1x1 RP Partner with ideas?



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Hey, I just got back to Iwaku, and I'm looking for a 1x1 rp partner that has ideas for a RP, or is willing to discuss ideas for one. About me:

-Not SO good at smut because while you see what I write, I'm hiding behind my chair waiting for what's next. I may take a while to post during smutty parts because I'm trying to think WTF to say.
-May take a while between posts because I tend to write something, then think "Nah, let's try something else" once or twice.
-I refresh the page every 2 minutes for a new post.
-I will not be too available up until tuesday, spending time w/ my family :/

Things I'm into:

-Anything based on Dragon Age (origins or 2, doesn't matter)
-Supernatural (but not marvel or x-men, I have too much of that in my life as it is ;P)
-Almost anything, check my resume.


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What did you have in mind for supernatural? Or do you need help creating a possible plot to follow?