, perverted boy that doesn't care for her, only her body. [ girl ] goes to a cafe to get away from her life, and meets [ boy ], he’s the cute boy that works there. He's a break from her "perfect" life; he's charming, a bit clumsy, funny, and calls her beautiful instead of hot or sexy, like her fiancé. He knows she's engaged, since she told him in one of their get-togethers, but he can't help but to crush on her. Spending time together in and out of the cafe, [ girl ] can't keep herself for falling for him. The wedding day comes, and she invites [ boy ]. In the midst of the vows, [ girl ] notices him in the audience and her heart overflows with emotions. Will she go for [ boy ], or make her parents happy and marry their choice?

    A guy finds a girl unconscious in the park, long scars and track marks down her arms. He takes her to a local hospital and he claims to be her brother so she can have the required treatment with him as her responsible adult. She comes round and he's still there. He continues to visit her to keep up the pretence, and she starts to open up to him. Eventually, the hospital discharges her to his care, so she moves in with him, and they have to attend regular check ups.

    Boy and girl were best friends. The two of them experienced everything together. But lately, at their high school, pretty much everyone was talking about the birds and the bees. About how they'd 'gotten it in' last night, or how they'd misplaced their v-cards. The two best friends, both virgins, were sick of hearing about how everyone was having sex, and being made fun of for still being virgins. One night, the boy & girl were hanging out at one of their houses, and got onto the subject of sex and how they were still virgins. So they thought, what the hell. And they took each other's virginity. But the satisfaction of not being virgins anymore doesn't last too long, before the girl finds out she's pregnant.

    Boy and girl move into an apartment together. They’re happy until money starts getting tight. Boy starts to cheat on his girlfriend, but his girlfriend has a secret. She’s pregnant with his child. She knows there’s something going on with him and she fears that if she tells him she’s pregnant, he’ll completely leave her. But will he? Or will it rekindle the flame between the two of them?

    { boy ) grew up watching his father hitting his mother, and was taught by him growing up that it was normal. He taught him the man in the relationship is in control no matter what, and the woman needs to be set in her place if she doesn't know that. And { boy ) does just this with his head cheerleader girlfriend, { girl ). But what happens when { girl )'s cheery self is turning into a whole different person because of her abusive boyfriend? Will { boy ) realize what he's doing is wrong? Or will his fathers life lesson stick to him?

    After finally losing her condo and being left on the streets, { girl } is left with the only option--stripping. Night after night she finds herself dancing in front of men who degraded her after every step she took. It was like almost every day was a challenge and she would be thankful to make it without being raped or murdered. One night, her ex-boyfriend runs into her and notices the glittery tears flowing down her cheeks. After finally explaining her situation he offers her to stay in the beach house he was currently living in-in Hawaii, figuring that it would give her some time to get her life together. Without hesitation she agrees and the ex-couple is then forced to live together and hang out like they way things use to be. She starts to fall for him again and it seems he feels the same. He's just forgotten to mention he has a fiance that's only a flight away.

    Kyle and [ girl ) have been dating for what it seems like forever. They were the perfect couple. Kyle was the nice, sensitive type while she was probably the sweetest girl you could meet. One day, Kyle and [ girl ) are upstairs in the middle of making love when [ boys brother ) over hears. He suddenly gets turned on and wants to join in. He promises not to tell anyone as long as they let him join in. Since her parents are extremely protective, they agree. What happens when Kyle and [ brother ) start taking turns with her? What if [ girl ) were to fall in love with [ brother ) instead of her actual boyfriend , Kyle.

    She's daddy's little girl: always does what she's told, takes ballet, and is president of the school's student council. He's his parents little rebel: never does what he's told, skips school, and parties every night. The two of them meet at a party, and after that night, they start to hang out. He's incredibly charming, after all. He takes her to all his favorite spots, like clubs and bars, and forbidden areas that no one should really ever be in. He helps her take a walk on the wild side, and after meeting him, she doesn't want to go back to her old way of life.

    Girl and boy have been best friends since the beginning of freshman year. They pretty much did everything together. But over time girl had started to develop feelings for boy. But she was forced to keep them a secret because she was terrified with the way he would react if he knew. Over time boy had gotten a girlfriend named Victoria who hated the girl so much. She told boy to stop hanging out with her if he knew what was best. But girl didn't listen. After awhile their relationship would be off & on due to the constant argument over girl. But finally he said he was done. So these two best friends come up with an idea for payback of what Victoria put them through. They would pretend to date. But little does girl know that boy has always had the same feelings back.

    He watched while all the guys messed around with her heart. He didn't know her so he didn't feel the need to bother, until one day he catches her crying while running down the hallway and decides to talk to her, helping her out. From then on they get really close, little does he know the pretty girl is pregnant. But it gets worse, its his older brother's. He tells her that he's falling for her and the same day she hits him with the news of the pregnancy, he freaks out and calls her every name in the book. She disappears after that, until he decides to go and apologize a few weeks later. What will he do when he finds out she's gone?

    (girl name) & (boy name) have been best friends since the beginning of freshman year. They pretty much did everything together. But over time (girly) had started to develop feelings for (boy). But she was forced to keep them a secret because she was terrified with the way he would react if he knew. Over time (boy) had gotten a girlfriend named Victoria who hated (girl) so much. She told (boy) to stop hanging out with her if he knew what was best. But (boy) didn't listen. After awhile their relationship would be off & on due to the constant argument over (girl). But finally he said he was done. So these two best friends come up with an idea for payback of what Victoria put them through. They would pretend to date. But little does (girl) know that (boy) has always had the same feelings back.

    She was the girl who never got boyfriends ; she thought she looked pretty average and she was just decent at everything but only one person that she was spectacular - her younger brothers best friend. He was only a year younger than her , but he admired her from afar - never doing anything with his feelings but keeping them deep down inside of him ; until the night of a masquarade ball where everyone is wearing masks and he tries his luck with her ; in disguse. She falls for the mystery guy hard, but he doesn't think she is going to like who he /actually/ is.

    [ girl ] and [ guy ] were high school sweethearts. She was the younger, fragile sophmore everyone seemed to want. He was the older, flirtier senior everyone seemed to want. When the school sweetheart and the school player got together, somehow something clicked. They dated allup until she was a Senior only for [ girl ] to realize when he`d gone off to college that year he`d been cheating which really didnt suprise her. She called it off and ever since she was heart broken. Now its six years later she`s 23 and he`s 25. He has a slutty girl by his side, only the usual for [ boy ] and [ girl ] has a faithful football star by hers. But what happens when the highschool reunion comes around and they realize what they have is all wrong. [ name ]`s known for her sweet ways, will she follow her heart and call it off with Andy {her new fiance} or will she have to take the path that she usual takes and shut out the only thing shed ever truely loved.

    A girl appears to have everything, her dance career is blooming and she is gorgeous. But little does everyone know she struggles with an eating disorder. She decides to take a break, its the beginning of summer and she meets a music-obsessed boy who speaks the truth. The girl likes the way he treats her and he teaches her how to relax. One day her eating disorder gets worse, she is showing the boy her solo and starts to feel dizzy, she gets pale white and she collapses forcing the boy to take her to the hospital, thats when his feelings for her come out, when her life is in the balance.

    A couple thinks that they will be together forever and then suddenly he kinda pushes away from her and they end up breaking up. The girl is so upset and she writes a song which eventually ends up on the radio which leads to her getting signed and now he hears this song almost everyday and he soon regrets leaving. So now he is begging her for forever and always again. Will she take him back? Why does he want her, for the fame or does he really love her? Will they have forever and always again?

    A girl gets asked out on a date with her school crush. The poor guy feels like everything is going wrong when they leave the restaurant and it is poring down rain. They get in the truck and drive on the road both of them feeling a bit nervous, they both seem to not be able to keep their eyes off of each other. So how will the date go? Will he get the guts to kiss her at the end, or will he even have the guts to ask her to dance in the rain? Will they rest of their relationship be as perfect as their first date or will it be rocky? What will happen?

    A girl went to her fathers company party, she stood in the corner faking smiles at everyone as they passed by, she sipped her punch out of the clear plastic cup. When her eyes locked onto to maybe the most beautiful eyes she had ever met, her heart skipped a few beats once he made his way over to her. They talked for a bit they guy thought she was amazing and had his best smile on and the girl just kept giggling trying to keep it cool. Her mother came and told her it was time to go and she left thinking about him the entire ride home. They guy smiled and repeated the only information he got from her and that was her first name. They were both a bit disappointed that they did not trade numbers or even get a last name. So will they ever see each other again? Were they in love with someone else? Was someone waiting on them? If they do see each other again will they instantly fall in love again? How long will it take to see each other?

    A girl started dating the boy of her dreams in August, even though he was not rich and not preppy like her and her best friends. Her friends never liked him and they would talk bad about him not caring that she loved him. One night at a party the girl could not handle the pressure anymore and so in the cold December weather she ended it with him. She hated that feeling and regretted it almost seconds after she broke it off. He was heart broken and almost felt sick. A few months passed and she called him up and asked if maybe she could meet him because she needed to talk to him, she wanted to clear things up.She would give anything to go back to that moment and change it all.

    She is a austarlian beauty queen and he is nice best friend from Rhode Island, who doesn't like to see her suffer. But he sees it happen a lot, she has boy drama and always gets her heart broken. She likes him, but she doesn't want to ruin the only male friendship she has. He is oblivious to it, but he likes her back also, but he has no idea what to do about it.

    After a fight, she swears that she will teach him a lesson by with holding sex from him. She doesn't even allow him to hug her for a long period of time. She teases him, but nevertheless, she hasn't been intimate and it's driving him insane. Will she break, or will he have to live through it until she agrees to stop?

    She has a very vicious boyfriend who is sort of like 'drug lord'. He's a drug dealer, but he wants /her/ - very much. She wants him too, but her boyfriend won't let her leave him no matter what. What's the thing to do? Start an affair. He tells her that he only wants her and only her, but she won't listen, because she's afraid of her boyfriend. Well, darling, he isn't.

    They've never had the perfect relationship. They're both equally as stubborn as one another and that's what gets them to but heads so much, it took months for her to get him to realize that he likes her back as much as she likes him, but it wasn't as bad as it sounded. They both had slept together before they got together, okay maybe it's worse than it sounds. But the thing is that no matter how many times they argue or say they hate each other, they always come back to each other.

    She's judgemental, quick witted, stubborn, beautiful and does this wrinkle to her nose when she is upset. She is everything you never wanted in a girl. She isn't easy nor is she a person to go with the flow. He hates dealing with her sometimes, because she has her shining moments of recklessness, but he wouldn't want her any other way. He stays with her though, despite all the lecturing and go through and those hateful words they to each other about how they could with other people, but in the end it was okay, becasuse they always make up after it.

    He's a vampire, she's a lycan. Two species that are never suppose to be together, but they are and they don't want to be, but they are deeply in love in the most dysfunctional relationship known. Their fights are vicious, but they know they can't hurt each other, so they fight they do so they don't end up hurting others. They hate it, but they need each other. Her pack hates the idea of them together and finds it as a disgrace. His coven hates the idea of them together and finds it has a digust to nature. Will they listen or will they ignore them?

    )she smirks at him, he wants her, but she is so quick to shot everyone down, especially boxers. Though they finally get together, she is constantly worrying about him and how he is during his fights. Though he doesn't know how to comfort her about it, because he's never had a girl who has worried about him during fighting. Until he finds out her younger brother was killed during a boxing match against an older guy.

    She comes from a bloodline of werewolves and was always taught that vampires were the enemy - that's what she's always believed. Until she met him, a blood thirsty womanizing vampire. She hates him and he hates her, until a drunken one night stand. She realizes she likes him and he does the same, thus starting a relationship with her.

    All she remembered was meeting a sexy guy at a club and taking him back home with her. She knew she was drunk, but when she wakes up... She sees her pillows torn and claw marks on the mattress. He's a werewolf and he had an episode during their intimate night. Now she's afraid of him and he doesn't want that. Will he explain to her his situation or will he leave her apartment and never speak to her again?

    She isn't what you would expect from a stripper, she is quick on her toes and is very intelligent. College material to put a title on her. And that's exactly what he thought, when he first laid eyes on her. A college material stripper. Lovely, correct? He starts to come see her almost every night, because of a new found 'interest' in her. She has a 'interest' in him too, but she doesn't want a relationship, because of her job. He is determined to get her to see his way about starting a relationship. Will he or will she just ignore it?

    She's usually a good girl, but that night she wanted to do something bad. She goes to the club with her friends where she meets him. She gets drunk and ends up on the dance floor with him, then somehow she ends up back at his place. Even though he wasn't that drunk.

    She's usually a good girl, but that night she wanted to do something bad. She goes to the club with her friends where she meets him. She gets drunk and ends up on the dance floor with him, then somehow she ends up back at his place. Even though he wasn't that drunk.

    They've been dating for awhile, but when he porposed to her, she made him swear to her that they would wait until their honeymoon to be intimate with each other. Though a week before the wedding, they decide to have a question game with alcohol involved. They end up getting drunk and having more fun than they should.

    He's her father's employee and friend, while she's his youngest daughter who just graduate college. After they meet up at a bar and start talking realizing they have a lot in common and sparks a romantic interest in each other. Months past and their relationship grows to the where she moves in with him. They both don't tell her father,who is still his boss. But will they keep it a secret from her father forever or will they come out with their relationship?

    The day after he purposes to her, he thinks about the day he first met her. How he easily he fell for her and how easy it was to talk to her. He remembers how happy he was that day. How everything that had led him to finalizing their relationship. How everything took place that day. It was a day he could always remember.

    She may be new to the country, but she knew what street fighting was - she always had. She always knew, because it ran in the family. Her father did, her brother did it, her grandfather did it and so on; she had been raised in a home ran by boys seeing as her mother had ran off with another man when she was just a toddler, but that never stopped her from being happy. She had been there to her brothers' fights and such, but now having moved to New York City to go to NYU for photography. Along with her older brothers she goes to see a street match in a underground club. That's when she sees /him/. The guy that had that all-knowing smirk, no one could beat him and he had taken an interest in her. She had taken an interest in him and all went well, but then again her brothers don't like him and neither does his family like her. Lets just hope they make it?

    Two seniors in high school are complete opposites. The girl is concerned about getting into a good college and the boy is interested in his band.The two meet on the last day of school and its like love at first sight. They start dating 2 months after they meet and couldn't be happier, but one night while coming home from a party, they get into a car accident. The girl is in critical condition in a coma, while the boy walked away with cuts and bruises. He blames himself for the accident and sits by her side, talking to her and even singing to her. 2 weeks later she wakes up and the boy is completely different person. He promises to take care of her and their relationship blooms from there.

    A couple is expecting a baby but about 1 month in she collapses and finds out that she has placenta previa. The doctor told her she could die if she had the baby. The boy doesn’t want her to have the baby because he is scared he will lose her, after 3 days of fighting and crying they decide to have the baby. 8 months later she has the baby but she loses a lot of blood and goes into a coma. The boy takes a look at his child and realizes he cant live without the girl.

    guy and girl have been best friends their entire lives, but boy has had a major crush on girl all throughout high school. it's now the summer of their senior year and the two get jobs working as face characters in disneyland. it's all going great, they each apply for the role of their dreams. one problem though, girl gets her dream job and the boy is stuck working in one of the gross, sweaty costumes. his plan to sweep her off her feet is delayed. can he still impress her in his suit, or will she be swept off her feet by the guy who got the boy's dream role?

    There comes a point in every young person's life they want to flee the nest. Which is exactly what girl did at the age of nineteen. She found this perfect little apartment in a beautiful park of new york city with one of her best friends. Well, on moving day she is struggling with a box an guy immediately offers to help the poor girl. They both find each other extremely attractive and it is almost love at first sight. Only they are too shy to admit their feelings. So girl & guy are then forced to live on with their crushes, knowing they are only a few rooms away from each other.

    girl is an aspiring writer for her favorite music magazine. her best friend is *insert band member here* of *insert band here.* the two are childhood friends who have never lost touch. when the boy plays a show in new york city, the girl is thrilled. she was never able to admit it, but she has always had feelings for *boy.* when she calls to tell him she got tickets he is taken aback, not really wanting to see her, because he is afraid of what could happen. what happens when the girl shows up to the show anyways?

    _______ is a werewolf who has become the new alpha of his pack. he is perfectly content until a human comes walking into his den. she's weak and covered in blood. what will the wolf do. will he help her or feed her to the rest of his pack. The girl was attacked by a vampire and she doesn't remember how she got away from the vampire.

    a human couple, they love each other very much. They were out in public and a witch saw their happiness. She was mad that her husband left this world leaving her alone so she cursed one of the couple, having bumped into that person and held their wrist causing a weird glyph to appear on it. As the couple returned to their neighborhood and home. The cursed human gasps in pain as he/she feels pain surge through their body and the other person could only watch in horror as their loved one began to change into something different. (Like into a naga, anthro... something non-human looking) He/She is scared and so is their loved one, but as the cursed one leaves in fear of being chased out, the other finds that the cursed one runs out into the forest. Can the human character find their cursed lover and can they start the family that they still wished for? Or will the cursed one become the monster they look like?

    Their friends were always playing matchmaker with them, with the people they don't like. one is the pretty girl who wants to have a family and be happy and never worry about her job or her parents getting mad at her, the boy is a gentleman with a rebellious nature but is protective of his parents, so what happens when they break apart from their friends and run into each other

    Character A knew Character B in a life a long, long time ago. In modern times, they didn’t remember each other but were best friends instantly. Character A is plagued of night terrors of their previous life, while Character B is blissfully unaware. Things get worse however when Character A can barely tell the difference between what’s really happened with B, and what was in their past life with them.

    Their was a musican whose performance was heart throughout the world, people knew him far and wide for the songs that would make chills spread across their spines and make their hearts burst with joy. But then he was stuck in a car accident, sure he wasn't killed or anything but it wounded his heart and he soon secluded himself from the fans that once adored him. But one girl hasn't given up hope yet, one morning when he was walking home from her lessons with her grandmother, she sees him sitting down on the riverbank and playing his guitar and singing a song he used to sing that never got released. The girl walks up and starts to talk to him but will this spark a relationship and get the musician's spirit back or will it take another turn for worse, when he finds out that she's a princess who is about to take the throne

    ___________ is a young noble woman who has just become engaged to very a famous business man from another country. the problem is she is way to nervous to talk her fiance about planning her dream wedding since she is afraid that their styles would clash. so one night she desires to hire a personal escort to help make her wedding dream come true, but what happens when they start to fall for each other

    He was smart and very talented with almost any song he played, but their was something that a lot of friends said that he lacked it was passion. Of course like most artists he tried to find it, he went to jail, got into fights with people, even fallen in love with someone that he shouldn't have but the songs sounded dead like their was no life left in his voice. Until one day, he saw her she was a watch designer well almost she was trying to be hired by one of my strongest watch companies in tokyo but they turned her down. The guy offers that he will write a song about it, to see if it helps, and she says yes. but what happens when stress pushes both of them apart.
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  6. Hey!! ill do an original human Demon x Mythical being!!
  7. Curious to see if this is still open? If so I am beyond loving and interested in your Not Typical Best Friend Plot Idea , Highschool Sweetheart Plot , The Coma Plot. Also if okay I could play the female lead? Never really get a chance to and would love some practice back on it. ^^
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  12. I would like to do a pirate x mermaid please. I prefer to play the mermaid
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