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  1. Hi! I'm PineappleMoe. In case you're curious, I'm 21 and female. I've role played a lot (mostly on GaiaOnline) over the past seven years or so, and when I'm not role playing, I'm usually furiously writing my own short stories. I like fantasy, horror, adventure, action- pretty much everything more exciting than the dull life of a pizza delivery girl going through college (-world's tiniest violin plays-). Anyways! I play both male and female characters. I like to keep it even throughout my role plays (If I already have a male character, I'll want a female, vice versa, etc, etc) so there's no real preference until I get up to like 3 role plays. As the title suggests, I only do FxM, mostly because that's what I've experienced until now. Every time I try fxf or mxm I just lose interest; even if the characters are platonic. But then, I guess that's because I do love my romance. You know what else I love? Anime! So I usually try to keep things a bit... I don't know... anime-esque? Ecchi (perverted) humor and all that, the cute themes in it. All in all, I find anime romance/humor to be a lot more cute and innocent than American humor, and I guess that's why I like it. Whatever. Um. I don't do fandoms, though. Unless it's OCs in that universe. I don't like having characters pre-made for me. I like making my own. It's a thing.

    Anyways, I think I've rambled enough... I'm going to get to the actual "what I want to role play" bits.

    * Paranormal
    * Horror
    * Adventure
    * Romance
    * Action
    * Super Hero / Super Villain
    * Fantasy (high & low)
    * Supernatural
    * Arranged Marriage

    Human x Human (plot)
    Demon x Human
    Ghost x Ghost (plot)
    Faerie x Human
    Royalty x Royalty
    Royalty x Demon
    Royalty x Monster
    Monster x Monster Hunter
    Dragon x Rider
    Dragon x Dragon
    Dragon x Royalty
    Dragon x Human
    Witch x Monster
    Witch x Human
    Witch x Demon

    *First off, I'd like to say that some of my plots are beautifully well planned. Others are just... kind of... starters. If you're not great at planning, I can fill in the blanks. Otherwise, we can totally do that together! :D

    Human x Human
    A character, cursed so his/er stare turns people to stone, lives in solitude. That is, until s/he meets someone unaffected by his/er curse... a certain character that can't see at all.

    Ghost x Ghost
    This is a really vague plot based on a dream I had. All I've got is that these two died at the same place at the same time, and when they go to the Afterlife, an alternate world unlike the Heaven or Hell they'd expected, they find themselves hunted at every turn (I haven't worked out why yet). I want this to be kind of adventure-y and action-y, but I really need help filling in the details, b/c at this point I have nothing.

    Demon x Human
    *based on the manga Blackbird. This is an old favorite I keep bringing back b/c hell yeah I do.
    A certain family is cursed to be hunted by demons. Drinking their blood will heal them, eating their flesh will grant them longer life, but the grand prize is what happens when a demon takes a family member as it's spouse; eternal life. Usually, they just have to fight off imps and lesser demons looking for longer life... but this demon is determined to take a bride.
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  2. I have an idea for an original costumed vigilante story.
  3. I'd love to hear it! :D
  4. No problems - can I PM you?
  5. Yes you may. ^-^
  6. Hello, I'm interested in your demon x human plot? If you aren't comfortable rping with teen member then I understand (Not libertine/liberteen of course, just in general)!