1x1 RP wanted~

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  1. I do not have a storyline and I am a bit unfamiliar with all the workings of this site as of now.
    But I definitely want to develop my characters more by finding out more about them through rps.
    I prefer 1x1 since groups are a bit too crowded for my taste.
    So if you are interested in starting an RP with me, message me~

  2. I'd be interested in rping with you, though if you don't enjoy it being FxF categorized then I don't recommend you roleplaying with me. If you don't mind that then we'd do just fine~
  3. You mean female x female?
    If so then no not at all.
    I have several characters who are gay or bi and a couple of them I know very little about. ^^
  4. I would LOVE to rp qith you!! i cud make up some, im good with fxf mxm what ever really and i could make up sum storie lines for us! (I mostly like fantasy would that be ok??)
  5. Making up some story lines is even better for me. I am not too savvy with that. I am good with all gender pairings. As for fantasy I just want to know what kind of fantasy.
  6. witches warlocks ummm princesses princes fairys and fearies (the same but fearies r usally mre evil) mutants modern day retellings retellings in genrel anything really lol
  7. That is some of my favorite fantasy stuff.
    Especially witches and princesses and princes and whatnot.
    Why don't you pm me with some of your ideas and we can go over them? =D

    By the way, beautiful avatar.
  8. Alight cool, that is perfect xD. I am still searching for an Princess and Amazon pairing if you want to go about that, if not then I am up for pretty much anything else as well.
  9. That sounds wonderful! I've never done something like that so it will be fun! =D I know just the one! Let me know whether you want to portray the princess or the amazon.
  10. I can play the Princess fairly well believe it or not. You can go ahead and play the dominant warrior woman, xD. PM me and we can go over more details.
  11. @ shinkamalei

    Would you be interested in a fxm one on one?
  12. yes I would~
  13. Cool, do you care to play the male role?
  14. sure!
    why don't you pm me and we can talk details?